Monday, August 26, 2013

Good time at the Gardens

Since 1947, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens have marked a One World Day. This year, they wanted a greater celebration. So besides a parade, and a naturalisation ceremony, they had several spots having successive entertainments, and vendors.
In the oldest of the gardens, Shakespeare's, they performed a 45 minute A Midsummer Night's Dream. Of course it was fast, and very good. Titania was drugged to fall in love with Bottom the Weaver, who was given the head of an ass by Puck.

Cleveland Shakespeare actors: Carrie Williams, Charles Hargrave, Joe Dunn, Hillary Wheelock, Rachel Kolis. Shakespeare's time did not permit female actors. Soon the Puritans would close all the theatres. I don't know who was who, they were all good. There was three women actors, and one of the men still played a woman's part, but that was required in the play.
The actress that played Titania, also played Helena. As Helena she wore a black beret, which really suited her. She also played a crippled tinker, and the Wall (wearing a Pink Floyd shirt).
 Lion, the actress's rubber mask was not comfortable in the middle 80s heat.
In the near area of Cleveland, Oberlin, and Akron there are a few Taiko (Japanese drumming) groups. They are all committed to play the tradition correctly. Mame Daiko, in purple, is the Akronite group.
This drummer also plays a flute, and it is a fine change of pace. The Japanese do not currently have a garden here. I would have a Japanese garden as part of a peace garden, a kare-san-sui, and a koi pond, next to the labyrinth.
postscriptum: i notice in the programme book they list the not currently existing, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Scottish gardens. Also, there is an advertisement for an American Indian garden.

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