Sunday, August 4, 2013

while looking for a brown pelican

juvenile mallards (i was e-mailed with answer, possibly mixed with domestic duck)
There has been sightings of a male juvenile brown pelican in Cleveland from 24 June to 29 July on Ohio Bird News.  A fellow shared these three fotos (click), and another (click). I first became aware of his existence from this page (click).  I had been at that spot on 3 July and oblivious. Since then, i have returned about five times, and did not see. He is a rarity. If i remember, what i have read, one day last year, and one day in 1990, such a bird was recorded being seen here. This fellow's visitation is the third recorded, and the only one of an extended duration. One outfit is selling t-shirts (not cheap).

On one day, i met a bird watcher couple. We chatted. They came to see him too, and a glaucous gull. They found the gull, through a scope, and i glanced and saw that rare visitor. Of course, i did not recognise him from the other gulls. He was more than the usual white.

I would like to know more. There at little Wendy Park, there are numerous bird species to encounter. They have only a few scrub trees on the beach that are filled with birds, mostly blackbirds, robins, barn swallows, and others i do not recognise. While there Saturday, my nephew thought he saw an avocet above him in his field glasses, and quickly lost sight when he flew over a tree. We had earlier looked for him at Edgewater Beach, and did not see him amongst the Canadian geese, and herring gulls. I also saw giant blue heron, mallard and wood ducks, mockingbirds, starlings, but am mystified over some of the others. Feel free to make corrections.
 juvenile starling (ditto on e-mail)
common tern (there are related species)
juvenile spotted sandpiper
scruffy tree swallows?, sometimes it is a bird you know, but at a distance?
Song Sparrow, there are many sparrows
Cormorants (double crested, how can one tell?)
 the fellow on the left, Caspian Tern?
Eastern Kingbird

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