Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Glendale Steps

The Federal Works Projects Administration (WPA) had men cut stone for this staircase on a 20 foot slope between streets in 1936-7. Amongst the walls, and spaces for gardening, 242 sandstone steps were installed. The park was never completed.
This is the lower level. Above the wall seen here as top, there are more steps that reach Walnut Street. The big bare space has had plants.

Cassius (L), and Captain (R) stand at mid level. Behind them are five paintings, four with text, one defaced.
Frances Perkins (Secretary of Labor), Franklin Roosevelt (President), Harry Hopkins (WPA) are pictured in this panel. The 1930s were a time of great economic hardship, the federal government (and these three individuals) did much to alleviate it. The Works progress Administration employed many for years building and doing good and important things that the private sector would never do.
                                               these two fotos are of the upper level

This needs some rehabilitation, but we do not have a Roosevelt, or a Hopkins, or a Perkins.
Many stones are loose, or broken.  There is a road closed sign between Glendale Cemetery and the steps, beyond the steps is a car repair business and a fence that closes the road. These obstructions and diversions are part of the new road rebuilding.
Landscape planting is now, only on the very bottom.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

photographs of abandoned places #15

Akron Rubber Bowl

From a distance, Akron Rubber Bowl (L), Derby Downs (R)
People who do not live in Akron, it is a little surprising that a football stadium is next to the Soap Box Derby. They were both built by President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration. Derby Downs in 1936, and the Rubber Bowl in 1939-40. Capacity is some 35,000.
University of Akron (Zips) played 32 football games between 1940 and 2008. Occasionally the Cleveland Browns played an exhibition game there. One regular NFL game was played there, the Dallas Texans had their only win, Thanksgiving 1952 over the Chicago Bears. Many high school games, and concerts played there. Circuses came, and other shows.
In 2013 the stadium was bought for 38,000 by a company hoping to get a non-NFL professional team. It did not happen.  In 2015 a proposed hip-hop concert fell through. The company did not pay property taxes to the county.

Vandalism has been a problem. Graffiti, some obscene (which prevents sharing of some fotos), some odd (Serbian nationalism) is heavy. Weeds grow in the cement, but not on the field. The 2003 carpet's color has not faded

Monday, August 21, 2017

Climate change is an established science

Climate change is an oil old field of study. Sunday, in the Serbian Cultural Garden Cleveland, a bust was unveiled for the first climate change scientist, Milutin Milanković. His pioneer work was done in the 1920s. Someone notify Senator Snowball, Scott Pruitt, and other such ilk.

Opera in the Albanian Garden

 Amanda Fink (L-mezzo soprano), Claire Connelly (C-soprano) sing Flower Duet from Deliebes' Lakme, Tatiana Loisha on keyboard
Cleveland Opera Theater has been giving free concerts this summer at a bunch of places. I missed several opportunities, and finally we could make one. This was (perhaps the inaugural one) in the Albanian Garden. Again, Councilman Dona Brady was there for a cultural event. I have now seen her several times, it is good to see the enthusiasm she has for these community events. Dan Hanson did a head count of 250. Last month, a larger contingent enjoyed opera and ballet in the Italian Garden.                                               
Bass-Baritone James Eder sang Mozart's La Vendetta from La Nozze di Figaro, and later two songs of math professor at M.I.T., Tom Lehrer.
While the music plays, audience can listen and enjoy at leisure. Cicadas also 'sang' their song, and without electrical amplification, at moments with greater volume than the arias.
The ears of a greyhound are mobile, and Captain is enjoying a neck rub.

Sunday at Edgewater

Edgewater Park on summer weekends is heavily attended. The Cleveland Metroparks have made a lot of improvements, which have attracted more visitors. Some visitors are formal groups, and others are pick up and meets. On both Saturday and Sunday, a kite group returned for their annual visit. Many were from outside the area. One fellow from Cincinnati flew this trilobite kite, that the Chinese call a monster kite.

The use of social media allowed greyhounds and their people to meet each other. Eleven hounds, and eight people pose around the Cleveland sign.
 A few of the group wade into Lake Erie. There is a very clean dog beach at Edgewater.
People come to play and exercise.
yoga: downward dog

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wade Oval Thursday

Chinese Cultural Garden interrupted  for a future walkway, which also cuts through the front of the art museum
   For the benefit of all the people forever
Jazz Age art exhibit coming

catbird at Botanical Garden
Stegosaurus statue, still with a missing dorsal fin which allows water in, with two fine greyhounds

Friday, August 18, 2017

Indian in the snow

Across the street from Akron's Lock 3 baseball stadium is this forlorn, and unmaintained painting of an American Indian in the snow. The bottom part has washed away, and a panel of press board is bare. It had to be very good when it was fresh.