Saturday, July 15, 2017

In Lakewood for the solar green moment

 At Lakewood High, Johnny Appleseed's facelift is still not done.
 A purple martin takes off at lakewood Park
 Gray squirrel in an oak tree in early evening light
 not from this angle, but at the photographer's, she is holding the sun in her hand
 the setting sun is sliced by a cloud
At the solstice steps watching to see the sun fall into the water, and within the last second of partial disc visibility, it turned green. That is the first time i have seen that, and it came in an eyeblink. Missed the foto, it was a goodly sized crowd, they applauded the sunset, i do not know if many noticed the green moment.

A little political theatre to-day, noon...

Well, the local newscast yesterday were all talking about all the things happening downtown this weekend. No one mentioned that there are national protests against Trump and his fascist regime, including one in Cleveland, the place he was officially announced as the Republican candidate. One station did have a story about that convention, figures should have been released on its economic impact on the city. It has not.
In the top left of the foto, supra, is a street sign reading: E. 9th Street/Rock & Roll Blvd. The building in the background is Cleveland City Hall. In the middleground is Claes Oldenburg's Free Stamp sculpture. In the center foreground is the event's main banner with their message, The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America. Locally, the event was sponsored by Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus. In the left foreground is retired US Army Captain Lou Pumphrey, Viet Nam service. He used to work at the Universe Bulletin. He believes in peace, and often comes to parades and such events. Captain Lou is of very calm demeanor, and is not fond of bullhorn speeches. Across the street, to the left, is a 30+ storey Federal Building with a view of the whole spectacle.
Cleveland Police had bicyclists across the street to the northeast, and police alongside City Hall and elsewhere. I only stayed a few minutes, and they had very little to do.
Foto supra, there are two people left of center are observer lawyers, they have small back packs and have a piece of clothing in high visibility yellow-green. Out of the picture, beyond left are people watching with disapproval of the event in front of them.

What is Fascism? sign
Anti-demonstration observers, pro-fascist, pro-Trump/Pence regime supporters armed on the sidewalk in front of the Free Stamp. Pony tail guy gave me several looks of annoyance/displeasure/suspicion. Woman is wearing one of those bolshevik red MAGArac caps.
 In some countries, this would look quite menacing.


Monday, July 10, 2017

trochaic tetrameter with rhymed couplets

 Having fun with Shakespeare

foto supra:  Cleveland Natural History Museum, Poison exhibit 2016

Act IV scene i.  A cavern. In the middle, a boiling cauldron. Thunder. Enter the three Witches.

Cleveland's outdoor Shakespeare troupe will be performing MacBeth.  A lot of play with this part. Even a scarce budget, and minimalist props should have a cauldron. Depending on the edition, they are the Weyward, or Weird Sisters, or Witches. That hellish stew they are cooking with fearsome children story verse is in trochaic tetrameter with rhymed couplets. The ingredient list can be done with delicious taste of ham. A combination of fear and comedy, but did we not watch "the Munsters", and "the Addams Family" in the turbulent sixties in joy?
    Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
I compare this with the old "Stone Soup" story, where three hungry Napoleonic soldiers con a village with three stones to make a huge, tasty soup. They just kept on asking for ingredients to throw into the burrowed cauldron.

There is a lot of dark humour in Shakespeare. Life under the Elizabethan police state was endangered, and people were gambling whether the Scot Stuart would better be.

Unfortunately my memory has faded, but my senior English class went to see a few plays at the four theatres of the Cleveland Play House. I do believe, "MacBeth" was one. I remember, Eric Bentley's play“Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been,, was one. It was about the HUAC witch hunt of the late forties, and into the fifties.

Getting back to Will. I hear a cable teevee series is about to start on him.

One of those clever moments is Othello. Othello is a Moor. The patron saint of Spain is James the Moorslayer. Iago is a Spanish variant of James. Before the play starts, you have to know Iago is going to do in Othello.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

sprucing up Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is between W.11th and 14th, in what is now called Tremont. Previously it was University Heights, before Lincoln became president, and the South Side later. The city is spending resources to nicen it up.
A new gazebo replaced the previous one in the center of Lincoln Park, and it was ready for use by the local outdoor Shakespeare company for shrew taming on July 2nd. [i have been trying to find a foto of the old one]
and a little humour
Don't know who placed the Vatican City flag by this little evergreen. Cleveland has a place in Christmas tree history. It was not the first one in America, but the first one that got in trouble. They may not count, but the Hessian soldiers during the War of Independence celebrated Christmas, and with Christmas trees. Later, other Germans would do so in Pennsylvania, and New York. In 1851, Heinrich Christian Schwan and his wife had one in their Zion Lutheran church. Cleveland was a Yankee controlled town then, and it attacked Schwan and his people in the papers. The year after several people had Christmas trees. For years there has been a ceremony at Schwan's grave at Lake View Cemetery in December.
 Across the 14th side, St Augustine is having their windows repaired.
Across the 11th street side, Our Lady of Mercy's campus has been turned into apartments. This was the rectory.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


4th of July Lorain Avenue Cleveland before 9.30 a.m. 

Just before the Independence Day parade was about to start, this guy was running down the yellow center line. He had to divert a bit, when children used the crosswalk. The street was wide open, and the sidewalks had people waiting.

Our Lady of Mercy gets kicked again

Our Lady of Mercy (Slovak) Cleveland was extinguished on Mother's Day 2010 by Richard Lennon. The property did not move so fast. They had a campus. It has been remodeled for residences. The rectory (pictured) has two units. Notice the Marian image above, and the leg lamp below. Some of the film, A Christmas Story (1983) was filmed very close by, there are some residences now with leg lamps.

St. Lawrence gets grilled again


St. Lawrence was martyred on a grill. St. Lawrence (Slovene) Cleveland campus was sold for $100,000 by Richard Lennon to a formerly store front church. They have put up a placard over the yearstone/namestone. There is now a barbecue grill outside St. Lawrence.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cleveland 4th of July

Now, every Independence Day Parade ought to have Uncle Sam, and Lady Liberty.
Knights of St. John
West Tech High School's last year was 1995. It is great they still come out.
West Park Lutheran School carried Lady Liberty.
An astronaut with a rocket made from garbage cans. Ohio has had several astronauts including John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong. I think this float is from another Lutheran school.
Cleveland is having a mayoral election. Several candidates are running, and they had contingnts small and large in the parade. The largest were for Frank Jackson, who is mayor now, and Jeff Johnson. Someone, for another office, was using an appropriate sign.
Tim Willis' latest creation is a two-headed, winged dragon.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

i had thought gwbjr was the worst...

Y'no, the history books were already written that georgebushjr was the worst, and dumbest president since at least before the war of 1861. Trump has forced new editions to be written.

The constant mendacity is a given, but he excels at degradation of the 1st Amendment. The bush/cheney régime attacked the press, and at times effectively controlled the press. Our present dictator wannabe has called the press "the enemy of the people". White House press conferences have not allowed video, photography, and tried banning audio, while official spokesmen have denigrated the press for doing their job.

What Trump proposes instead is his bursts of tweeting, which promotes his ego and attacks all who do not give him homage. President Obama will look like a giant in years to come, for he stood between these monstrosities. In addition, Trump has a great compulsion to cancel Obama. He would like to erase all evidence of Obama's existence. Stephen Colbert, last night, presented this fake tweet to show one of the differences between the twain.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Installation of the leader — Ustoličenje

Well, i've mentioned the Slovene historical moment (social contract of governance) before [click]. To-day, it was re-enacted in Geneva (Ashtabula O.) at Slovenska Pristava. The last time it happened in reality was in 1414. Eventually Jefferson read about it, and his Declaration found its theme. It began after Rome of the West fell, and the Slovenes formed their state in the eastern Alps. Over the centuries the ceremony changed. In the high middle ages (the ceremony re-enacted to-day), he who would be knez (Duke of Carinthia), had to meet the peasantry at a Roman marble capital and was GIVEN rulership by the People.

In the time of the migration of peoples following the collapse of the Roman Empire, the knez was a fellow Slovene (the installation was at least from the 6th century), but over the centuries various German states took the territory of Karantanija (the Slovene state). The Germans did this as only ritual. Eventually, the Habsburgs refused. In the original ceremony, the leader of the people promised to govern well, and he faced death if he did not. Of course, the conquering Germans were not reciting that oath; but yet for centuries the ceremony took place, and the germ of the idea remained intact. People give the office of leader to an individual who promises to lead justly, and he leads only if he acts in accordance with, and benefit for the people. This is the social contract. There is no unitiary executive of Dick Cheney, or the divine right of kings. When the Slovenes entered history, they entered as radical democrats.
This is not a garbage can. It is a papier-mâché marble column capital, the debris of Rome. It was used as the seat of power. The original stone is in a museum in Klagenfurt Austria.
 Here the re-enactors are the people/the peasantry awaiting the future knez (duke).
 Here in peasant dress comes the man to be installed in office, and he comes with his retinue.
 In this foto, the prospective knez is to be gently slapped by a peasant.
 Here a man holds the mediæval flag of the Slovenes and Karantanija (Carinthia), the black panther.
The knez holds up a sword which he is to rule (and in the earliest ceremonies, the sword which could take his head).

Saturday, June 24, 2017

slightly after the solstice

The summer solstice was on Wednesday. We made it to the Solstice Steps in Lakewood on Saturday. Wednesday, the teevee scared me off. They were showing a large crowd. I've been to Lakewood Park when there was no parking spaces. The teevee kept on repeating "food trucks", as if that was the important thing; well for the owners' commerce yes, but not for me. It was a beautiful and comfortable early evening to be there Saturday. By twenty-five minutes before sunset many people had already come to watch the sun fall behind Lake Erie.

The park was full. The children's playground was newly rebuilt, and people were there. And people were in the pool. And Shakespeare was on stage taming a shrew. Fortunately, the playing fields were empty. People were circling to find available parking spaces. The drive in, and the place itself had clouds opening and closing with apertures of open sky promising an attractive sunset.

I like fotos unposed, and people (and dogs) looking their own ways. This was on the steps.
There is the metal line of the summer solstice sunset. Now, the declination will be retreating for months. After the sunset, the gathered crowd (well some of them) were polite enough to applaud.
 O, and greyhounds...greyhounds are great...these are my greyhounds.

After sunset, with a camera flash, purple martins outside their apartments.