Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace Gardens are Coming

I have mentioned in two essays the labyrinth, and my desire to build one.  I have been told, that some land will be acquired, and a portion of that will contain a tri-partite garden. The middlemost will be a labyrinth in the shape of  Ravenna's following the path of Cologne's. On the one side there will be another path, the Way of the Cross; on the other, a meditative garden with a Japanese influence, a kare-san-sui (rock garden), and a koi pond. In addition there will be flora across the gardens: aspen and birch, dogwood, holly, ivy, and periwinkle.

The Peace Gardens will be a place of tranquility open to all people of good will, and it will be a witness for peace. After these elements are completed, they will be maintained, and perhaps expanded. There is a desire to have a continuing educational mission. Certain days will have public programmes. The first planting will be a peace pole.

There shall be a legal instrument describing, i am told, a foundation. In some manner, funds (money) will be begged for in order to pay for materials, and labor.
Of course, this currently exists only in the mind's eye, and some drawings. After confirmation, i will post the preliminary drawings.

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