Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisdom from the Pews

Saint Colman's Parish Cleveland initiated a successful letter writing campaign to Bishop Lennon, and Archbishop Vigano (papal nuncio to the US of A) to extend Fr. Robert Begin's pastorate of the parish. Lennon has allowed a year.  In the process, a number of letters were copied to the parish, and a parish member, Joseph Patrick Meissner is collecting letters for a proposed upcoming book, “Wisdom from the Pews”.

From: joseph meissner <
Subject: REPORT for August 17 2013 Wisdom from the Pews Project: Join us !

TO  Everybody
FROM   Joseph Meissner
DATE  August 17 2013
SUBJECT:   Report on Letters from Pew Project for this week
1.  We continue  to work on Letters Project.

... 4.  We are open for the submission of more letters and other items.  Email them now.  We want them all by August 31, 2013.  Please let others know about this effort.

5.  If you do not have your letters and materials  on the computer, send the hard mail.  We do have a great typist who will put them into the computer, so we can publish.  Two of the above sent us hard mail copies.

6.  So far, we have about 80 items.  We also have a publisher for the book.  It will be soft cover right now.  We can get a hard cover, but that would involve some expense.  We are always available for donations.

7.  There were a lot of great articles in PD, especially by Michael O’Malley.  We are looking into whether we can include any of these.

8.  Some people did receive letters from the Diocesan leadership.  We plan to consider using these.

9.  We also have respectfully requested from the Diocese whether they would like to include any of the Diocesan communications or any letters from the Diocese in the book.  We also offered to accept for consideration any new letters from the Diocese.

10.  Please let us know your ideas and recommendations.  So far, we have considered the title of this publication:  “Wisdom from the Pews.”  If anyone would like to submit  another title for consideration, please let us know.

11.  We do plan to include the names of all who submit.  But we understand that some people may want to submit anonymously.  That is fine.  We plan  to include names of all who submit on the front cover. 

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