Monday, August 19, 2013

yesterday's favorite

tasty leaves there
It has come to pass, that on many recent days, i have gone out and snapped fotographs. Of some, i think, yes that was a good one. Well, yesterday this is the one that is given the imaginary blue ribbon. I have already posted fotos from this field last week. Now, i have, from time to time, added posts to four other journal pages on the world wide web. On the quijote site [click], there had been the tendency to have less typed copy, and less of the two no-no subjects (politics, and religion). This foto could hae been there posted. Those four pages are now in different states of inactivity. The catholic democrat, was the predecessor to the rustbelt, and was retired before the rustbelt began. The parish souvenirs was to have been a page to accept entries from the public, that did not come to pass, and that site is also probably ended. The bones was an outgrowth of this site, in that after getting a few such fotographs and subjects, i saw the possibility of getting more. Now since that is too morbid for many people, and that it also is an uncomfortable taboo subject for many, it became a separate site. There are a few posts that are present on more than one site. I am not prepared to travel to many graveyards, so i may post to that in the future, but only if i accumulate photographs. 

Yesterday, i was also at the Cleveland Art Museum to see Ai Weiwei's Zodiac heads, and the reopened Japanese and Korean rooms, and Ortega's exploded tool box. I was going to do a post on the bronze animal heads, but i feel in the need of a nap. In the last few years, my body has weakened, and stamina has been diminishing.

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