Friday, September 28, 2018

friday afternoon



A man's home is his castle, but sometimes the castle is under attack.

Some time ago, i photographed a 'Moses Cleaveland' oak in Lakewood. Here is some of it.
The rare spotted greyhound [joking, it is a Dalmatian].

The curtain is back. It may be getting another coat of paint.

Friday, September 21, 2018

ring them bells

Forty-seven Dutch bells, 15,000 pounds of bronze, are in the carillon tower of the Church of the Covenant (Presbyterian). The resident carillonneur is George Leggiero, to-day's noon concert the guest carillonneur was Patrick Macoska. As the music played the campus of Case Western continued on.
 Good sign, unfortunately such a sign is rare
Mr. Leggiero at the console, fists commonly strike the levers which pull metal rods that pull the clappers that strike the bells.
inside the tower
These rubber bracelets are souvenirs of the 50th anniversary of the carillon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 Miscellany #10

The Cleveland Zoo had a very successful Chinese Lantern installation. It has been almost been completely taken down. Most of it is corralled off in an area that had been a parking lot. Most of the lanterns have a cloth skin. This one had rows of little bottles with colored water, which looking at in a particular way is similar to an ear of ripe Indian corn.
This is a portion of the side of a giraffe. The giraffes were let out of their barn, and one came to the feeding platform waiting to be fed. In mediƦval China, it is said, that the most interesting animal from Africa was the giraffe, or the camel leopard as it was called in Europe. A few months ago, a foto was released of an American woman (Tess Thompson Talley*) overjoyed in posing with the giraffe she killed. The numbers of these, and many animals are in serious decline. Will the last one of a species be killed by some trophy hunter? What kind of hero would that person think he is to kill the last one of a species? Really, that bitch gave an American Evangelical gesture in one of her fotos with the dead giraffe.
Red tailed hawk, resting on a statue of St. Joseph in Cleveland Calvary Cemetery. This is the best of eighteen shots i snapped; for a warbler, i would be lucky to get one.
In early September five days of heat, were ended with one blast of wind in a heavy rain. The next day repairs were still being made.
A bough from a tree hit this windshield. For those who complain about safety regulations in manufacturing: that window is crumpled and cracked, and still in one piece, note the rear view mirror.
 Pigeons on on top of St. Colman Cleveland
 Elephant statue outside the Jain Temple in Richfield Township
*"Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today!"

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

water tower to get painted

12 September. The project begins. Along Detroit Avenue, this Ohio City water tower was scheduled to be a canvass for an international painter. First, one would think the scum would be removed in a thorough cleaning. The water department calls this a surge tank for the pumping station, if a severe drop of water pressure occurs, the water in this will drop, so that the pipes would not collapse.
12 September. Later in the day, and from a different angle, some of the rods are up. Ever see a very high shutter speed photo of a drop of water making a concussion? This almost looks like the corona crater beneath the rebounded drop. This tower has looked dirty for some time.
14 September. Notice the parasol, and all the guide ropes.
15 September. The tower shrouded in a curtain. Under cover, there will be a cleaning, perhaps sand blasting. I read that a blue coat of paint will be applied. [foto by John Z]
A hatch, high on the tower.

Monday, September 17, 2018

One World Day 2018

This festival is usually the last Sunday in April; but, i think, the construction of a new bridge over Doan Brook may have delayed the date. Three weeks later in summer, and it was still 86°F. The parade of gardens starts at noon. Some nationalities marched who do not have a garden, or one pending: Catalan, Bhutanese, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Uzbek, and Indonesian.
  Mexico [no word of whether Trump has an opinion]

It has been 100 years since World War I ended, and some nations became states again. The Latvian group, and the Lithuanians made it a point to have that written on their banners. The Lithuanians had the largest contingent in this parade.
The marching in these parades is often start and stop walking. Precision is not a concern, but the Chinese carried a dragon, and that  is worth seeing.
Aleksandr Sergejevich Pushkin, Natalia Nikolajevna Pushkina with Cassius

In the Shakespeare Garden, actors from Rubber City Theatre performed scenes and speeches from (at least) Taming of the Shrew, and Hamlet.
Cassius is driving a Karachi bus.

Saturday mid-September

 Detroit and Lake Avenues, Cleveland O. home to a new sculpture.
Some events are one time deal-i-os, they wanted 500 paddle ballers to get a Guinness [no beer, record--and they didn't]. Their count was 392.

Tin Tin in the land of chalk
Some events are annual, and worth returning to again. This weekend the Art Museum had their annual chalk festival. I have had posted on previous chalk fests.
from Degas and Fantasia
A lot of the chalkings were from cartoons. The shades of chalk are similar in color tone to many cartoons. I saw at least three different pineapple drawings, supra was the best. I wonder whether something is current, that i am unaware of. There were also three or four Frida Kahlos, one had a necklace of briars and Trump's head as a necklace. There were only a couple of other drawings suggesting a political message, considering the circus of Caligula that is ripe for comment.
And after the day's scheduled chalking, there was a wedding on the marble plaza of the museum.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday at Edgewater

Did not see the sailboats until i turned the corner to get to the parking closest to the lake, and i parked on the end, so as to be able to photograph. I was a little late, what ever the event was fourteen boats were out nearly in a straight line, and they were breaking formation. So, my first shot was the best.
In front of the line of boulders between a strip of grass and the lake, there was this stone. On the right is the Terminal Tower, and on the left there is some edifice named Barton. This rock was propped up, and the rock in the lower right looked like a grave marker. I posted this on cool photo ops on facebook* to see if someone had information.
To-night there was to be a night bike ride. There were vendor tents set up for sundry businesses. Just yesterday, Sherwin Williams which has its headquarters downtown, and has had huge (really huge) banners of Lebron James, may put up a new banner with one of these "Guardians". The Lorain Carnegie Bridge, which spans the river Cuyahoga, has huge sandstone pylons with these figures carved. An alternative newspaper, Cleveland Scene, in the past suggested a new name for the local Major League Baseball franchise. They thought the Cleveland Indians a tad racist. One of several alternatives suggested was the Cleveland Guardians, and a variation of these Assyrian god monoliths would be the logo. Well, yesterday, they were not pleased with the banner design.
There were dogs in the park, including this happy hairy dachshund.
   Beau was getting impatient about his food order not being promptly ready.
There were dogs who competed in a fetch into water jump. These weimaraners are 14 year old Kansas City Bella, and Sir Winston.
 She is almost blind, but still photogenic.
*Postscriptum: the stone has been there at least since April

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

in the steps of Amos

We need prophets. [foto Amos the Prophet. Episcopal (Anglican) Church of the Ascension. Lakewood Ohio.] 

"And Amos answered and said to Amasias: I am not a prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet: but I am a herdsman plucking wild figs."—Amos vii. 14.

Certainly Amos was a prophet. He was the first that wrote down his prophecy; but he makes the point that he is not one by profession, he was not groomed in the system, nor paid to advocate certain accepted thoughts. He was a voice of ethics, and social justice in corrupt times. Actions mattered more than religious practices.

The job of a prophet is as it is said to-day "to speak truth to power". Amos was forced to leave the northern kingdom (Israel), but he wrote from exile so they would know his words. In the book, Lives of the Prophets, Amasias' (the priest at Bethel, who persecuted him) son kills Amos in Judah. There are prophets (Moses, Jeremias) who are given the job by God, refuse at first. They knew what was involved. Some of the prophets were martyred. Their lives would be troubled.

"And Amasias the priest of Bethel sent to Jeroboam king of Israel, saying: Amos hath rebelled against thee in the midst of the house of Israel: the land is not able to bear all his words."—Amos vii. 10.

To-day, in America we have a corrupt president who calls the press "the enemy of the people". Republicans continue to complain against the main stream media, and have set up their own alternatives. Still, they wish to silence those who speak against their corruption. Rudy Giuliani, working for Trump, says "truth is not truth". Trump is going about the country and inciting his followers to attack. Trump is a fascist demagogue. We need prophets. Trump has a large contingent of Evangelical clergy in his thrall. Hypocrites who benefit in corruption, yet pose as knowing the will of God.