Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quiet Weekend

1929 Cleveland Air Races poster
It is Labor Day weekend now, and the quietest one in nearly fifty years. No low flying tandem jet planes at full roar flying over the neighborhoods spread along the lake from downtown Cleveland. Now, it will take a thunder storm to spook a dog.

The National Air Races were held from 1920 to 1939 and from 1946 to 1949. The first eleven years it was held in eleven cities. After 1930, it was held twice in Los Angeles, and the rest of the years in Cleveland's Municipal Aeroport (then the largest aeroport in the world, now renamed Hopkins). These interwar events were covered by national papers and newsreels. Civilian aviator barnstorming heroes such as Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Doolittle, and Lindbergh performed. Roscoe Turner won the Pulitzer Trophy three times. These shows varied in length of days, but during that time Cleveland was the center of the aviation world.

The after war years saw surplus warcraft jalopied up to compete, and much military participation. In 1949 Bill Odom's plane hit a Berea house killing two residents, as in car races it was not uncommon for the racer to die, but that was the first time someone else did. That and a decrease in military spending for such activities ended the races.

The new air shows began in 1964 at Burke aeroport, and have been heavily militarised since 1965. One positive outcome, from the Republican congressmen's hissy fits and pissing match over the budget, is the military does not have the money to throw at this. Without military participation there is little to show, and private business cannot and will not pony up for a show, therefore the show was quickly cancelled. The military, the War Department renamed the Defense Dept. in 1949, uses such events as recruiting opportunities; and the cause and glory of war making ability is the highlight. In the last couple of generations patriotism has been defined (in the US) as militarism.

In 2006 five people, Catholic Workers, were arrested for protesting inside aeroport grounds.They had a banner, "War is not an entertainment These planes kill". One was a Jesuit priest. I became acquainted, in various degrees, with three of these protestors some time later. I can easily say, they have deep sincerity, and they engaged in peaceful but committed opposition.

Concurrently, for a number of years beginning in 2001, a Peace Show was held at nearby Willard Park, by the Free Stamp sculpture, next to City Hall. The War Show attracts thirty to forty times the audience. Well, the resident pipsqueak fascist on the Cleveland Plain Dealer's editorial board, Kevin O'Brien, wrote a snotty mouth-foaming gwbjr propaganda piece sounding as if it was read on Republican radio or Faux about both the peace show, and the five.

Once, after 2006, i spent one day outside the airshow with two of those arrested in 2006. It was not a fun day. Some people were furious, a lot of single fingers. Some people wanted to politely debate. The most curious, was at least one individual who wanted to be thanked.  He believed that the military, or service therein, creates the right to free speech.* Yes, that is the propaganda of the military industrial complex (and the political military industrial complex) that Eisenhower warned the country about in his last hours of the presidency, and that of the Republican party in particular with Nixon and all those after him.

Friday, i received in the post, a copy of an illustrated thirty-two page booklet of letters sent to the Plain Dealer upset with said fascist, and defending the five. A new friend was one of the compilers of the booklet. At the time, i knew none of the letter writers. To-day, almost half of them i have met. The metropolitan area of Cleveland is greater than two million.
Roscoe Turner's racing aeroplane in Western Reserve Historical Museum. Cleveland, O.
* No, thoughts are free. God has given man the ability to think, and speak. Man has free will. Whether society, or the powers that be allow one to speak without incident is another matter. In many countries, this one included, if one speaks in favor of military power, the authorities do not object; if one speaks against, well the police do have implements of suppression. No, the military does not grant rights. Constitutionally we have a Bill of Rights, and organisations and individuals such as the A.C.L.U. and Martin King Jr. have promoted, and allowed us to exercise free speech.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace Gardens are Coming

I have mentioned in two essays the labyrinth, and my desire to build one.  I have been told, that some land will be acquired, and a portion of that will contain a tri-partite garden. The middlemost will be a labyrinth in the shape of  Ravenna's following the path of Cologne's. On the one side there will be another path, the Way of the Cross; on the other, a meditative garden with a Japanese influence, a kare-san-sui (rock garden), and a koi pond. In addition there will be flora across the gardens: aspen and birch, dogwood, holly, ivy, and periwinkle.

The Peace Gardens will be a place of tranquility open to all people of good will, and it will be a witness for peace. After these elements are completed, they will be maintained, and perhaps expanded. There is a desire to have a continuing educational mission. Certain days will have public programmes. The first planting will be a peace pole.

There shall be a legal instrument describing, i am told, a foundation. In some manner, funds (money) will be begged for in order to pay for materials, and labor.
Of course, this currently exists only in the mind's eye, and some drawings. After confirmation, i will post the preliminary drawings.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best location in the nation

The television 'news' is repetitive:  fire, car wreck, shooting (often deadly), fire, car wreck, shooting (often deadly)... O.K., that was on Monday, on Tuesday it was deadly shooting, deadly shooting, fire, car wreck, on Wednesday it was storm warning, more storm warning, fire, drunken ball player has a car wreck, storm warning, on Thursday it is storm aftermath, fire, storm aftermath... Not only on local news in your American city, but local news in many American cities, and often the national news. Of course, the local news has to cheer lead, and have the local fun story of moral uplift, so we have a brand new retail development going up on Deqp Street, and the East Meadowbrook police will have a 5K walk for Joey. And the worst is: we will have a makeover for a new mom, followed by which vegetable clears those oily facial blemishes, and Ashley will try out the latest smart phone from Acme Gadgets.

But sometimes, a story that really is news happens locally. 2207 Seymour. This was covered in Cleveland. Again, and again, television reporters standing on Seymour, complained of tourists coming by to gawk and take photographs at the now empty building. How much did they add by doing the same? and they brought vans with large telescoping aeriel antennae. The news reader in the studio could have done the report. But no, bring out the crew before or after an event and stand there and impede, or just stand there in pointless isolation, as is often the case with so many other stories 'breaking' or not.

Back to the story:

The three girls suffered horribly. In certain respects, they had their lives taken away from them. They were dungeon concubines to a cruel psychopath. How can they experience peace?

The story became immediate world lead story. British Broadcasting had it front and center, the first item i read (concerning it) was from Agence France-Press. At the time (probably currently), there are several gruesome world stories with hundreds dead. The visceral denouement of this particular sad tale has caught everyone's attention. It was something beyond the usual, it was splashed across the television just as the latest shenanigans of the latest popular (and often pointless) show business performer, or side show act; but it was not some gaudy superfluous fluff, it was of a deep tragic intensity that touched on the existential moral depravity of what man could do against man (in this case, against slight young women that could be easily physically terrorised). The world saw an easily grasped episode of the problem of evil. It was not the world shaking evil of a Hitler or other diabolic demagogue, it was the evil of an insignificant man that could do his evil in anonymity.

Charles Ramsey, and the other forgotten neighbor (Angel Cordero) who saved the girls were Good Samaritans. They, the girls, and the monster are all Clevelanders. We have around us: the good, the suffering, and the evil.

postscriptum: Ariel Castro was found hanging in his prison cell on the evening of 3 September 2013. Locally, at a few minutes past midnight, WOIO-19 broke into CBS programming to break the news. They had a reporter in front of the vacant lots, which belonged to Castro and previously had houses on them. Another reporter was enroute to the prison. They continued, and continued. The other local stations, did not do this.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

occluded sunset

I have photographed from this Cleveland beach before [a, b, c,]. This is Monday's sunset.

I wasn't going to post for a while, well i never know, i have a post for mid-October, and one for January, and June. To-morrow is an unknown land. My posting has been frequent overall, but the periodicity has been variable. I am approaching 800 posts on this journal page, so there is a back catalogue.

Monday, i wanted to get out and foto something. I went looking for Thibodeaux [click]. I have seen the boy just the once. I came several times, before i had his acquaintance; and i have come a few times to renew our meeting. He has recently returned from a four day visit of Leamington, Ontario. He is a wayward brown pelican. 

I went from the mouth of the Cuyahoga to Edgewater Beach. Did not get many good shots of much. So, this is the foto i am displaying. Some interesting colors and pattern, did not need anyone to sign a waiver.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

parade jerk

“Hey, isn't that one of those cameras that you can take a picture from 200 feet away?”

Sunday marching down Liberty / Martin L. King Jr. Boulevard was a nations parade. Supra, are the Lebanese being interrupted.

Some people enjoy parades. Circus parades have elephants and clowns, some people fear clowns. Some marchers are always loved and welcomed, everyone enjoys horses and the four legged asses, we politely call burros; now two legged asses, not so much.

Some people are shutterbugs. Some are determined to get a good foto, and come early for a spot. They politely take photographs. Then there are people who feel entitled, often with expensive cameras and long lenses. Some may fancy themselves professionals. They thrust and insert themselves into the scene, often obstructing bystanders, the audience, actors, and performers. Do not be that jerk.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Good time at the Gardens

Since 1947, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens have marked a One World Day. This year, they wanted a greater celebration. So besides a parade, and a naturalisation ceremony, they had several spots having successive entertainments, and vendors.
In the oldest of the gardens, Shakespeare's, they performed a 45 minute A Midsummer Night's Dream. Of course it was fast, and very good. Titania was drugged to fall in love with Bottom the Weaver, who was given the head of an ass by Puck.

Cleveland Shakespeare actors: Carrie Williams, Charles Hargrave, Joe Dunn, Hillary Wheelock, Rachel Kolis. Shakespeare's time did not permit female actors. Soon the Puritans would close all the theatres. I don't know who was who, they were all good. There was three women actors, and one of the men still played a woman's part, but that was required in the play.
The actress that played Titania, also played Helena. As Helena she wore a black beret, which really suited her. She also played a crippled tinker, and the Wall (wearing a Pink Floyd shirt).
 Lion, the actress's rubber mask was not comfortable in the middle 80s heat.
In the near area of Cleveland, Oberlin, and Akron there are a few Taiko (Japanese drumming) groups. They are all committed to play the tradition correctly. Mame Daiko, in purple, is the Akronite group.
This drummer also plays a flute, and it is a fine change of pace. The Japanese do not currently have a garden here. I would have a Japanese garden as part of a peace garden, a kare-san-sui, and a koi pond, next to the labyrinth.
postscriptum: i notice in the programme book they list the not currently existing, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Scottish gardens. Also, there is an advertisement for an American Indian garden.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cleveland Copts

Well, Cleveland argues whether it has a south side. What would be the southern suburbs have a number of 'eastern' parishes, many from eastern Europe, and from the near East. In northeastern Africa, there is Egypt. In Seven Hills (Cleveland not Rome) there is St. Mark Coptic Orthodox.

Now, these other church festivals all had stuffed cabbages, here they did not; they had stuffed grape leaves. I still think, it goes to the same taste and stomach areas. Here they had a gas oven outside baking bread. The pitas came out fast, and when they do, they are puffed with hot air like balloons and looking like pillows. I bought two, and held up two fingers to a lady. A small girl comes out from behind a table, smiling and says, "I speak Arabic".
Like the other Orthodox, the walls are painted with icons, and iconic murals. They have the church of St. Mark, and a large chapel of SS. Athanasius and Cyril (Alexandria). The icons are not like the Greek and Slavonic ones, which are sad and somber, long and angular. They are happy and round. In repeated scenes of Jesus entering Jerusalem, and the Flight of the Holy Family the burro (i should use the proper three letter word, but you should not believe how many people get offended) is smiling. perhaps in this one he is because he is going to Egypt.
On a large scene of Heaven, there are groups. On this one, the close Friends and Family of Jesus. His Mother's parents, his friend Lazarus (Remember, when Jesus heard Lazarus died, "He wept") wrapped liked a mummy, the Mary the Myrrh bearer, and his three closest apostles. They will further add to the murals. There are Old Testament scenes that are rarely depicted in western churches.  I have been guilty of putting to many pictures on an essay, they are worth seeing, i will have to find an opportunity to put some of them on the 'nets' later.
It is a very pretty place, and with notoriety. The parish has two icons that miraculously produced oil. The parish had their patriarch, Pope Shenouda III as a frequent guest. 

During the church tour, members expressed their grave anxiety and concern about the current situation in the homeland. The Muslim Brotherhood (the Egyptian Moslem extremists) is attacking (murdering) peaceable Christians, holding them up as a scapegoat (such a situation is also occurring in Syria). Extreme political Islam allows fellow countryman to destroy their national brothers in order to control the state. Similar movements have found an 'other' they detest, and that other is often a recent arrival, but in Moslem majority nations, it is the aboriginal, native, and same ethnic group that is targeted. They want no separation of the state from their religion. 

Some parish members are very upset with the current administration not engaging the US on the behalf of their co-religionists in the old country. But, they fail to realise that US interests were never to support native Christians. They also may not realise, that although a majority of Arabic speaking people in the US are Christian, the average American does not recognise an Arabic speaking American as a Christian.
They had a few baby buggies painted parking spaces. First time i have seen them. I wonder where else they can be, it is a good idea. Once i tried, unsuccessfully, to deter a cop from giving out a parking ticket to a heavily pregnant woman. He was not receptive. I should not have been surprised.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

dragonfly of the week

Common white tail over muddy pool. Parma, O.

Many years ago i was delivering mail in Shaker Heights, and on the red brick of a house there was one of these beauties. With the nature of the sunlight, none of the wing veining was visible. I saw four black squares about a white shaft, reminiscent of a world war one bi-plane.

Friday, August 23, 2013

and the labyrinth has a mailbox

 Crown Point Ecology Center, Bath Ohio. (Supra) On this side of the box is a faded stencil of the labyrinth.
Inside is a description, and instructions; which are superfluous. The only instruction one needs is "Walk".

In Bath Ohio, the Dominican sisters purchased a farm (settled in 1810) in 1967. In 1989 it became Crown Point Ecology Center and Organic Farm. Now, here's a pun point being re-inforced, a crown sits atop one's head, nearby Akron (Greek, highest point) is county seat of Summit County.

In the field there is a labyrinth mowed by a single push mower (gas operated) through a field of weeds (natural vegetation). The design is the near obligatory Chartres cathedral design. You walk and think that one as any. Some people enjoy that it is about as natural as one could find. Now, i said earlier [click] that i want to make one; well it would not fly in the city. They would ticket, and send someone to mow the whole thing down, and send me a large bill; but certainly it is and option. A more turf turf labyrinth would be like a reverse serpent mound (such as those that ancient Indians built). A long trench could be dug, and then seeded or sodded.

As i pointed out, the number of  spirals in the path of the labyrinth is the same as the number of grooves on on side of a record. One. Passing by, one needs the mailbox as a marker; without it the newcomer can easily miss not only the only entrance/exit, but the entire thing.

car plates

Just as in base ball box scores, vowels can be deleted.
  often '1' is 'I'
This was on a Mustang, i took two other snaps. The sun/shade distinction was too harsh, and i do not want to advertise the car dealer. Why should a car purchaser advertise the company that sold the car to the first owner?
I mentioned this before, i have cropped out and rubbed out plate letters and numbers before; but people who pay to have personalised plates want you to read them. Some are humourous (go team, we need to smile and laugh), some are cryptic, some name the driver, some are religious, and so on. I have to believe, someone has Ohio plates reading 'John 3.16'.
Now, this i saw at a Patrick's parade. Person after person came to be photographed by it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zodiac heads

Ai Weiwei *1957, Dragon head 2010, 
one of twelve bronze animal heads of the Chinese zodiac on exhibition, Cleveland, O.
Cleveland Art Museum maintains a firm policy on NOT allowing photographs of contemporary works, and visiting works. These dozen bronze animal heads by the human rights activist and artist Ai Weiwei are not under that stricture. Beyond that, the museum requests people to send images of people standing next to them. Except for very tall people, one can stand directly beneath the heads. They are openly encouraging photographic interaction.

I thought, incorrectly, that one (or more heads) was (were) more popular than the others because of aesthetic reasons. I approached, the very friendly volunteer at the desk, and she said some people had come in with a favorite animal prior to seeing these, and most people wanted to take a picture with the totemic animal matching their birth.

These are mostly realistic in depiction, with veins in the ears visible in some. Most whiskers are absent, while their pores are distinct. Many of the animals have many beyond a full set of similar teeth, except for the snake which along with fangs has irregular razor like teeth. The snake looks like an extra-terrestrial movie lizardman.
she is reviewing her photography

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisdom from the Pews

Saint Colman's Parish Cleveland initiated a successful letter writing campaign to Bishop Lennon, and Archbishop Vigano (papal nuncio to the US of A) to extend Fr. Robert Begin's pastorate of the parish. Lennon has allowed a year.  In the process, a number of letters were copied to the parish, and a parish member, Joseph Patrick Meissner is collecting letters for a proposed upcoming book, “Wisdom from the Pews”.

From: joseph meissner <
Subject: REPORT for August 17 2013 Wisdom from the Pews Project: Join us !

TO  Everybody
FROM   Joseph Meissner
DATE  August 17 2013
SUBJECT:   Report on Letters from Pew Project for this week
1.  We continue  to work on Letters Project.

... 4.  We are open for the submission of more letters and other items.  Email them now.  We want them all by August 31, 2013.  Please let others know about this effort.

5.  If you do not have your letters and materials  on the computer, send the hard mail.  We do have a great typist who will put them into the computer, so we can publish.  Two of the above sent us hard mail copies.

6.  So far, we have about 80 items.  We also have a publisher for the book.  It will be soft cover right now.  We can get a hard cover, but that would involve some expense.  We are always available for donations.

7.  There were a lot of great articles in PD, especially by Michael O’Malley.  We are looking into whether we can include any of these.

8.  Some people did receive letters from the Diocesan leadership.  We plan to consider using these.

9.  We also have respectfully requested from the Diocese whether they would like to include any of the Diocesan communications or any letters from the Diocese in the book.  We also offered to accept for consideration any new letters from the Diocese.

10.  Please let us know your ideas and recommendations.  So far, we have considered the title of this publication:  “Wisdom from the Pews.”  If anyone would like to submit  another title for consideration, please let us know.

11.  We do plan to include the names of all who submit.  But we understand that some people may want to submit anonymously.  That is fine.  We plan  to include names of all who submit on the front cover. 

Sandy Ridge

Well, i went so many times to find the great egret (white heron) that was seen in Parma, when just some miles west in North Ridgeville a dozen were posing, but just at the 30x limit of the optical zoom on the camera. There were other water birds.

inserting political message: {the National Audobon Society, has this bird for their mascot. At the height of the gilded age, before progressivism in American politics, there was massive bird slaughter in America. The passenger pigeon was made extinct, and that was not the only bird made gone at the time. Besides the joy of shooting live animals, and the processing of some for flesh, millions were killed for fashion. The egret was one such for his feathers. Activists, including Theodore Roosevelt (elected as a Republican, he did later leave the party) as president pushed for the abolition of the plume trade. Now, Nat. Audobon engages in public environmentalism and science. They organise an annual Christmas bird census. With Cornell Lab of Ornithology they run eBird [click].}

In the grass, and in the trees there were other types. I am pretty sure (i don't trust myself to confirm), i saw an indigo bunting for the first time. He was visible for just a few seconds, maybe three, and then further into the trees.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



I want to construct a labyrinth.

The Cretans had Daedulus construct one for the Minotaur, later Theseus slew him. For centuries, such a scene was represented in the center. Early in church history, they appeared in churches. Some[click] still survive centuries later. The most famous, and copied one is the one of Chartres cathedral which was in place c. 1220. That one is circular in form. Others are rectangular, square, hexagonal, octagonal, and various lobed shapes.

These are different than mazes, for they have only one entrance, and one suggested path. The simplest one would be similar to a spiral, without reversals and other sorts of bends, and windings.

There are a few in this area. Some are painted on parking lots. Some are on large roll up mats. Some, few, are purposely and uniquely created in paved space only for use as a labyrinth. I choose that. Soon, i plan to go to one in Bath Ohio of the Dominican Sisters, they have one (i am told) in turf and meadow, i will see.

Early Monday morning, i went out to a large one in Westlake. It is about 90' in diameter, Chartres is c. 42'. Unity Spirit church has theirs modelled after Chartres, but it is not set stone; it is gravel divided by brick. I want stone mosaic [San Vitale Ravenna].

Shape? these things are a circuit, circuits do not have to be circular, although since this will have center, and in a circle all points of a diameter are equally distant from the center, there is a certain poetry in that; and a circle often suggests life. Chartres has eleven tracks of circles about the center, that was never a standard. Biblically seven, ten, and twelve are often used.  

How these  were used in worship, centuries ago, is sketchy and debatable. Walk one, and you find out immediately you are on a journey, you are on a road with a set start, and a set destination; but a straight line from start to finish would only be a small fraction of the total route; as in the Way of the Cross, this may be a pilgrimage of prayer in miniature and imitation.

The one in Westlake, has a tile before start. My nephew  completed the walk to the center, and then walked back to the beginning. He made sure to definitely step on that tile, it was reminiscent of a ball player stepping on home after a home run. The
labyrinth in Westlake had six tiles center, sort of like the teleportation ports on Star Trek.

Walking a labyrinth is calming, it is conducive to meditation. They have been in hospitals. I could see seniors walking the labyrinth instead of 'mall walking' for exercise, and well-being. A bench is needed. An outdoor, i think, is better than an indoor one (except in wicked weather). Some vegetative landscaping may do well with the stone.

Monday, August 19, 2013

yesterday's favorite

tasty leaves there
It has come to pass, that on many recent days, i have gone out and snapped fotographs. Of some, i think, yes that was a good one. Well, yesterday this is the one that is given the imaginary blue ribbon. I have already posted fotos from this field last week. Now, i have, from time to time, added posts to four other journal pages on the world wide web. On the quijote site [click], there had been the tendency to have less typed copy, and less of the two no-no subjects (politics, and religion). This foto could hae been there posted. Those four pages are now in different states of inactivity. The catholic democrat, was the predecessor to the rustbelt, and was retired before the rustbelt began. The parish souvenirs was to have been a page to accept entries from the public, that did not come to pass, and that site is also probably ended. The bones was an outgrowth of this site, in that after getting a few such fotographs and subjects, i saw the possibility of getting more. Now since that is too morbid for many people, and that it also is an uncomfortable taboo subject for many, it became a separate site. There are a few posts that are present on more than one site. I am not prepared to travel to many graveyards, so i may post to that in the future, but only if i accumulate photographs. 

Yesterday, i was also at the Cleveland Art Museum to see Ai Weiwei's Zodiac heads, and the reopened Japanese and Korean rooms, and Ortega's exploded tool box. I was going to do a post on the bronze animal heads, but i feel in the need of a nap. In the last few years, my body has weakened, and stamina has been diminishing.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lakewood Car Kulture show #11

 At one time a stalled car could be push started.
Passing a stalling car. The cars entered at Warren, on Madison, and were parked on both sides to Hilliard. After the point of entry, one motorist pleaded with a cop, "You gotta find me a space, the car's dying".

There are car shows (as in displays) in many places, for many different cars. This one, the basic rule was cars from before 1973. Cars that were adapted, and modified after manufacture were especially encouraged. People love hot rods, choppers, and such. Some are art pieces. People, almost exclusively men, have spent years restoring, and playing with these vehicular toys. They are proud to share their pastime with the world. I only knew of this one from seeing it noted here[click].

I was very little interested in cars past 1959, and as i have argued before, Plato's car[click] was a Chevy Bel-Air. Many of the cars Saturday were late '50s Chevys. There were other beautiful General Motors cars, a couple of Plymouths, a De Soto, Model A Fords, and a Studebaker. There were a few English, and German cars too.
Some Madison Avenue merchants decorated for the event. The two tiered, two tired 'cake' has a fountain for the bride Miss Wrench, and the groom Mr. Driver; both attired in paper clothes. Now, if you dress your tools this way at work, prepare never to be on that job site again.
Five year old Buddy relaxes in his Morris Minor. 
He has just finished drinking, and has a drooling problem.
This is not a fastidious event, one can fun in playful scaring. 
The Hallowe'en fashion is one choice.
 Cruella de Ville is another route.
This child (and moments later, a small girl) was enjoying the music, and most intrigued with the bass fiddle.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Huntington Metropark

in my further photo tour of parks, Huntington Metropark Bay Village
blue boat and a trio of herring gulls
juvenile semipalmated sandpiper (confirmed by Richard Kassouf)
my run will make you fly
elder tai chi

Friday, August 16, 2013

Smok Wawelski

Smok is Polish for 'dragon', the one that once lived below Krakow's Wawel hill. Smok  is the most most famous Polish dragon. Now on the hill, there is a castle, and a cathedral. The cathedral is where the bishop and martyr Stanislaus Szczepanowski once was, and now his relics are there in a silver sarcophagus.

Smok was a fire breather, that enjoyed eating ruminant livestock (cows and sheep). Smok would also kill men who tried to kill Smok. The king promised his daughter to the man who would rid Krakow of the beast. She wished to be wed, but the dragon was not forthcoming. A shoemaker's apprentice had a slaughtered sheep stuffed with sulphur and sewed shut. Smok ate the bait, and exploded. The wedding took place.
Supra: we see Smok, a wall painted as Wawel Hill, and part of the two steeples of St. Stanislaus.
On East 65 in a Cleveland's Southeast (formerly) Polish neighborhood a topiary (and sculpture) of Smok is growing into place. This was a vacant lot, many buildings that were in the city are no longer. Here, a little park was formed. The dragon's head has been there a short while, and it took some time before that to have presentable shrubbery of some size, and form. Still a section before the end of the tail is absent, a tree is at the tip. The dragon's head had two long, thin, copper ears; it has one now.
his footprints