Thursday, March 22, 2018

tree comes down

An old tree is diminished, slice by slice. [see click for previous story]
People came by to be photographed with the remnants of the tree, while it was still possible.

 One cookie programme has elves making cookies inside a tree. They looked, and no Ernie or Jefferson Beauregards were in residence.
Inside this mail/milk box is a chunk of cement that was pumped into the then existing cavity.  Through some corrosive action of the lime in the cement and further decay, more void was created.
There was a doctor of treeology involved.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Patricios, part II

 "Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can..."
It is more fun before people march, many like to socialise and pose. Here is a group of comic book heroes. The one on the far right, is Groot, a walking tree. Cassius did not know what to think, Groot might have been lucky Cassius did not give him a rear leg salute. Superman is from Cleveland, i didn't see him.
A parade is good to see animals, but no more circus parades. There were dogs and horses, and alpacas. This group has a well groomed leprechaun. And sneaking in on the far left is Finnegan, the most famous dog in Lakewood. He proudly marches in the Spooky pooch parade. There was a wolfhound named Finnegan too.
Besides Irish Setters, and Wolfhounds, there were other domesticated wolves. [supra] Siberian Huskies, and [infra] the dreaded pit bull mix representing his tribe from the city kennel. Dogs need homes, and should not be jailed. I marched with two English Greyhounds.

Costumed players from Star Wars were first-timers. Stormtroopers hunting rebels. That runs against the current in Irish history.
 This year, there were two Ghostbusters' vehicles and players.
When groups begin to march toward the parade start, they sometimes pass other groups. Here was Saint Patrick's West Park.
Here outside the Federal Reserve Bank, in the sun was good viewing. In front of Brinks, in the shadow was not a good spot for comfort, but there was much space.
I have a cheap camera set up. This dude has a halo flash around his lens, anyone can 'splain?

'P' is for Patricios, part I

It is the rare year when the Saint Patrick's Parade is not the most attended event in Cleveland Ohio. There are many Irish in this section of Ohio, but not that many. It is an opportunity to be seen, and it has to be the largest parade in the state. 

This started out as a religious procession on the west side many years ago, and without much surviving documentation. Recently, it was re-discovered that it was years older in Cleveland than thought. This is not unusual, Catholics and their parishes have outdoor processions for Easter, for Corpus Christi, for their patron saints, for favorite saints...  Also, certain nationalities celebrated their national saints. So the origin story is easily discernible.

Over time, less processions continued publicly. Civic organisations also had processions. For many places across the country, Independence Day was the largest parade. After wars military parades happened. Some parades expanded their military and quasi-military police and safety forces participation.  Labor had parades, and often had to struggle against the police forces to have them. 

In Cleveland, all these came together. So, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade became part of the commonweal. Besides the Irish Catholic units, there are other Catholic units, other nationalities, other organisations, politicians, high school marching bands, businesses and other groups. There are units that have marched for an hundred years, or just many, and few. Some march on occasion, and some only once.
The best time for photography is before the parade starts. [supra] The mascot for the largest college football programme in the state poses with two Lithuanian girls. It is the first time the Lithuanians marched, they are celebrating their 100th year of statehood restoration.
 A Ukrainian dance troupe makes a return appearance.
The Chinese have made this an annual participation. They march to promote the Asian Festival and the Confucius Institute. The Dragon dance and the panda mascot is naturally popular. Why the one guy has a Kiss mask on, i dunno...perhaps, the parading has a masquerade flavour/

This float celebrates the Irish Americans: John L. Sullivan, the first gloved heavyweight boxing champion of the world, and Ed Sullivan the television presenter (and former boxing reporter, with a short temper). A kid "guarding" the float told me The Beatles were Irish. John, Paul, and George would not be surprising; they had Irish surnames, and Liverpool was a port of entry for the Irish across the Irish Sea; but Ringo (Richard) was Jewish.

Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Joseph, actor of much

To-day is St. Joseph's Day, a very big holiday for several nations. Joseph the spouse of Mary, and foster father of Jesus, and Joseph the Worker are some of his roles. If he was a stage actor, he would win "best supporting actor". For example, walk through Immaculate Conception Cleveland and see how many windows Joseph appears in. He is a supporting figure. 

Here is part of a window in which, Mary visits Elisabeth. Joseph is there, but not highlighted, and in the background.

This vignette is the Death of Joseph. This is a Mayer (which later absorbed Zettler) window at St. Stephen Cleveland.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

parade day

 bagpipes and drums firemen local 93

 Dracula is an Irish story (we're stretching), Abraham Stoker was born on the north side of Dublin.
 St. Helen Newbury Ohio has a unicycle team, and least one is a juggler
 Lithuanian girls celebrating 100 years of restoration
 pipefitter local 120 with plywood Stillson wrench
 Magnificat High School swim team
 Saint Paschal Baylon Clown Ministry
  Joseph Pearce (St. Patrick)
 German Shepherds: Chancelot, Taegan, Maya
Ukrainian dance troupe

Friday, March 16, 2018

City Music Parma

after the concert, a private demonstration
City Music Cleveland performed a concert, Two Faiths:  One Spirit, starting before noon to-day at Parma Snow Library. Led by the composer's accordion the central piece was, Merima Ključo's The Sarajevo Haggadah. It is great to see an accordion in orchestral music. But more variety of instruments continued after the intermission with an oud, qanoun, ney, and Arabic violin. The last piece was by the Persian composer Behzad Ranjbaran, it featured a harp, and an expanded percussion section.

This concert was streamed live onto facebook. They will play later, to-night in a church. Most of City Music's performances have been inside churches. Of this concert, there are six performances: one at a Jewish temple, three at Catholic churches, one at a Protestant church, and this one at a public library.  I guess, that the filmed concert was to be neutral.
What is he doing to that tuba?

Monday, March 5, 2018

inside #8

Twice before i have posted from Westinghouse, [first time], [second time].       

  While there a couple trains passed by.
There are spots where piles of empty spray cans lay on the floor. This hulk of a building served opportunities for graphic canvasses, most completely forgettable.
Thoughts were painted, prayers were absent.
From the windows alongside Ashland, one can see all the skyscrapers of downtown.
This steel skeleton and window gallery, i find as interesting as the Arcade downtown, which is so often photographed and included as a Cleveland sight: but urban photographers have gotten up here to snap pictures for years. To the left and right are open air, and there is a square opening in the floor.