Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day of the Dreich

These four fotos are cropped. I could not isolate the subjects. Other good candidates were in motion, and the shutter speed was too slow with the overcast clouds.
There is a fellow who has a facebook journal of Faces of Lakewood. It turned out the most interesting part of Saturday's festival was the painted faces of people. Good fotos were not easy to get. It was tight quarters (read below), and it was hard to get the clear still shot. I saw this couple leaving heir car, and went toward them, and got one good (cropped) picture. We began talking greyhounds, i had not realised (until my nephew jogged my memory) that we talked last year. They have a brindle greyhound, who came last year.
Well, before the year started, i took a calendar of the coming year and started to write in events. Some of which were photo opportunities. Many of these we went to as a crew, my nephew, our hounds, and me. The hounds travel well, and sometimes are swarmed, and we are pelted with questions. Usually taking pictures comes to a halt. The hounds, especially Captain, hate cacophony, and that usually involves percussion. Gunshots, cannon, and fireworks are a no-no, and stationary drumlines also. The last planned outdoor event was Dia de Muertos at the old Romanian church belonging to Cleveland Public Theater. When it started Saturday, it began with rain. With the cold rain near freezing, and with a little wind it was worse. The day was drab, and dark, even with the drizzle ended it was dreich. It was the first day of the season that the hounds wore coats, and they shivered.

The campus is too compact. The former parish hall, grass yard, church, and connecting cement (now mostly new, with new church steps made walking easier and safer) are cramped for this event. The weather made people stay inside longer. A couple had family and friends in the church renew wedding vows, which was unfortunate (read: stupid) timing.

The parade did not photograph well at all. It was not black and white, it was gray. We were at a spot away from the congestion nearer West 65th, and still that bane of other photographers was not avoided. Too many act as if they were the only spectator/photographer, with no regard in blocking the sightline of others (often this is getting in front of you, and some do this progressively, and the telephones with foto lenses make matters worse. Police had people register to parade, i can not say march, because they just walked awkwardly.
This hearse approaching the staging area, before the parade.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

fallen oak

We were at the Syrian arches of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, at about 12.43pm, we heard crack. I looked up, and saw through other trees, an oak falling. In less than two seconds it crashed on to East boulevard.
 see the insect? tunneling in the center, and the many broken wood fibers
 the only thing damaged was a street light, and the snapped electrical line to it
The phone company man had just driven past, and then turned round.
People stopped and began taking phone pictures in the street, i said it it far more interesting at the stump.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Spooky Pooch Lakewood Edition № X

I have covered this before, and this is one of the local events that are simply great. For a photographer, who likes happy color this is it. The weather was very good, and this may very well have been the best attended Spooky Pooch. We have two hounds, and they watch with us. There are many booths set up, and there were kibble samples and other stuff. The dee-jay plays fun rock.
This year a peanut butter eating contest was begun. Watching a dog lick peanut butter (placed on/in his mouth) is hilarious; off a paper boat (in a lump) it is not so. They were going for speed. There were two weight divisions, the winner for under 35 pounds was the doggie in the shark outfit.
Some people, and families, have made repeat appearances at the Spooky Pooch. This year, this family, are the Village People.
Comic book superheroes are always represented
The gondoliers, and the big pooch's name is Batman
West Highland White Terrier, perhaps the cutest of all 
And why do we have these things? Because people have great affection for their domesticated wolves.
Cinderella was pushing the pumpkin coach
We saw a few greyhounds, this one was a late entry. Doggie galoshes make for a humourous walk.
Lakewood Spooky Pooch. Animal House, dog is Vinnie. I, having Cassius, was pleased to see people dressed as ancient Romans.
There are martial dogs, these might be Martian dogs. After the parade, there are prizes awarded. They got one.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Scott Pruitt's EPA soft serve

Scott Pruitt's EPA vanilla soft serve with added charcoal

Friday, October 20, 2017

hounds wanted to go to Lincoln Park

Well, they wanted to go on a ride somewhere, and i asked them about Lincoln Park, they were excited. So, we parked in front of what had been Our Lady of Mercy's rectory, and crossed the street. School children were also out on a walk. It has happened several times that children want to swarm the hounds, and so they did, after a kid asked, "Can i pet your dog?".
We often get asked, "what kind of dogs are they?"
We say, "greyhounds". To-day, that started the dialogue.
"Are they pit bulls?". Well, that was the first time for that guess. As anyone that has been in a class, or gone to a meeting, or has seen a press conference, it is common to be asked the same question again.
"No, they are greyhounds". 
"They're black and white like my dog [who is a pit bull]".
 "You with the camera, what's up?".
 Between, and under, the two bridges of Interstate 90/Route2.
I'm with Charlie
Lakewood has an ordinance against pit bulls. A woman fought it and lost. The dog's name is Charlie. Many people think this is not alright, and that breed specific restrictions are not permitted under Ohio law.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

perhaps Perez

Cleveland's new Roman-rite bishop is Nelson Perez. He is visiting parishes about the diocese. Wednesday night, he came to St. Stanislaus. It was for all the east side parishes, the night before he was in Chardon for the eastern counties. The difference between him and his predecessor can be seen in this foto. He came away from the ambo (lectern), did not stand in the pulpit. He thanked everybody, made comment on how good the church looks. He smiled, and quoted Pope Francis on how sad and sour so many Christians look. He spoke of how John XXIII empowered the laity. He spoke on the importance and primacy of the parishes. It was not a chore to listen to him. He mentioned bishops are successors to the apostles, and what a sorry lot they were. After Mass he stayed for a long time in the cafeteria, and posed for pictures. Bishop Perez looks comfortable, and approachable. He had no security, no entourage. He did not look too happy when i said to him, the area needs healing, on account of his predecessor [Richard Lennon] and his minions had done great harm.

I read the diocese's press release, and they quoted other parts of his homily, and emphasised another aspect of the first apostles. People downtown are still in the mold and mode of the previous bishop. I was told by a priest, Bishop Nelson told the downtown staff that they exist for the parishes, and not the other way around.

October day at the beach

Over the weekend a white winged dove was seen at Mentor Headlands State Park.  I was late for the party, came Tuesday morning, no doves. The beach was clean, the bench's iron was cast with the words "Euclid Beach Park 1895-1969". The fire hydrant has not seen action for a time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church. Lakewood. Choir Window. 1949?
Representational Protestant and Catholic stain glass are often different. I find something new in some Protestant churches. Different denominations will put their particular history's leaders and heroes on glass, so Francis Asbury might appear in a Methodist church, and not much elsewhere. People would ask who is he? Most of the Old Testament is recognised by Protestants, and Old Testament personages are more often represented in Protestant churches than in Catholic ones. Sometimes, the person is obscure. There are a lot of names in the Old Testament, and some are not familiar to 99+% of people. Some names sound like Old Testament names, even if they are not familiar.

Catholic churches often have a St. Cecilia window, or painting in the choir loft. King David is sometimes found, angels more often. The window, supra, is entitled "O come let us sing unto the Lord". There is David with crown and harp, king and psalmist—familiar. Choir director, Chenaniah? The picture tells the story. Of all the passages in the Bible, who remembers this one?

And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was for song: he instructed about the song, because he was skilful. — 1 Chronicles xv. 22. KJV

And Chonenias chief of the Levites, presided over the prophecy, to give out the tunes: for he was very skillful. — 1 Chronicles xv. 22. Douay-Rheims 1899 America

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Creative Hallowe'en

Many people like to decorate for Hallowe'en. It is the last night in October, and by mid-September stuff is on the lawn. Stores are happy to sell stuff, but some people make their own. Some is artistic, others are more psycho-butchery than macabre. On Madison Avenue Lakewood, merchants have been encouraged to place scarecrows before their storefronts. Some of these are like familiar spooky creatures given to American culture by Hollywood, but toward friendly and not scary. Some of these scarecrows are reflective of the business they stand and guard. Infra is in front of a veterinary practice.
Some people go full out. Supra, is an ATAT Walker from Star Wars. Infra a tunnel boring machine has popped through a driveway, and it carried skeletons. Both of these were made by men that work as building tradesmen. The first has been getting local media attention, and is in Parma. The second is in Lorain. These homeowners have been doing these for a few years. The Lorain fellow's earlier pirate ship was noted in a London newspaper.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Cleveland's Columbus

I have wanted to go and see the Columbus parade for years, finally made it. Last year, i did not feel well, and was worried about parking. Cleveland's Little Italy is just a few streets, and i thought—so many people, where to put the car. I figured out a place, which was available and not ticketable, and not too far away. No one parked there for this. This was the last item in the area that i had not photographed/saw, that i wanted to.

People like to pose for fotos by strangers in parades. Above is Dennis Bellisario, Christoforo Colombo, of Saint Rocco's. A larger group portrait was not available, i had been looking for him to take a picture.

There was another Columbus, he was busy before the parade; during the parade, when he passed by, my battery died, and before i could replace the battery, no good foto; and while i was changing the foto, someone wanted to pass me a campaign paper. There were a lot of judges in the parade. Two Repukes who want to be the next governor were also there. One blocked a foto of a car dressed as Pepino, the Italian Mouse.

Here is my hint—when viewing a parade, go near the beginning. Usually, this is less crowded, the marchers are not fatigued, and you can be on your way home before everyone has seen the parade. This may not be advisable if there is a post parade event which you like.

While i was mingling with parade marchers before hand, someone told me there were protestors. I had not been in the area they grouped at. I just saw WKYC-TV3 mention them.
 Ladies representing Abbruzzi, Sicilia, and San Marino
 San Rocco's float is a boat with Chris Columbus
Our greyhounds came, and people liked to meet and greet. These children (infra) had several questions about Captain America, and were very interesting in touching his coat. Behind me, not pictured, other kids were doing the same with Cassius.

 There were a few bands, and some good fotos with them.

  An Italian mastiff is riding in a chariot.
 One of the businesses on Murray Hill Road had this surprising sign in the window.
 Sherman and Opal, and their riders of University Circle

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Along Cleveland's Train Avenue, there is a bunch of graffiti, and the road is very derelict looking. Much of the graffiti is in that ridiculous, and nearly illegible fat lettering. The west side had been very German, and many breweries were there before Prohibition. In this one building they're brewing beer.