Sunday, July 31, 2016

Opera and Dance Italian Garden

 Dante has a seat, and others brought seats with them.
Not everyone was positioned to see, but on the gramophone and radio one can hear the singing and not see the faces too.
The Italian Cultural Garden in Cleveland has hosted this concert for the last eight years, and attendance has risen to fill the upper garden and has spread across to the next hill.
This year, they added ballet performances. The dancers are better to photograph. This dancer is waiting for Granada.

a Tempest in Lakewood

Well, last night i again saw another fine performance of The Tempest by Cleveland Shakespeare Festival. I have several Shakespeare plays that i really appreciate.  I brought a small camera that can easily reside in a shirt pocket. Of course its optics are limited. The show was rescheduled on fear of inclement weather (irony there). It was sunny, very warm, and humid outside and in; but it was wet when the decision was made to change venue.

I did not know what i wanted to photograph. During the action, i began to concentrate on the faces of the actors when they were not speaking. As they were still, and the camera was not inclined to stop motion, i should have decided earlier on portraits. Being inside a Masonic building (i was disappointed in not seeing the secret rooms), and they playing before the stage, i was much closer to the actors. Facing the actors, those on the left were close enough for a good exposure, until the outside light declined.

It is interesting, to see the faces while they are waiting and watching. At times it was evident they enjoyed their comrades' acting. An acting troupe is a type of ad hoc fraternity, and it must be better to be with a circle of friends, and not adversaries.
Prospero holding his spell looking like Moses as he held the waters back for the Hebrews, and allowing to rush forward on Faro's army.
 Miranda is awake as the shipboard folk are frozen.
 The poses of those thinking they be drowned, Stephano (left) seems to swim.
Caliban the Monster, but not at all that misshapen, recites my second favorite line in the play, "You taught me language: and my profit on’t is, I know how to curse: the red plague rid you, for learning me your language!" This reminds me of the song, Indian Reservation, sung by Paul Revere and the Raiders, "...Took away our native tongue and taught their English to our young...". Different interpretations, that thought fits with European imperialism and hegemony over native people; but Shakespeare entertained many lines of thought in the same play. He may have been familiar with Bartolom√© de las Casas.
 King of Naples
The bubbles, i was informed by the actor playing Gonzalo, were of glycerin. This rough magic of theatre created persistent bubbles which lasted to beyond the end of the play.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summit County Court Statues

Herman Matzen has statues at Cuyahoga, Lake, and Summit County courthouses. These two are [supra] Justice, and [infra] Law, and are in downtown Akron.

 These lions are next to the sidewalk.
'Doughboy' infantryman from World War I, by Ernest Moore Viquesney 1934.
There were more than 150 of these, The Spirit of the American Doughboy, made from 1920 and on. It is of pressed copper. In addition Viquesney made some variants.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tuba Summer

Tubas are fun, there is a family of tubas in various keys, sizes, and shapes. That low, deep brass has its aficionados. Harvey Philips recognised this. He was a professor of tuba. He organised the first Tuba Christmas (carols) in New York City in 1974.
 It has spread to many cities, including Akron. Tucker Jolly is also a professor of music, he began Tuba Christmas at Akron University.  Tuba Christmas begat Oktubafest (German polkas), which became Tuba Summer. To-day was the 17th at Akron. It was to be outside, but heavy storms hit in the afternoon, and it was played on stage in the music building. And it is also meant to be a sing along.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Last day of the circus

A lot of the interesting pictures are from Public Square, which has just re-opened after major reconfiguration, and construction. The one thing that has not been moved, is the massive monument (and museum) memorialising those who fought and died for the Union. Supra is part of a statue group.
One of the added items is a group of water spouts. See the shirt the girl is wearing, most probably not a Republican.
PETA can be interesting, or stupidly provocative. There were two stilt walking 'sisters' (the second a guy with whiskers--not cool).
A lot of police, a lot of good pictures. One Michiganer told me twenty one states. A Hoosier told me he wasn't allowed to share the information because of security concerns.
These anti-Catholic bigots made sure they would be seen on the live teevee feed. There were signs on both sides of the picket stick.
The little Don the Con's head is too small. The vendor said he's going to Philadelphia. The picture taker had a media badge, and proclaimed her hatred for the 'liberal media'.
 More expensive cameras, bigger jerks attached, this guy squatted and took a minimum of a dozen shots, also used the movie function. My one picture is better than his.
 These kite puppets are with the Cleveland Museum of Art.
With all the partisan strangers in town, a little local balance is needed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cleveland RNC Day 3

 Captain America is a Sikh
 Code Pink Beauty Pageant
Early, a wall of cameramen blocked sight of the girls. Someone engaged the girl on the left, about where she came from, "Los Angeles". Someone next to me was impressed she came from so far away. I says to him, "This is a circus. In the 19th century circuses coming to town were entertainment, and when they came to county seats, transportation allowed people to travel from nearby counties to see. To-day, transportation allows people from all over the country to see the circus".
A lot of shirts sold were rude and/or vulgar concerning Hillary. The souvenirs were meant for rabid Republicans. This El Chapo the only shirt making fun of Trump. Only two designs had Cleveland and the elephant.
 Free Hugs, yes from Cleveland Cuddles

 All Lives Matter -- no exceptions
 The guy with the guitar said he was Sylvia Plath's granddaughter 'Mary Ann', he invited people to kick his baby for Trump.
 Wall Off Trump
This guy, i was told, was with CNN. His plates were from D.C.. He was waiting for Trump's aeroplane to come in. Later people were shooed away from the edge of City Hall's outside parking. A little while later the plane came in whilst i was in Willard Park.

Cleveland under occupation/surveillance


 Patriotism, Progress, Culture. Guys watching from rooftops.

Snowplow ready

National Police Convention Cleveland 2016

There are police, especially different state police in downtown Cleveland. A fashion show of uniforms are on display. These Smoky the Bear hatted police are from Indiana? Y'no so far this circus has been peaceful. There has been a flood of police in NORMAL uniforms (with exceptions). I think this has mellowed the atmosphere. Ridiculous, and threatening riot gear does not make things better. A troop of bicycling police are very mobile downtown, and the bicycles become an instant wall.

 I think, the Michigan State Police are the motorcycle escorts for wagons load of Republicans.
"Who you gonna call?". Florida State Police look like the movie's Ghostbusters.