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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Johnny Appleseed

Viktor Schreckengost. Johnny Appleseed. Lakewood Ohio. 1954.
Lakewood High is being remodeled, notice edge of construction fence left. The painted terra cotta sculpture will be restored, currently 'bandages' are giving him a 'face lift'. Of course, he is Johnny Appleseed; but the local officials in charge thought Johnny a 'nut', so they called it 'Early Settler'. A lesson to the high schoolers, if they realised.
Schreckengost *1906, 2008† was an Ohio boy who worked most of his life in Cleveland. Also in 1954 he created two large terra cotta outdoor sculptures for the Cleveland Zoo. They were taken down from the Pachyderm building in 2008, and have been in storage. They are now to be placed on the Natural History museum, when their expansion is completed.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fluctuat nec mergitur

Fluctuat nec mergitur has been the motto of the city of Paris for more than six hundred years. The Latin is far more concise than English. The heraldic device that accompanies the slogan is a ship riding waves. A translation is "tossed about and not sunk". After the recent massacres, this was painted at Place de la République, the sight of recent demonstrations of solidarity. This is a twitter foto by Karimagicien, and has been picked up by Wikipedia.

Now, this metaphor of the ship is also used in the Faith. We are carried about in that ship and the world sends a tempest and troubles the waters. This has long been part of Christian iconography. The nave is the main part of the church, it is where the congregation meets, sits, stands, and prays. 'Navis' is Latin for ship, 'naus' is the Greek.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

signing choir

signing choir St. Augustine Cleveland

Cleveland Mass Mob XIX came to Saint Augustine's. [click] This is a 'quick pic' snapped without framing. The camera, having limits, could not stop motion. It becomes an interesting foto catching the movement of the hands in flight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3 Democrats and still a clown truck of Republicans left

For sometime now there are no primaries, but 'fundraising' and group speaking televised events fictitiously called debates. Republicans only like to answer questions of what they want to talk about, and do not want any others. There has been competition to get on the show. The number of 'candidates' is towards the large side, so there is a main event, and a secondary kiddie table event. The Republicans have had 10, 11, 10, and now 8 on the marquee event. The junior debate has had 7, 4, 4, and 4. The Fox auxiliary 'network' has cut the number of speakers, and has barred some altogether. Gilmore, Pataki, and Graham can sit at home.

☐ John (Jeb) Bush
☐ Ben Carson
☐ Chris Christie
☐ Rafael (Ted) Cruz
☐ Carly Fiorina (née Cara Carleton Sneed)

☐ Jim Gilmore
☐ Lindsey Graham
☐ Mike Huckabee
Piyush (Bobby) Jindal November 17, 2015
☐ John Kasich

☐ George Pataki
☐ Rand(al) Paul
☑ Rick Perry  September 11, 2015 oops
☐ Marco Rubio
☐ Rick Santorum

☐ Donald Trump
Scott Walker  September 21, 2015

Lincoln Chafee  October 23, 2015
☐ Hillary Clinton
Lawrence Lessig  November 2, 2015
☐ Martin O'Malley
☐ Bernie Sanders
Jim Webb  October 20, 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

We Are All French

Pray For Paris 
 Vive la France

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been thinking to write

This here looks like a sewer gas vent pipe. It has been painted, and a couple of pieces added.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Miscellany #4

Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral. Parma. dome update

 great blue heron. Rocky River Metropark
faded Liberty
This is outside one of the former railway electrical substations, for the streetcars that had run in Cleveland three generations ago. It is called Transformer Station, and is a satellite of the Cleveland Art Museum. Currently, it is better than anything inside other than the crane left from earlier usage. The exhibits inside change from photography, and modern contemporary art. It has two rooms, and rivals the exhibit space of the four storey MOCA building at Mayfield and Euclid. I do not care for much of such [see click].

Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 Miscellany #3--signs

 calavera W. 25th Cleveland
Sysack sign against state issue 3 concerning cannabis, Cleveland
the Alpine ibex, kozorog, steinbock. E. 55th Cleveland

Friday, November 6, 2015

Watson, come here

"Watson, come here" is a variant of the first words spoken over the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. Watson was also the friend of Sherlock Holmes. Our Golden Retriever pup may be a namesake of one of those two. I see great humour in calling out "Watson, come here".

Dogs are vibrant animals. They can exude joy, and affection. Their intelligence is visible, and self-evident. They may very well be the best possible ambassador from the animal kingdom. Part of this aura is that hounds are social, but so are termites; no dogs are social towards people. This breed of pup has a cuteness charisma that pegs the meter.

We all have our biases. We here are very pro-dog. Dogs are creatures that deserve names. Here in America, often dogs are given Christian names. No, that is not right. There should not be confusion in calling a human or a hound. True 'Watson' is a human surname, but 'Tom' is a normally given human's name. Giving a doggy a clever name is good. Here is the opportunity for cleverness. Giving a child the name 'Sparkles' or 'R2D2' is a mistake, but to a Basset Hound--well that's kool.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

the steps are a success

A few days ago an addition to Lakewood park was opened up. Concrete blocks were landscaped into a reclaimed slope looking out on Lake Erie. It is both serene and social. One can look upon the waters, and what may be visible on the waters. One can sit and read, or chat with a friend or friends, or have a family picnic. Here are fotos from Wednesday and Thursday. People come to take pictures, to be out with their dogs. Kids race up and down the blocks.

Of course weather will dictate activity. Monday through Thursday of this week has had remarkably mild weather. Thursday was a new record high, Wednesday a degree short. In this weather there is peaceful congregating. The blocks are like those on a pyramid or a mastaba. You climb or sit.

The place is a great public space.  It is also a monument.  It is already functioning as a public square park, but without traffic or commerce to spoil it. People come to spend an hour after work or school, and watch the last minutes of the day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lake County Ohio

Squire's 'Castle' was built in 1895-7 and was meant to be the gatehouse of the oil tycoon Feargus Squire's estate in Willoughby Hills. He was part of the empire of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. The property is now part of North Chagrin Metropark. The stone was bluestone (sandstone containing feldspar) quarried nearby. For a time the building was vandalised, the shell of the building has been stabilised.
 totem pole, Eastlake
 Painesville War Monument
 Willoughby war monument for the Preservation of the Union
 Lighthouse at Mentor Headlands at the mouth of Grand River
 Richard L. Parsons. Mindladders. Lakeland Community College. 1994.
 Mormon Temple Kirtland
Built from 1833 to 1836 under direction of Joseph Smith Junior. By 1838 his bank failed, and he fled the state. During that short time this was the center of Mormonism. As long as the building exists fringe members will have ideas. Jeffrey Lundgren (former tour guide) killed five people in his Mormon cult in 1989. Steve LaTourette as prosecuting attorney used the trial for publicity, and later became congressman.