Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lakewood Car Kulture show #11

 At one time a stalled car could be push started.
Passing a stalling car. The cars entered at Warren, on Madison, and were parked on both sides to Hilliard. After the point of entry, one motorist pleaded with a cop, "You gotta find me a space, the car's dying".

There are car shows (as in displays) in many places, for many different cars. This one, the basic rule was cars from before 1973. Cars that were adapted, and modified after manufacture were especially encouraged. People love hot rods, choppers, and such. Some are art pieces. People, almost exclusively men, have spent years restoring, and playing with these vehicular toys. They are proud to share their pastime with the world. I only knew of this one from seeing it noted here[click].

I was very little interested in cars past 1959, and as i have argued before, Plato's car[click] was a Chevy Bel-Air. Many of the cars Saturday were late '50s Chevys. There were other beautiful General Motors cars, a couple of Plymouths, a De Soto, Model A Fords, and a Studebaker. There were a few English, and German cars too.
Some Madison Avenue merchants decorated for the event. The two tiered, two tired 'cake' has a fountain for the bride Miss Wrench, and the groom Mr. Driver; both attired in paper clothes. Now, if you dress your tools this way at work, prepare never to be on that job site again.
Five year old Buddy relaxes in his Morris Minor. 
He has just finished drinking, and has a drooling problem.
This is not a fastidious event, one can fun in playful scaring. 
The Hallowe'en fashion is one choice.
 Cruella de Ville is another route.
This child (and moments later, a small girl) was enjoying the music, and most intrigued with the bass fiddle.

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