Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sandy Ridge

Well, i went so many times to find the great egret (white heron) that was seen in Parma, when just some miles west in North Ridgeville a dozen were posing, but just at the 30x limit of the optical zoom on the camera. There were other water birds.

inserting political message: {the National Audobon Society, has this bird for their mascot. At the height of the gilded age, before progressivism in American politics, there was massive bird slaughter in America. The passenger pigeon was made extinct, and that was not the only bird made gone at the time. Besides the joy of shooting live animals, and the processing of some for flesh, millions were killed for fashion. The egret was one such for his feathers. Activists, including Theodore Roosevelt (elected as a Republican, he did later leave the party) as president pushed for the abolition of the plume trade. Now, Nat. Audobon engages in public environmentalism and science. They organise an annual Christmas bird census. With Cornell Lab of Ornithology they run eBird [click].}

In the grass, and in the trees there were other types. I am pretty sure (i don't trust myself to confirm), i saw an indigo bunting for the first time. He was visible for just a few seconds, maybe three, and then further into the trees.

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