Monday, August 12, 2013

East 55 and Cedar

Fannie Lewis was Hough's councilman from 1980 to her death in 2008. Before that, starting after the riots of '66 she constantly fought for her fellow residents, and she backed down seemingly never. We've survived the rats, the roaches and the riots, and we will survive Reaganomics.

On East 55th and Cedar there is a gas station and store owned by Brahim “Abe” Ayad. He hires Harry Bell to paint his walls. Often they are of controversial scenes, and accuse locals of anti black racism, and Zionists attacks on Palestinians. As with Fannie Lewis, some are memorial remembrances of the dead. He also has painted cartoon characters selling sandwiches.

Not all passerbys are approving of the murals and messages. The west side has the Sysacks (a, b) irritating people. Here the artwork is better, and the arguments more coherent.

On the 30th of July, three juvenile hoodlums robbed the store before 4 a.m. and killed one clerk, and wounded a second. The three have been caught.
this painting was here earlier in the year
(a friend of mine advised me, not to post this foto)
this is in its place now, note the graffito 'tagged' air compressor

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