Wednesday, November 30, 2011

notice for Saint Barbara's

West 15th and Denison, next to I-176 (Jennings Freeway)
Saint Barbara's Parish in Cleveland, Ohio will join outside their closed church building on St. Barbara's Day, Sunday 4 December at 3 p.m. and meet as a parish community.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ticker in the window

Cleveland's Anglican Cathedral (Trinity) is far more impressive than the Catholic one. It is built in English Perpendicular Gothic style. It was built from 1901 to 1907. Collinwood High, when it was still in Collinwood, and called South High (1906-10) was built in this style (in the 1920s it was greatly expanded).
center floor plaque
When John D.[Rockefeller] left for New York City, the richest man in Ohio became Samuel Mather *1851, 1931†. His family controlled the shipping of iron ore on the Great Lakes. They expanded horizontally: lake freighter shipping, iron and coal mining, steel mills, lumber, land, electrical utilities. The big holding is Cleveland-Cliffs.
Humour is where you find it
left lower corner of left lancet west window in the narthex
Trinity Anglican looks like late, mediæval [Plantagenet, Lancaster, York] England. They have a window from mediæval England, and one from mediæval Belgium. They have some from earlier Cleveland Anglican churches, and, of course, from the XXᵗʰ century. Whether this was done as a recognition, or as a poke, i don't know.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Father Mathew's Temperance Society & the AOH

a pane from Holy Name, Cleveland, O.; its twin reads: "The gift of the"
The Holy Name community began in 1854 in Newburgh [later annexed]. The parish began in 1859. The present church was built in the 1880s.

The Discalced Carmelites, John Of the Cross, and Teresa of Avila share a long, double lancet window on the nave wall. Some of the windows have the name of the donors. 'F.M.Temperance. Society.' gave the Carmelite windows. Fr. Theobald Mathew joined in 1838, the Cork Total Abstinence Society. People would 'make the Pledge' before a priest, sign a book, receive a medal/coin.
I promise to abstain from all intoxicating drinks except used medicinally and by order of a medical man and to discountenance the cause and practice of intemperance.
This was successful, in that, half the adult population of Ireland made that, or similar, pledge. Father Mathew came to America, and from July 1849 to December 1851 promoted the cause. He was given the use of NYC's City Hall. He was admitted to both Houses of Congress, and the White House. He was celebrated in Protestant America (as long as he would keep his mouth shut on the subject of the abolition of slavery). Mathew spoke against 'secret societies'.

In the 1830s, the time before the Great Hunger, in Ireland the Catholic Irish were under great duress from Protestant landlords, and the British government. The AOH and the Molly Maguires relieved some of that, and they came over to the United States. Labor unions were illegal in the US. The Molly Maguires were considered a 'secret society'. They were infiltrated by the private police thugs of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

One pair of windows was given by the A.O.H. (The Ancient Order of Hibernians), which is an Irish Catholic fraternal and protective organisation. In Pennsylvania, they were allied with the Molly Maguires of the anthracite coal fields. The AOH in the US began in 1836 in New York City, but at the time these windows were created, national offices were in Pittsburgh.
The A.O.H. made a gift of a St. Patrick, and St. Cecilia window. This pane is beneath Cecilia.
Newburgh had steel mills, and Cleveland had docks that unloaded the ore. Bishop Richard Gilmour had to know the AOH. To-day, they are mostly noted for sponsorship of the St. Patrick parade.

The two sets of the windows are directly opposite each other.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something wrong in Kansas

This may not be exact, but it has been my experience in observation. School administrators (principals) have been known to be farcical, but rigid tyrants. For all practical purposes the Republican party in the United States are fascists.

Sam Brownback was once a US Senator, that wanted to be president. He supported extreme Zionist views [total expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine], supported extreme measures [including wiretaps] of the oxymoronic 'Patriot Act', and chemical weapons. He self-identified himself as 'a compassionate conservative'.

Now, 'twitter' is a revival of telegrams by a new technology. Most 'tweets' are thoroughly unimportant, they are essentially telegrams by idiots for other idiots. Now, there are a serious of teen age novels and films about an idiot chick, a werewolf, and a vampire. Apparently, this is typical grist for the new telegraph mill, but the girl decided to insult Lord Brownback.

To quote the Wichita Eagle:
A Kansas teenager is in trouble after mocking Gov. Sam Brownback during a mock legislative assembly for high school students.
Emma Sullivan, a senior at Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, was in Topeka on Monday as part of Kansas Youth in Government, a program for students interested in politics and government. ... On Tuesday, Sullivan was called to her principal’s office and told that the tweet had been flagged by someone on Brownback’s staff...
Brownback has his staff do a little 'Patriot Act' work on an 18 year old high school Democrat. Her principal, Karl Krawitz, is pressuring, demanding the girl grovel in writing to all sorts of pooh-bahs.

I have to wonder, if she had criticised a Democrat, would the principal be so upset? Would a Democratic staffer gone after a high school kid? Even so, neither the principal, the governor, or any apparatchik working for the governor have any respect for the First Amendment, or Freedom of Conscience.

Unfortunately, as the country is to-day, there are many in this country that agree with going after the girl. I may be partisan, but there is a certain petty vindictiveness that is owned by the Republican party. Richard Nixon was famous for his enemies list, and there are few Republicans to-day kinder than Nixon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

militarised sadists

One lesson needs to observed for people's safety: people, such as the Occupy America activists, need to wear helmets and goggles. It may be a silly and unnecessary uniform. As an uniform, it would signify the absurdity of the situation.* There are motorcycle helmets, and football helmets with visors. Military veterans have worn helmets in combat. Of course, construction helmets are usually worthless.

At University of California Davis on Friday, 18 November a group of students were sitting on a cement walk in silence. A militarised stormtrooper, employed as campus police, unloaded an aerosol can of industrial grade oleoresin capsicum. Lieutenant John Pike pepper sprayed seated and still protestors, spraying the pepper juice in a motion one uses when spraying weed killer across a long crack of cement, slow deliberate, and coming back with a second coat. This spray is concentrated in potency about ten times [or more] of habanero peppers. The Chemical Weapons Convention forbids it for military use.

Of course, this is not the only instance currently of cruel, unnecessary, gratuitous, viciousness of police. It was just photographed and filmed. Certainly, without the film [and even with it] they would lie about the interaction. It is what police and their supporters do.

Note, how this is covered on television, radio and in print. What words will be used? How much a threat the students were? How endangered were the police? How violent was the crowd? Here you have seen a photograph. Videos are available. What if none were? How plausible would the authorities version be? Damn lucky, the cameramen were not roughed up and their cameras smashed, or confiscated.

Locale after locale, the cops are dressed like 21st century gestapo stormtroopers. Nationally, they have co-ordinated their strategies and tactics.
*laws might be enacted to prohibit the wearing of such helmets away from playing fields, and riding

comparing the anti-democrats

any checked box should be a disqualification for office
(revised 12. 23. 2011, Cain has excused himself earlier, Romney's increasing mendacity, heavier scrutiny on Paul and Gingrich) This is beyond a clown car. If this candidate coterie for command is characteristic of the collective, then wow...just wow...un#...@believable. And, then there is Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin.

Michele Bachmann
☑ crazier than a shit house rat [hell, crazier than a knot of rats]
☑ self announced torture enthusiast

Herman Cain
☑ crazy as a shit house rat
self announced torture enthusiast
☑ fraudulent piousness in life as Baptist minister

Newt Gingrich [see footnote]
☑ well known past scandals
☑ insufferable arrogance
☑ intolerable academic/logical fallacies, falsities and fraudulencies

Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul
at times crazy [past racism, Ayn Randism]

Rick Perry
☑ crazy as a shit house rat
☑ has not understood the War for Union [1861-65]
self announced torture enthusiast

Mitt Romney
☑ corporations are people
lying, as opposed to 'flip flopping', and pandering
has been running for presidency continuously since 1999 Salt Lake Org. Comm. for 2002 Olympics

Rick Santorum
☑ crazy as a shit house rat
self announced torture enthusiast
positive positions [that will hurt their nomination chances]
against torture: Huntsman, Paul
favors peace initiatives: Paul
seemingly sane:
Postscriptum 7 December 2011: Yes, addition to Newt Gingrich. The first commenter suggested,
"You can add 'crazier than a shit house rat' to Newt Gingrich, now." Gingrich will say preposterous things for momentary gains. This idjit was an academic? Well, Fathead to-day said he would appoint John Bolton as Secretary of State. Now this is STUPID, and illegal (that certainly doesn't bother either of them).
U. S. Code TITLE 18. PART I . CHAPTER 29.
§ 599. Promise of appointment by candidate
"Whoever, being a candidate, directly or indirectly promises or pledges the appointment, or the use of his influence or support for the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."
Newt Gingrich ☑ crazier than a shit house rat

Newt being Gingrich

'Newt' Gingrich is the poster boy for insufferable arrogance. In his narcissistic delusions he assumes to be an intellectual. He taught college history before being a congressman from the northern suburbs of Atlanta. He was in Congress for twenty years, the last four as Speaker. He was the chief author of the Contract on America. During his control of Congress, he was reprimanded and fined on an ethics charge.

Before becoming speaker he was minority whip, succeeding Dick Cheney and followed by Tom Delay. These absolutely loathsome men have poisoned America, and Cheney the world. Their cutthroat ambition and lack of scruples have produced the current national politics.

Gingrich was successful in much of his desires. His obnoxiousness was recognised by much of America. A coup was attempted amongst Republicans to have him leave the speakership in 1997. It failed. After a poor showing nationally for their party in 1998, and facing another coup, he left Congress.

He is currently running for President. When he was in power, he challenged Bill Clinton repeatedly, including orchestrating an impeachment. He wanted the presidency then. It is no surprise to see him running now. The interval between then and now has surprised some people. He used the time to accumulate money. Time was needed to have people forget his odiousness.

Also in the meantime, his party has become ever increasingly fascist. The establishment candidate, and heir to the candidacy, Mitt Romney is not viscerally acceptable to this constituency. A series of challengers have come out of the demonic clown car to vie for the crown. Each one upon scrutiny has faded back in the pack. Gingrich is the one now. As a democrat, and as a Democrat, this would be great. Let these two stay at the top. Normal America just will not vote for Gingrich. His condescension will not be acceptable. This is not a warm, demonstrative man.

Further his scandals, which have ended by marrying his successive partner in adultery does not play well. Though representing Georgia, he is not quite a southerner. Politically, converting to Catholicism is a way to lose votes in most Republican friendly districts and states.

Now our anti-hero to fully demonstrate how conceited, haughty, overbearing, pretentious, overbearing, and scornful he is to the point of stupidity is this statement he made about the democracy activists against Wall Street, in a church in Des Moines, "Go get a job right after you take a bath."* Those who protest the establishment are all dirty and jobless. That's a ridiculous blanket statement. He also suggests that the jobless have no first amendment rights. He also suggests that those that work, also have no first amendment rights. All those that do not rule, should work, and say nothing. That is the society we need—that of masters and slaves. Some should point out that the proletariat masses can still vote. Why would they show agreement with him by voting for him? That is why Republicans are so keen in reducing the electorate.

On a similar note, on Friday past, at Harvard, his magnificence said child labor laws "
are truly stupid". Start working menial jobs, for menial pay as soon as possible. While Newtie gets thousands dollars to make asinine speeches, and even more money writing asinine books, that stroke the rich, and beat the poor. These cruel, idiot Republicans all want the economic world to function like the views of Ebeneezer Scrooge before he made acquaintance with his ghostly visitors.
*In that Republicans never learn anything, they also never forget. This was something that would have been said when in the late 60s, and early 70s people were protesting the Viet Nam War and other causes, and the country had full employment and jobs were readily available. Those who rule America now, made sure they did not go to war then, and registered unemployment is 10% and employers want you to jump through hoops.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late night Friday television

ABC had a story on an egg factory, Sparboe Farms, that supplies McDonald’s Egg McMuffin®. It is not the first instance of the public seeing the conditions of industrial farming. Mercy for Animals had someone film undercover on site. Brian Ross was then escorted by a company spokesman for a tour. The spokesman said the tour was to show the “truth”. Apparently, uncomplimentary video evidence is not the “truth”. I have come across this before, “truth” is that which the established power says it is.

I remember the last such corporate egg factory sandwich i had. It was from Burger King at Cleveland Hopkins aeroport last century. I puked it up in a barrel in the parking garage, if i remember exactly, seconds after ingestion.


David Letterman had Herman Cain on Friday’s show. He pointed out that Cain was less than honest about not being a Washington insider, since he was president of a restaurant association headquartered in Washington. Cain said he was not a lobbyist, that he hired lobbyists. Cain reminded Letterman that he had a degree in mathematics and that being a mathematician, the vast majority [he said 95%] of his life was outside of Washington. Letterman also ridiculed nine-nine-nine as another version of trickle down. Cain mentioned there was 200 countries and he could not list them. Letterman asked Cain how many pizza toppings he had. Cain said nine, but did not list them. Cain likes numbers, but is deficient in arithmetic logic.

Letterman, went a little out of the way, to point out some of the ridiculous things from Cain's campaign. The smoking campaign manager commercial, chief amongst them. David then wouldn't let up on the sex scandal accusations. Actually, Letterman was aggressive. He believes that Cain should not seriously be considered. It was not a soft interview, but a good one.

Letterman was fair in his scrutiny, and did service to the electorate. Really, it was better than those done by 'newsmen'. Letterman covered several topics, and though not being shook off, he did not belabor. Cain has just recently requested, and received Secret Service protection. Candidates need to be protected against questions.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Buy Nothing Day

Turkey Day is the 4ᵗʰ Thursday of November. Cold Turkey Day is the 3ʳᵈ Thursday of November. At least part of Turkey Day is consumption of food, festive food, and perhaps over abundance. The term 'cold turkey' applies to the immediate, and complete cessation of some indulgence or activity. Health organisations have sponsored, and promoted stop smoking campaigns with Cold Turkey Day.

The day after Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) has been called by the retail, and advertising industry 'Black Friday', meaning profitable Friday. In recent years, certain retailers have opened up their stores earlier than normal on that day. Some are opening up at midnight, immediately when the day begins. This means their employees must be there before 'Black Friday'. They are beginning their shifts on the holiday, Thanksgiving Thursday.

Now, Anthony Hardwick of Omaha, Nebraska works for one such store. He noticed the obvious and began an online petition asking for the store to open at 5 a.m. He is trying to change the mind of the CEO of Target department stores to 'allow' employees to spend the holiday with their families.

What are these days? Thanksgiving is an exercise in 'americanism' a forced blending of religion and patriotism. It is one of the few holidays acknowledged in the US. Every country (Scotland is a close second) has more holidays than the US. It is part of american culture, the blending of calvinism and capitalism. Both frowned on holidays, those days when people feasted and didn't work.

The day after was an off day by accident for many. Many came to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but had the Thursday off, and also the weekend. Friday was isolated, and it became convenient to many to take Friday off. Well, that day was then convenient for shopping, and at that point the escalation began.

Television (and other) 'news' have story, after story, after story highlighting, intensely covering, encouraging shopping and spending. Millions of hours of free advertising posing as journalism: reporters acting as advertising shills, drummers, and whores, cheerleading unnecessary, and often conspicuous, consumption all to promote the commercialisation of american society. The golden calves of Mammon are very fat in the US, but these worshipping devotees do not remember that seven ill favoured, and lean kine once ate seven beautiful, and fleshy kine.

Adbusters began in Vancouver in 1989. They are a social activist organisation that questions and challenges the economic establishment. They were the boys who started Occupy Wall Street. They also promoted Buy Nothing Day, which has been the day after Thanksgiving* since 1997 [it began September 1992 in

These activists also encourage public theatre activism. During the first summer of the cheneybushjr régime the first zombie walk took place. These zombie events were in conjunction with the showing of zombie films. Romero's second zombie film, Dawn of the Dead [1978], was shot at a shopping center fifteen miles east of Pittsburgh. Zombie walks have become popular there. This Hallowe'en zombie costumes were extra-ordinarily popular. Well, walking around sluggishly, mindlessly, relentlessly in order to feed on human flesh is an apt metaphor for american consumerism and cut throat capitalism.
*Thanksgiving Day in Canada is Columbus Day (2nd October Monday). Buy Nothing Day is set for the US, but the day is also marked in other countries.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

two things

This will bring you onto a site to sign petitions. This particular petition was written by Elizabeth Kucinich, it is entitled:

Religious, political and community leaders: Stop the deconstruction and demolition of our churches


Wednesday, 16 November, on the Rita Cosby radio show from WOR 710 AM, NYC a guest on one of the half hours was Joseph Feckanin of St. Casimir, Cleveland. Rita interviewed Joseph about the church closures in the diocese of Cleveland.

Joseph was on at 6.30-7.00 pm during live streaming. She was polite, sympathetic, and encouraging to Feckanin. The interview went quickly. Feckanin told a few points, relayed an endearing story of Cleveland's Sacred Heart Parish. He spoke on the nastiness that was the clustering process of parish elimination. He mentioned Lennon's shakedown of parishes for money.

Cosby did not understand that there was not an economic necessity in closures. She has been conditioned in accepting that without thinking.

UPDATE: The interview can be heard at this link. Let it 'load' silently, and then beginning about 18.30 (minutes and seconds) the interview begins. Start listening at that point.

Monday, November 14, 2011

the american bishops' plan

Blessed Pope John XXIII (r. 1958-63) convened an Ecumenical Council in 1962. Now, by an ecumenical council it is meant that the whole of Christendom is represented, the entirety of the inhabited world. Vatican I (1869-70) was incomplete and remained in suspension, being interrupted by the Franco-Prussian War, and the Wars for the Unification of Italy. Vatican II (1962-65) has not been digested yet.

Part of Vatican II entailed an increased role for the laity. Over the last generation, the parliament of American bishops have fought a war of reaction over this. Now, for the United States, in recent years the most visible occurrence of events in the American Catholic Church-Roman rite have been the sex scandals.

Instead of implementing the spirit of Vatican II, or the continuation of an organic, or a traditional Catholicism, the bishopry has instituted their own programme. It must be remembered, that at one time, and for most of US history, the Catholic Church was NOT a part of the establishment. It is now, locally and nationally.

The bishops have adopted an american business model for religion. The salvation of souls has been salvaged for the pursuit of power and profit. The parish is the model that Christ described [For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.Matthew xviii. 20.]. In the Canon law of the church, a parish is a 'juridic person
perpetual by its nature', which needs three persons to be formed, and can continue with one [see here]. The american bishops have corporately decided an implementation of the televangelists' mega-church model, combined not with the Gospels of Matthew and Co., but the gospels of Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and Harvard Yard, along with a monarchical tyranny as management style.

Cleveland is just a prime example. First we have the tyrant [Richard Lennon] as bishop. He has hired a firm and its model for the current shakedown campaign,
‘Rooted in Faith Capital Campaign’. The same Madison Avenue-Catholic Division campaign had been used in several dioceses previously.

Previously, Lennon used the 'Vibrant Parish Campaign' to eviscerate the diocese. Other dioceses, too, have used that terminology for a shakedown, and/or reduction of parishes. It is advertising jargon to disguise power and monetary grabs.

Canon law* allows creation of parishes for any purpose. In the US people have come from around the world, and have always requested these parishes. Many bishops have done so reluctantly, in the past, but allowed for their formation. Now, they are trying to eliminate them in entirety. Lennon, in Cleveland, has trod this path vehemently, and with venom.

In the current crucible of time, we here, have seen Vatican II and the traditional desires of the laity abandoned, and replaced by a consolidation of episcopal power. The episcopacy covered up grave moral scandal, which since has become public. The eruption of this corruption has turned out to be expensive. In an attempt at a twofold solution, they have been creative in capital accumulation, and increased their authority by centralisation. This centralisation has been achieved at the destruction of parishes, and the alienation of parishioners, while robbing them of property and funds, and then demanding more funds from the survivors. The laity has not been served, but betrayed.

Canon 518 As a general rule a parish is to be territorial, that is, one which includes all the Christian faithful of a certain territory. When it is expedient, however, personal parishes are to be established determined by reason of the rite, language, or nationality of the Christian faithful of some territory, or even for some other reason.

Friday, November 11, 2011


On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of 1918, the Armistice (cessation of the use of arms and ordinance) on the Western Front took effect. Men did die in action that day. An estimate of 11,000 casualties, that day, is given by the historian Joseph Persico. French military records recorded French deaths that day as happening on the tenth. Who wants to be told their son died on the last day of the war?

That day was also St. Martin's, the Roman soldier who declared before Worms, "I am a soldier of Christ. I cannot fight." Many of the French thought he intervened.

Erich Maria Remarque wrote the novel, Im Westen nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front). The hero, Paul Bäumer, dies in October 1918. Many people are now introduced to that war, by that book. The book has been occasionally banned. There are no combat veterans of that war left alive.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pride and Perversion over Propriety

Does this sound familiar?
"He chose loyalty to the football fraternity over protection of small children. " — Bill Livingston
Very few football schools have academic success rates approaching a perfect one hundred percent. The sports journalists and commercial marketeers like to point out the excellence of those handful of programmes. Over the years, i have seen many televised broadcasts feature prominently a handful of schools again, and again: all the military service academies, Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame, and yes Penn State.

Paterno made his teams successful. His defensive coach Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky played and started for Paterno from 1963 to 1965. From 1966, and then continuously from 1969 to 1999. Many thought he would succeed Paterno, but Paterno would not retire.

Sandusky turned out to be a sexual predator, who raped pre-pubescent boys. As a predator he needs prey. As so many he used a mask of benevolence, respect and authority to gain access to flesh. We have seen similar modes of operation in charity work. The Boy Scouts, the Churches and others have tried to cover this up, because their 'reputation' is of more importance than their activities.

Father Bruce Ritter received national fame for Covenant House begun in 1972. They took in runaway youth who ended up on the lower east side of Manhattan (NYC). They expanded. Now they are in 15 US cities, and 6 others in 5 North American countries. I remember Ritter on 60 Minutes. Reagan in 1984 mentioned him in the State of the Union address. Edwin Meese put him on the Attorney General's commission on pornography, the next year. Then in December 1989 the sordid story broke, and there were more accusing sexual partners and victims. Ritter resigned from the charity he founded in February 1990.

Sandusky started a charity, The Second Mile, in 1977 as a group foster home for 'troubled boys' in Penn State's college town of State College. The charity has expanded beyond that. Senator Rick Santorum gave him an award in 2002.

Just recently, the news has broken, and there is a pile left to go through (ugly details of great crime and perversion are coming). Local people and institutions knew for years: Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, State College Police Department, County District Attorney's Office. Sandusky was free (until now). The head coach, Joseph Paterno was told by an eyewitness of the raping of a ten year old boy, by Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Football Building in March 2002.

Now in very short time Paterno and the college president have been fired. Last night many campus students had a spontaneous riot in support of Paterno. They attacked a television news truck, of course. Attack the messenger of your shame.

In 390 in Thessalonica, the governor and military commander Butheric arrested a great charioteer. The athlete was very popular in the city. The charioteer was also a rapist of boys. He was jailed for attempted sodomite rape. The sports fanatics rose up and killed Butheric and other Goth generals, and mutilated their corpses.

What do we value as a society? Do unnamed, unimportant victims matter?
Postscriptum: in 1988 Joe Paterno gave a speech at the Republican Presidential Convention for his buddy, ghwbush. I lost all respect for the man. But that is besides the point.
Postscriptum 12 November: Paterno is lawyering up with the same criminal defense specialist his buddy, ghwbush, used for Iran-contra, J. Sedgwick Sollers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Years on the Streets

After two full years after a Mass of Eviction they still come. Not one Sunday has been unobserved. The Casimiri pray, sing, celebrate and invite everyone. They have been put out because of one man, their abusive bishop, Richard Lennon. Lennon was likened to the bad shepherd in Ezechiel, and the hard man in the parable of the talents in Matthew.
The weak you have not strengthened, and that which was sick you have not healed, that which was broken you have not bound up, and that which was driven away you have not brought again, neither have you sought that which was lost: but you ruled over them with rigour, and with a high hand. — Ezechiel xxxiv. 4.

But he that had received the one talent, came and said: Lord, I know that thou art a hard man; thou reapest where thou hast not sown, and gatherest where thou hast not strewed. —Matthew xxv. 24.
They also said Canon 1741§3 [odium populi] applied and should be invoked, for Lennon had earned hatred from the people, which "will not cease in a brief time"; and therefore, should be removed. The parishioners asked for his resignation.
some 125+ people came brother and sister leave a bouquet at a statue of Our Lady
State Representative Bill Patmon came to support and pray with the Casimiri
This was not the only second anniversary of eviction. Last Sunday, St. John the Baptist, Akron noted theirs. Also, to-day a few folk from St. Margaret of Hungary's met at Calvary Cemetery Cleveland by their war memorial of war dead parishioner servicemen.

Friday, November 4, 2011

2nd year of vigils holy cards

Sunday will be two years since the Mass of Eviction presided over by Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland. Before that Mass, the parish had an Eucharistic Procession and the parish was dedicated to St. Mary, Our Lady of Częstochowa. In the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra there is the national icon of Mary, Ikona Matki Boskiej z Jasnej Góry w Częstochowie zwana Czarną Madonną. Since then The Divine Mercy of Jesus has been the Patron to reopen the Parish, and all the other suppressed and closed parishes and churches of the Cleveland diocese. These cards are meant to be remembrances of the event.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Even the ruins are beautiful

In 1933 the Rusyns, living near E.93 and Orleans, in the Newburgh section of Cleveland, Ohio built their second parish church of St. Joseph Greek Catholic (Byzantine). In less than fifty years they had moved to the suburbs, and having services at Brecksville High School until their third church was built. On the next street, in a line, exact east is the former Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was a Slovak Roman-rite Church. The Slovaks and Rusyns are related nations; although some Ukrainians claim they are Ukrainians, and the Poles are nearby too.

The second St. Joseph's church was sold to Greater Zion Hill Baptist. Fortunately, they were not iconophobes and left the murals. Unfortunately, they could not keep up the building it has been vacant for several years. The former school building is now Greater Tabernacle Church.
This part of the apse mural, faded but intact, shows Moses on the left; John the Baptist on the right; the Holy Spirit on top; and Joseph, Jesus, and Mary in the center; several angels. Not shown, is God the Father; the center axis portrays the Three Persons of the Trinity. Also not shown, are large holes in the ceiling revealing the wire mesh holding the plaster.
the floor of the nave is gone
Melchisedech the king of Salem, bringing forth bread and wine, said: Blessed be Abram
Saint Stephen Protomartyr
A faded SS. Cyril and Methodius, Equals to the Apostles
One of several seraphs (six winged angel)
postscriptum: building is gone