Wednesday, August 7, 2013

morning at the beach

Yesterday, i went to Edgewater Beach early, dawn had broke before i left house. Some people were already there. Three people were swimming, as opposed to wading and splashing.  The fellow, supra, was gathering a water sample. It has become very recent practice to have outdoor workers wear these bright shirts, so drivers can see them. Where i had parked, people were setting up a film shot with many people and one dog.
Erie was still. About ten minutes before 7a.m. a rainbow in the west appeared. The foto, supra, shows a faint reflection. The foto, infra, shows the risen sun.

A tractor operator was pulling a sand sifter. It scooped and combed the sand. Below, are birdie footprints. The birds on the beach were all herring gulls, and a few Canadienne geese.

Soon thereafter, another combing of the sands was done by a metal detector. Would not the conveyer and sifting screen of the machine hold from dropping items larger than sand and crushed zebra mussel shells back onto the beach?

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