Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Presidential Electors

I doubt if anyone clicks and reads this journal for my understanding of American electoral politics. Still, i find it interesting.

The election for the presidency will be: the incumbent Democratic President, Barack Obama, and the Republican, Willard Romney. It is possible Ronald Paul may run as either as the Libertarian candidate, or as an independent.

As some people know, the presidency is won by the greater electoral vote count of the states; that is how a minority vote getter, gwbjr, by having Florida fixed, 'won' over the candidate, whom, received a higher tally. So, one may start the contest with the electoral vote map of 2008. How many states will flip? Also, because of the 2010 census, some states will have a different allotment. In 2008, Obama received 9
½ million more votes than McCain, and won 28 states, and the District of Columbia. Officially the vote was 365 to 173.

There are fifty states, but 51 delegations that cast electoral votes. The District of Columbia is the extra. Overtime, some states are reliably Democratic, or reliably anti-Democratic. Since 1856, the chief such party has been the Republican. In 1912 the Progressive party had 88 electoral votes to the Republicans 8.

For a time, the phrase the 'Solid South' stuck. Every possible configuration of 'southern states' did vote in all four elections for Franklin Roosevelt.

But Roosevelt had weakened Jim Crow racial discrimination. President Harry Truman on 5 December 1946 created The President's Committee on Civil Rights. At the Democratic National Convention in 1948 civil rights became part of the party. Thirty-five southerners left the convention. They went on to form the States' Rights Democratic Party with Strom Thurmond of South Carolina as their leader and candidate.
From the 'Dixiecrat' platform:
We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race; the constitutional right to choose one's associates; to accept private employment without governmental interference, and to learn one's living in any lawful way. We oppose the elimination of segregation, the repeal of miscegenation statutes, the control of private employment by Federal bureaucrats called for by the misnamed civil rights program. We favor home-rule, local self-government and a minimum interference with individual rights.
1948 supra
1964 infra
In 1964 Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. His Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater of Arizona, was against that. Senator James Strom Thurmond then became a Republican. The Solid South was changing.

Now, the District of Columbia is 60% black. D.C. reliably votes Democratic. Barack Obama won 96% of the black vote in 2008.
The five states with the highest black population (2000 Census):
  • Mississippi .......... 36.0 %
  • Louisiana ............ 32.4 %
  • Alabama .............. 29.2 %
  • South Carolina..... 28.9 %
  • Georgia ................ 27.5 %
This belt of states voted Republican in 2008. Obama started with this base in these states, and lost them all. Barack Obama won the presidency, and the teabag movement began the next day.

The more African-Americans in a state, the less likely a white American will vote for Obama, or a Democrat. The Confederate South left the country when a Republican won the presidency [over states' rights to slavery]. The South left the Democratic party over civil rights for the descendents of slavery.

Romney will be the Republican. There are three states with more than noticeable Mormon populations (Utah c. 60%, Ida. c. 20%, Wyo. c. 10%). The last time these states voted Democratic was in 1964, all since then they have voted Republican.

Mormons are not trinitarian Christians, while they are Protestants, and restorationists, strictly it is incorrect to consider Mormonism Christian. Several southern states are amongst also the most Protestant Christian states (1.Miss., 2. Ala.). Would enough white Protestants stay home, or vote for Obama in these states to matter?

The teabaggers were an engine for the success of the Republican landslide of 2010. Within months the country was sorry. The remaining energy of teabaggery is for Newton Gingrich. The Republican establishment realises the defeat he would bring for them.

Romney just does not excite enough Republicans. The charisma is absent. Though he is handsome, exceedingly rich, without sexual scandal, he is not convincingly rabid in what his party calls 'conservatism' to be their great standard bearer.

What's left for the Republicans to obtain the presidency? They must manufacture enough disgust with Barack Obama. Beyond the Republican 'base' this is difficult. Neither incompetence, nor scandal can be believed by non-partisan America to be applicable to this presidency.

The Occupy Movement is reminding America, that, the super rich control the country. They are also reminding Obama of that. While that movement is also dissatisfied with the Democrats, it is the Republicans whom hate them. Whilst much of the country is not enamored with the Occupiers, they know that they have points of grievance that are accurate.

The country knows the economy has not been well. If economic justice is considered, the Republicans lose. Republicans hope to lay all the blame for a bad economy on Obama, who inherited the mess. Will enough voters in a few states change blue to red?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

look at this again

It has been two years since Lennon closed Sacred Heart of Jesus, an Hungarian parish in Akron. Lennon went off script, to the surprise of many; but since then some of his lines have become the official line. Listen to the reaction of the congregation to his extemporaneous remarks.


Sacred Heart Closing_Annotated Summary.mpg

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paul pot

Ron Paul says, "...prohibition of anything doesn't work. The only thing we should prohibit is violence."

part I: utilitarian
part II: peacenik

I do not respect libertarianism, it is mere license of self-interest [a Christian can not be a libertarian]. The second sentence might suggest that Paul sees some deficiencies in that programme. It is also possible, that, he just stumbled into the right.

Yes, there are several social justice issues concerning black market dope. Yes on the demand side punishments, but on the supply side too. There is a criminalisation of society. The drug bandit lords cheapen life through violence focused, sporadic, and demonically gleeful. There is blood on the dope.

Here in America, it is apparent in the courts and prisons, too much time and money is spent on this. Enforcement is weighted on the urban, non-white poor. As with everything here, the richer, and more socially respected the class, and ethnic markers of the user and/or suspect are, the less of the weight of the system comes down on him. The burden of guilt is not weighed on the same scale. The police and the courts have taken the power given to them, and expanded upon them, and in direct proportion have reduced freedoms of the citizenry.

Much of the drugs are imported. In the 1970s, the herbicide, paraquat, was sprayed in Mexico by the US on marijuana fields. Paraquat is toxic to people, and a fear developed in potential users of marijuana of smoking this added chemical. Domestic cultivation avoided this dread. Agricultural, and horticultural study and experimentation produced stronger dope.

The smuggled dope trade, cocaine and marijuana prominently, has recovered in Mexico, Columbia and other countries. The bandits have escalated in their criminality and power, becoming murderous terrorists. With their dope profits, they can buy American arms and ammunition, which they use freely. They have become more fearsome. They have destabilised governments. There is a growing death count.

Émigré Latinos involved in drug gangs, in the United States, have returned to their homelands as more dangerous individuals. The criminal brutality they have engaged in, they employ back home.

Of course, with different drugs of choice, there are different pathologies, different levels desperation and their corresponding ravages to the user, and society. Morphine and the opiates derived from the opium poppy are a great cash crop in Afghanistan. That money buys many deaths too. A jonesing addict in America may commit any number of crimes to procure his fix. Not every manufacturer is a careful chemist.

Those pushing for legalisation are interested in their recreation, not agrarian peace abroad, or urban stability at home. That joyful puff of smoke the enthusiast inhales, or the powder one snorts may have caused someone's torturous death, while enriching a monster. A moral dope imbiber would abstain from these blood products. The person who would see this in this light is quite rare.

Now, the black market is a free market; unless one considers economic justice. The United States enjoys free market dope. Such dope legalised, is governable, therefore regulated. Such a market would decrease prices, murders, crimes, terrorism, corruption, and other injustices and tragedies. It would increase legal employment (outside the arms industry), and taxation in the US. It would be beneficial for peace abroad. The world caters to the American market in these commodities, as in others.

Those wanting legalisation are interested in their convenience. They want to be free in using (some in marketing) these products. It should be remembered, that these products once were unrestricted, and therefore legal. Their re-legalisation, even for the selfish reasons [there are medicinal usages for marijuana, at least], will be an exercise in justice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican

What an ugly group the Republican party is. Glancing at just a few of the stories to-day, is to see who they are:

Georgia lawmaker [Kip Smith] who sponsored welfare drug testing bill arrested for DUI. See here, and here.

Punish the poor [hint the Negroes], assume their depravity, have them tested for morality, sobriety...and maybe we will give them some of OUR money.

But we ignore that, because they are so 100% pro-life. See, here. Well, that is the candidate's wife, so that is not an appropriate attack.

Then there is the amiability of the rank and file:
GOP debate audience boos Romney’s Mexican heritage

The audience later booed again when Williams asked if former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had “belittled the poor and racial minorities” by declaring that black Americans should demand jobs, not foodstamps.

Audiences at other GOP debates have booed a gay soldier, cheered the death penalty and cheered child labor.

Also they booed Ron Paul.

One writer writes:

Cranky old Ron Paul was still at it and the audience booed him when he said he wanted to apply the golden rule to foreign policy: "Don't do to other nations what we don't want them to do to us." One might think people in South Carolina wouldn't boo a principle Jesus espoused, but one would be wrong. If Paul would stop talking about foreign policy and just hone in on his economic views, he might be a serious candidate, but he won't so he isn't.
Remember, yesterday's 'debate' was held on Martin L. King Day. Here is a clip on this question:

How Fox News would have covered MLK

Of course that is speculation, but its probability is very much assured. This is one day's hand dipping through the scum on top of the pond. What is undeniable about the Republican party is the absolute meanness, of it. We all know, they ARE the party of wealth. We have seen Gingrich, Perry and others told to shut up in criticising Romney's capitalism. The party does not want anyone of their boys sounding like a democrat. The party has no problem with their members sounding like racists, xenophobes, hate mongers, blood thirsty militarists, and heartless, vicious bastards. They allow all those statements, and deny their meaning.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diocese is overseeing maintenance

The parish of St. Casimir, Cleveland, met again [as they have for more than an hundred years] for Sunday services. They have been in street exile, now into the third year.
Parish: St. Casimir Parish, Cleveland
Status: Since the time of the closing, the parish’s cash and religious items are being held in custody. The Diocese is overseeing any incidental operations or maintenance issues at the closed facilities. The closing of the parish is under appeal to the Vatican. No disposition or other activities will occur until the appeal has been completely addressed by the Vatican.
The diocese has their money "in custody". The diocese had some one plough the driveway between church, hall, and school. They had to open the gate, but a path was cleared to remove an inch of snow. As in their full and complete transparent statement [quoted above in its entirety], they are diligently "overseeing any incidental operations or maintenance issues at the closed facilities".
One of the Casimiri shovels the worship site before the weekly service. This is not overseen by the diocese.
Now, this is a Polish parish. It is after Epiphany. They are looking at their sheets for the next Christmas carol to sing. Much of the Church stops caroling on Epiphany, general American society stops on Christmas Day; but the spiritually enthusiastic can stretch it to Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday), and this why the colors of Mardi Gras are: gold, purple and green. The colors of the gifts of the Magi (the Three King) gold--gold, frankincense--purple, and myrrh--green.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What happens when the money doesn't come

Saint Patrick's in Thompson of Geauga County experienced something interesting. Often, what is interesting is not good. This Saint Patrick's was the first Catholic parish in the county. Now Lennon, had not closed a parish in five of the eight remaining counties in the diocese. So, most residents of Geauga, and the other four counties, were aloof and disinterested. Well, Lennon temporarily shut down the parish.

The parish pre-dates the War for Union. Priests came the cathedral, or Ashtabula, or Painesville to say an occasional Mass. People gathered in homes for services. The parish was established in 1853, and its first church built in 1854 [slightly confusing, St.Patrick in Ohio City (now Cleveland) also began at this time]. Over several years, it changed status between a mission church of St. Mary, Painesville, and as independent parish, and a mission church of St. Mary, Chardon.

We must know that Richard Lennon is a tyrant of an autocrat, and enjoys collecting money. In co-ordination with the rummage sales of parishes, there is a further shakedown campaign. This capital campaign is being brought about in stages. Lennon will be in Rome at the beginning of February to present himself. What kind of present will he give?

Back to the far corner of Geauga. The pastor was not pushing the campaign. Beyond that, he refused to furnish phone numbers of possible donors. He has been removed from the parish, officially 5 December 2011. For a time, no Masses were said at St. Patrick's. People were free to go elsewhere. Now, the Chardon pastor will administrate the Thompson unit. Yes, Lennon is ruthless.


Now, to give Lennon some positive credit: there has been instances, in which, the bishop has been enforcing celibacy on some of those whom take a vow of celibacy. Lennon will not release the names of past perverts, but he is attempting to squelch certain sordid affairs. Some priests, on their days off, do foul things. Some priests have not been staying overnight in the rectories. They have been told to do so. Still, there are those who have not straightened up; and should not have been ordained, or even allowed in seminary.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diocesan flimflam

Lennon, Tayek, Gulick talk of full transparency that will end all questions and conversation concerning parish closures. I wanted to respond since the degree of interest in detail, and knowledge of the subject appeared scant, and was coupled by temerity in voicing inquisitiveness. We have to remember in Cleveland, television 'investigative reporters' are sent to the East Side to discover how much snow sits upon the roads, and highways in a winter remarkably devoid of snow.

The venue of the 'news conference' was St. Hedwig's, Lakewood. It took place Monday the Ninth. Now, that parish Lennon forced into extinction. They had more than a million dollars in the bank, this was not mentioned. It should have been.

The programme was similar to an auto show, in which automobile executives and spokesmen prattle on, and the reporters politely, and cheerfully present the same statements as reports to their audiences. I wondered what to entitle this wee essay. I had considered: Misdirection; or Disinformation Continues; or Here is my statement, now shut up and go home. Then a few minutes ago, the word, 'flimflam', arrived and presented itself in my thoughts.

Och, it was promised for January, and it did come in January, but with less than a day's notice of time and place. The coloring of the scene was quite artful, as was some hair dye. The church has been repurposed into a museum, and the school adjacent to a cosmetic enterprise. The deeds to the properties include restrictions, as they admit; one restriction they did not furnish in their statements, was a prohibition of using the church for Catholic services.

In Holy Russia the bolševiki repurposed many a church. Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg became a Museum of Religion and Atheism. That was a better fate than Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow which was exploded.

Lennon has tightly circumscribed the universe of areas of discussion, and then presents some of that; and that is supposed to be complete? Lennon wants it to be called closed. In the first week of February he is to give a report on all his Cleveland doings in Rome to Benedict and the curia. Things are not so tidy.

"To some extent, you can be very sad about it, but the utilities have to be paid". What an interesting sentence. He allows for painful emotion, to a degree, but that is trumped by a supposed water bill, and a gas bill, and an electric bill. It is dismissive, and dishonest. Plenty of parishes had no outstanding bills, and were closed. Those who had outstanding debt, had debt to the diocese in the form of past assessments [many formerly forgiven]. 'Assessment' is the euphemism for those taxes the bishop requires of parishes. Cleveland has the highest rate of bishop's taxation on the continent. The parishes are not in debt, the diocese is.

A statement was produced that none of this money from parish property sales goes to pay for scandal settlements. Complete piffle. It is shifting of funds. The diocese collects income in many forms. This fire sale of parish goods brings money. Other avenues produce cash. So, the money that is paid for scandal comes from the other avenues, and this money then replenishes some of the diminished kitty. While it maybe true in a casuistic sense, it is not really true.

James Gulick, financial officer, says a true statement and applies it for something else. "Parish money is just that - parish money". What he does not say, is that the bishop's office gets to play with it. "You'll see in our report that once the debts and expenses of the closed parishes are addressed, the money left over is reinvested in existing parishes".

Lennon says, “We are committed to having strong parishes. We are committed to good stewardship of our resources and we are transparent in what we are doing with the assets and the sales of the parishes that have closed”. This is also the fellow that used to talk about 'vibrant' parishes, and could not define vibrant. The transparency is not there.

Here is the transparency given of one parish; and of the 52 files for 53 parishes made public, 27 are of similar length and transparency:


Parish: St. Lawrence Parish, Cleveland

Status: St. Lawrence Parish was a personal parish serving the Catholic Slovenian community in Cleveland prior to its closing. Since the time of closing, the parish’s cash is being held in custody. The Diocese is overseeing any incidental operating or maintenance issues at the closed facilities. The parish property is presently listed for sale and a full accounting of the finances will be published following the sale.

Now, on this site http://www.ccdsales.org/index.php St. Lawrence is not listed*. I do not know when, if ever, a real estate sign was on the property. I do know 12 windows had the ransom paid (c. $25,000) by another parish, that many of the parishioners, sometimes, attend. A check for c. $550,000 was given to the bishop's office when the congregation was evicted. There, i have given more information than Lennon, and the press have on one parish; and i have details of more parishes.

The diocese is paying maintenance on the parish properties, and deducts that from the amount collected. If the parish was open, those diocesan payments would be zero. There are too few figures, and they are not all applicable to listed reasons, and listed reasons are not applicable to reality.

Lennon says (often), "I closed my own parish back in Boston, and it was the church that my grandfather built, where I made my first communion, where I buried my parents, where I said my first mass". Well, that may all be true. He made that decision, not the parishioners here. If he is fine with it, that is one matter; the parishioners here are not fine with the closures here, and that is another matter.

The numbers are too few. There were 231 parishes when Lennon came. There is far less than 231 pages presented. It was admitted 14 parishes have appeals pending with Rome. A list was not given. Reading the documents, 13 were apparent. One reporter states 54 church closures were accounted for (the press, and the chancery never made that high number before — there were 58 parishes closed): 26 sold, 14 for sale, 14 on appeal; but one on appeal (St. Martha was open as Blessed Trinity, which was one of his 5 examples of successful transitions in his 8 minute speech) was not closed. Reading the files, 13 are of them were for sale. On page 1, of a 4 page handout available at many weekend Masses, there was a picture of Lennon with the repurposed doors of St. Catharine's (the church was demolished late September). St. Catharine's did not have a file. The Community of St. Malachi had no real estate, nor file. Still the numbers of parishes closed is not transparent, certainly not consistent!

The exercise that was Monday's 'press conference' was staged to 'show' everything is fine here, now get along there is nothing to see. The bishops of Ohio, and Michigan will report to Rome February 1st. They will be there for their first ad limina visit to see Pope Benedict XVI. These are supposed to be quinquennial reports of each diocese to the Holy See. Benedict has been pope since 2005, this is his first time seeing American bishops for this. The last time Ohio bishops went was in 2004. Ad limina apostolorum is to the threshold of the apostles. The bishops come to pray at the tombs of Peter, and Paul. They come to meet, and explain, and present to the current Pope the state of the local dioceses.

While Lennon was destroying parishes that were created to be perpetual, and this point is the point, and it is not publicly spoken, he was trying to simultaneously raise capital. That drive was delayed, and delayed, and the goal was reduced.

We have seen a ruthless drive to exercise power, and gather money. We have seen little public accountability. We have seen anyone critical of this maligned, or sent away. We have seen terrible pastorship at the episcopal level. We have seen few questions answered. We have seen all this denied.

Lennon was asked about the criticism he received, he says, he believes some of it was "unfair". He defends himself with they "don't have the information that I do have". He could tell us, we have asked; but that would be sort of like 'transparency'. Perhaps, he is just self-pitying. He does realise the source of his flock's displeasure, they have "very strong, religious feelings about what they lost". Finally, a recognition of reality. Still there are things he doesn't see about Lorain, Summit, and Cuyahoga counties of Ohio — Geography. He showed in this well rehearsed farce in answering a question, which he, in part repeated bits of his stump sermon of Eviction, but with an inability to recognise the country we come from is called the Mid(dle) West.
*In the print copy of Tuesday's Cleveland Plain Dealer, there is a note, that there is a sale pending on St. Lawrence, and on the vacant lot where St. Andrew Svorad had recently been [E.51 and Superior].

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Write your Nuncio

The bishops of Ohio and Michigan will report to Rome February 1st. This includes Cleveland's. It may benefit the Faithful for some letters to be read in Rome before that day. We all must know, that, Monday's 'press conference' was staged to 'show' everything is fine here, now get along there is nothing to see.

The papal nuncio is the Vatican's ambassador to a country. It seems, the Vatican (Rome, and the papal bureaucracy) prefers letters to be sent to the nuncio, and he will forward them in a diplomatic pouch. Some could write a letter to him, or send letter(s) to (a) curia chief(s) in another envelope to him. You may send the same message in open envelopes to different recipients, within the outer envelope to the nuncio.

Apostolic Nuncio
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
The Apostolic Nunciature
3339 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC. 20008

Other individuals that might be the addressees inside this outer envelope are:

Benedict XVI

(contact Benedict through his Secretary of State: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. Ask that Bertone please bring this matter to the attention of the Pope)

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
00120 Vatican City State

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect

Congregation for Bishops
Palazzo della Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio, 10

Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, Prefect

Congregation for the Clergy
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 3

Cardinal William J. Levada. Prefect

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Piazza del Uffizio II
00193 Rome, Italy

Cardinal Raymond L. Burke
Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura
Palazzo della Cancelleria
00186 Roma, Piaza della Cancelleria, 1

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diocesan document dump

To-day (Sunday), it was announced by some of the local press, that there will be an event at the closed Saint Hedwig's of Lakewood to-morrow at 10.30 a.m.. Hedwig's is now a museum. The diocese will make a presentation of a financial report concerning the disposition of certain parish properties.

At some time perhaps, to-day, perhaps earlier? documents were available on the diocesan website. The diocesan document dump admits to 14 parishes appealing. In reading several different pages, 13 were to be ascertained. In addition to those parish churches closed, St. Martha's Akron is under appeal, it is currently open as part of one of the two mergers Lennon has named 'Blessed Trinity'. This is interesting, Lennon in speaking 7 September 2010, at the parish hall of St. Martha, repeatedly mentioned "fourteen parishes" appealing. Never did he intimate, that, he was speaking at one.

St. Adalbert Parish, Cleveland
St. Barbara Parish, Cleveland
St. Casimir Parish, Cleveland
St. Emeric Parish, Cleveland
St. James Parish, Lakewood

St. John the Baptist Parish, Akron
St. Margaret Mary Parish, South Euclid
St. Martha Parish, Akron
St. Mary Parish, Akron
St. Mary, Lorain *

St. Mary Parish, Bedford
St. Patrick Parish (West Park), Cleveland
St. Peter Parish, Cleveland
St. Wendelin Parish, Cleveland

Still no confirmation of the 14
th parish. St. Martha is 'merged' with Christ the King, Croat. Its campus is the 'new' parish's site, and its church is open.
*Postscriptum: the 14th parish is St. Mary, Lorain. The 'parish file' has not been included by the diocese on their webpage. It was printed in, at least, the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Tuesday the 10
th. I was late in seeing a paper copy. St. Mary, Lorain 'merged' with Holy Trinity. Its campus is the 'new' parish's site, and its church is open. This was information that the Diocese has refused to give, until after this post was on-line (before this postscript).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a presidential political assessment

The current situation, confirmed by yesterday's preliminary round of voting set me to analyse. First, if you are pro-Republican party--do not read this. It will disturb you, and have you hurl invective towards me. [an aside: very few read my essays, some who may enjoy some of these essays in the past, get very upset with my writing on party politics; so, again you may be offended] Now, the Republican party, and its most fervent followers, are not a normal political party. They are both crazy, and fascist. They have passed the point of sanity into madness.

gwbjr was wretched. No Republican mentions his name now [he who must not be named]. Somehow, President Obama succeeded President Clinton without an interval. Well, in legal elections anyhow. The presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen. Instead, of being remorseful of the absolutely wretched usurpation, the Republicans were incensed that the Democrats won handily in 2008.

President Barack Obama was a Democratic winner, and incidentally not a pure Caucasian. The Republican subversion campaign began immediately. Election day 2010 it was very successful. By January 2011, parts of the country were experiencing 'buyer's remorse'. The malevolent clown car circus, which the Republican party has become, was not phased. They were outdoing each other in crazy.

Romney is the Republican nominee for their party in 2012. This was apparent in 2008. For a time, it was possible to conceive a Palin nomination. After her nomination for Vice-President, and the fanatical reception she enjoyed, that, quickly overshadowed the top half of the ticket (John McCain), it seemed it was a two candidate race. But she decided to be an half term governor, and only on occasion came out to display herself. She was not going to run in 2012, or perhaps ever. Romney clinched. The coronation will not come early.

The Republican party is not a conservative party. Republicans complain that Romney is not 'conservative'. They have changed the meaning. 'Conservative' is now a form of insanity.

I, as a democrat, am not satisfied with Barack Obama. He is what used to be a moderate Republican of the 1950s. The day after he was elected, the teabagger movement began. Those teabaggers old enough had been John Birchers. John Birchers were in this way 'conservative', they thought the moderate Republican president, Dwight David Eisenhower, was a communist.

As we have seen, the Republican contenders for the presidency are: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and several non-Romney 'conservatives'. Jon Huntsman is roughly what a 'conservative' used to be before Reagan. Ron Paul will never be chosen as the Republican nominee for his sane ideas (marijuana legalisation, anti-war beliefs, smaller military and international involvement, and anti-Zionist positions).

So, we have Romney (who will agree to any position verbally, and perhaps otherwise) who wants to be president, and the clown car. Donald Trump, and Herman Cain have already fallen out of the car.

Here are last nights results (unofficial):
Iowa Republican Caucus -- County level
(1st of 4 levels for 25 delegates National Convention)

Name Votes %
Mitt Romney 30,015 24.55%
Rick Santorum 30,007 24.54%
Ron Paul 26,219 21.45%
Newt Gingrich 16,251 13.29%
Rick Perry 12,604 10.31%
Michelle Bachmann 6,073 4.97%
Jon Huntsman 745 0.61%
No preference 135 0.11%
Other 117 0.10%
Herman Cain_______
Buddy Roemer

Romney comes eight (8) votes* ahead of the latest leading non-Romney (Santorum). [I am only slightly surprised, that, a recount was not demanded.] Rick Santorum was the last remaining non-Romney candidate. Ron Paul is a close third. The remaining non-Romneys are big losers, and 'Newtie' is extremely angry. Gingrich may stay in the race just to spite Romney. Obama wins both party caucuses in Iowa. Barack Obama went to sleep last night, after saying, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus."

After some cogitation, upon the domestic political scene, i am satisfied with some answers, so that, i can propose a two-part question: In November 2020, the Democratic incumbent will have a candidate from what chief anti-Democratic party as the main opponent for the presidency?

In the history of the United States there has always been the Democratic Party of Jefferson, whatever name it has at the time. Almost always there is an anti-Democratic party, sometimes two. There has been the Tories, Federalists, National Republicans, Whigs, Know-Nothings, Republicans.

The tendency over several elections is he who is second for an open Republican nomination in year x, is the nominee in x + 4. The current Republican party and its contenders will lead to:

  • in 2012 Obama defeating Romney, Ron Paul may also lead a ticket but not the Republican;
  • in 2016 the usual Republican nominee formula probably becomes meaningless, because that individual is unelectable;
  • in 2016 Democrat somebody beats Republican somebody;
  • if the Republican party does not split by 2016, it may by 2020 if it has not achieved sanity.
  • in 2020 the Democratic incumbent will face competition from a main anti-Democratic party, which will be named __________ [TBA].
*In 2008 Romney had six (6) more votes @ 30,021 for 25.19% and second place. Perhaps, overall Republican enthusiasm is less than described.
Postscriptum: 19 January 2012. Certified totals, show Santorum in first place. Republican party bosses, do not wish to change Romney's rank, call it a tie.

Rick Santorum – Final total: 29,839
Mitt Romney – Final total: 29,805

Monday, January 2, 2012

...and there were twelve

Do you notice anything novel of the stained glass senestre? The figure is viewed from behind, only his head is turned a wee bit. In his hand is a full purse of coin. Further down, at his feet, is a serpent.

This is not the only window in the room. There are other glass portraits. There are those of Joseph the Carpenter, Peter the Janitor, and Andrew the Fisherman. The room is the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at St. Gregory's, South Euclid, Ohio. The other windows in the room are of John, James the Less, and Saint Jude.

This room is quiet. Jesus resides in the tabernacle in the room. He does not demand silence. Mass can be said in the room, but mostly the people who come are silent, and would be upset with those whom are not.

Catholics are given to all sorts of iconic reminders. The visual representation lends one to center the mind, and in prayer, and in contemplation it is helpful to many.

There is a second room with seven other windows. Six more of 'the Twelve' and Mary, Virgin Mother of Jesus, and spouse of Joseph.

And when day was come, he called unto him his disciples; and he chose twelve of them (whom also he named apostles): Simon, whom he surnamed Peter, and Andrew his brother, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas, James the son of Alpheus, and Simon who is called Zelotes, And Jude, the brother of James, and Judas Iscariot, who was the traitor. — Luke vi. 13-16.

Now, Jesus in choosing these particular men from his disciples [Latin: discipulus, one who learns, from discere, to learn], those students, for Jesus was a teacher, a rabbi, were to become teachers, emissaries, and leaders. They were the first bishops.

Matthew ends his list of the twelve [x.4b]: "and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him." When Mark [iii. 19] lists the twelve, he concludes "And Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him." John [vi. 71-72] writes, Jesus answered them: Have not I chosen you twelve; and one of you is a devil? Now he meant Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon: for this same was about to betray him, whereas he was one of the twelve.

It is consistent. There are the twelve. Judas Iscariot is always clearly named as one of the twelve. He is always identified as a betrayer, a traitor. Jesus chose Judas Iscariot as one of his original bishops. We have always had bad bishops, and not just a little bad.
and the glass has identification, Judas Iscariot
what thoughts come to mind when this is glanced upon?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas lexicon: opłatek

To-day's word is 'opłatek', plural opłatki. Opłatki are Christmas wafers. Some centuries ago, when Poland was large, larger in area than any European state, the custom began inside the family at the Christmas Eve table. It has crossed the ocean sea, and entered the streets of America.Some few years ago, the Cleveland diocese had many more parishes. One of those parishes that have been wrecked, and cast to the street, has maintained an integrity of community. Saint Casimir comes together as an unit of Jesus Christ, every week before noon Sunday. On the first day of 2012, on the warmest part of the day 50°F (10°C), the Casimiri broke opłatki. It was their third year to do so on East 82nd Street.
They battled the cellophane. One fellow had scissors, the plastic wrap had been roughly undone a second earlier. The wafers are oblong, and the size of an envelope. It is not unusual to find one mailed with a Christmas card. Eucharistic wafers are much smaller, and round, but of the same manufacture. They are usually embossed with an holy scene.
The wafers were snapped, shards and shrapnel fell to the pavement. If they fall, since they only simulate the True Eucharist, the birds can have them.
The joy of communal fellowship was fully manifest. Hugs, handshakes, and good wishes made a full round of the participants.
First they prayed, then they broke the opłatki, then they sang carols and koledy. A multi-fold sheet of bi-lingual lyrics they searched in the breeze for the next number.
The usual conclusion was singing national hymns. The last notes sung were, 'God Bless America'.