Friday, January 19, 2018

Revisiting Nativity of Mary Cleveland

Just recently, i visited Nativity of Mary Cleveland [click], [click]. In a short time it has gotten worse. The scrappers and vandals made progress in three weeks of mostly arctic weather. When they attack, to destroy, it can be done quickly.
 When this this was a new Catholic church this is the mural work that was done.
 This "artwork" is from the new year.
 The plastic tops of the spray paint cans are conveniently in reach.
  The pews are neither floating or cantilevered, the sides have been taken.
This cupola has all is copper sheathing gone. There are fotos of the atomic bombings in Japan, where the metal skeleton is all that remains from the dome of a (if i remember correctly, i could search) church.
 There is little copper to steal one the other cupola.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 Miscellany #1

Sunday, we were in arctic chill. A warm spot in town is Rockefeller Greenhouse. The sun was causing the snow to slide down the glassy roof, and snow and clouds overlapped in view.
 Orange tree in fruit, in Cleveland, the middle of January.
A few feet away were some garish ornaments saved from an old railroad station.
 Old St. Mary Romanian Orthodox is part of Cleveland Public Theatre.
Nativity of Mary has a very strong balcony/choir floor, but the building can not stand for long.
St. Casimir had a Christmas Pageant (Jaselka) performed by children form Polish school.
On a cold and snowy Monday went to the early show at the pictures. They had a pretty good crowd, people applauded during the movie. Meryl Streep's Katharine Graham reminded me of her Florence Foster Jenkins role. Tom Hanks chewed a little scenery. The best actor, i thought, was Bob Odenkirk as Ben Bagdikian, “Ben, I might have something”, and “It’s just...government secrets”. The movie begins in the jungle of war in Viet Nam, and ends in the Watergate break-in. In between is the publication of the Ellsberg papers [and Graham's leadership in maintaining the paper in business]. It hit Ben Bradlee...“the lies...the lies...”

Some have this as the best movie of the year. I thought Dunkirk was better, but this may be the most important movie of the year.  “The only way to protect the right to publish is to publish”. “70% (of the reason we stayed in Viet Nam) was to avoid the humiliation of an American defeat.”

There were a few fun points. [unfortunately, i am not sure of the wording] “Well if you were a reporter, and not a novelist, when would it be ready?”. The girl who delivers the shoe box is the director's daughter, “Are you somebody important?”.

Friday, January 12, 2018

“I have the best words”

On some journal posts [click], i wrote about words (language, semantics) and their relation to truth and reality. Accuracy, and honesty are important. What passes on local television as speech is dumbed down into advertising language to tease (the use of some words are nearly always wrong: “even”, “unthinkable”). Now we have another problem in quotation and translation. Donald, contrary to his stated “I have the best words”, certainly does not. His speech is middling elementary school. It is also publicly crude. His latest bon mot would not have been printable. Other men holding his current office, would use this language in private. When the Nixon tapes came out, the transcript was full of “expletive[s] deleted”. At the time, i had to go to the dictionary for “expletive”.  American journalism is almost forced to quote Trump verbatim. Non-English speaking countries are having to use equivalent terms: “agujeros de mierda”, “pays de merde”, “drecksloch”, “Bongoland”.  BUT, everyone knew this before the election.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

3 Kings

Matthew begins the second chapter of his Gospel, "When Jesus therefore was born in Bethlehem of Juda, in the days of king Herod, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem.  Saying, Where is he that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to adore him."  This is one of the epiphanies. The name and number of the wise men are not given by Matthew. Tradition has three: Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, and their holy day is the 6th of January. This afternoon Saint Casimir had a Pasterka(Shepherds) Mass for the greater Cleveland Polish community. Three men of the parish stood in for the kings. Pasterka Mass is usually Christmas Eve, by having one on Epiphany Sunday the three kings can join the pageantry.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

photographs of abandoned places #16a (apse)

The parish of the Nativity of Mary Cleveland existed from 1903 to 1993. They had a beautiful church built in 1925, it was sold, and has been abandoned and vandalised and parts of it are in collapse. Here is a foto taken two days ago. The apse (half dome) above the sanctuary of the Nativity of the BVM has deteriorated. This formalised scene of our family in heaven has had many variations as a group portrait. I used a flash, but that light was insufficient, and i was there at high noon on an overcast winter day. On the far right, we have some canvas (or decal) falling; next to that there are St. Jean Vianney, and the then newly recognised St. Pius X (canonised 1954). I wonder who the artist(s) was. Romeo Celleghin did much work in the area, exactly in line on the next street there was St. Joseph Greek Catholic 1933 had some similar work. Holy Trinity Lorain Celleghin did work, and the angels in the choir loft look very similar to those here, as does the apse.
Here is the apse from Holy Trinity Lorain. Both were Slovak parishes with churches having laid cornerstones in 1925. This picture i took before the church's closing (and the parish's eviction) eight years ago. [click] This was Romeo Celleghin's best work. I do not the dates of the paintings.

Friday, December 29, 2017

photographs of abandoned places #16

  Nativity BVM twenty five years later
Nativity of Mary was a Slovak parish in Cleveland from 1903 to 1993. The buildings were sold (to what i surmise was an independent congregation that wanted a real church building and did not have one). Sometime, thereafter it was abandoned, and the scrappers have made off with everything they could get cash for quick. Parts of the church have collapsed.  Here is a picture of the church on 6 June 2015, whether it was active then i do not know. 
To-day. If  you notice there are no door handles. A thorough mining of all copper and brass has been conducted. I did not know the church was open for urban exploration, until a few days ago. Thanks, a tip of the chapeau, to Glenn Petranek. Coming into the ruins of the church was saddening. This was a beautiful church. It is within the realm of possibility that this building will collapse soon, or be demolished. Here is a bene nota, within 25 years of a Catholic church being sold to a storefront, start up congregation, do not be surprised for the property value to be zero.  

Here is the tub for the electrical panel. The breakers and wire are gone. To the right you can see a mural.  Saints Cyril and Methodius the Holy Brothers of Thessalonika, the Apostles to the Slavs, the bringers of Christianity and literacy to half the nations in Europe. A number of Slovak churches especially remember these two saints. 

 Our Lady of Fatima 1917, one of several Marian images on the ceiling
 Saint Elizabeth, cousin to the Virgin Mary
Book on floor, opened to this page. Mostly hymnals on the floor, none in the pews.

  stuffed Mickey Mouse on a ledge
 metal on the cupola missing
I found so many images worth saving. It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast. The first few fotos were taken in the cloud of my frozen breath. I would like to go back for more shots. These ruins were created in a few years. The near by churches of St. Joseph, and St. Catharine are empty lots. The nearby church of St. Lawrence has been sold by Lennon, the former bishop. The last time i drove by there, the outside appearance had also deteriorated. Of the many churches recently sold, i see more ruins.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

rip and read

Y'no, Johnny Carson used to begin his show joking about the news of the day. On several programmes he would remark on how easy it was. There used to be teletype machines in newsrooms, which would constantly print out incoming messages. Johnny would say, "sometimes it's just just rip and read". The jokes did not need to be framed, crafted, thought about, or anything; it was just "rip and read". He also would call some things "comedy gold".
 Don the Con just carries on.