Monday, September 30, 2013

Brigade of the American Revolution

Part of the Cleveland Metroparks Fall Fest in Brecksville was a War of American Independence historical re-enactment. In addition, civilian trades and pastimes were demonstrated. A very friendly family welcoming atmosphere was through out. Mini lessons of XVIIIth life and technology were described.
Hessian Jaegers in forest green
23rd Regiment of Foot, Welsh Fusiliers
(left to right) American drummer explaining the use of a cat-o-nine-tails, British major, second American drummer, German (hunting) horn musician
reproduction of a German flintlock large caliber hunting rifle
Eighth Regiment of Pennsylvania guarding Pittsburgh and the western frontier.
These re-enactors of American, British, and Hessian soldiers march together for the audience.
private lives

Saturday, September 28, 2013

mum fest 2013

 The center of Barberton Ohio is Lake Anna. Two residents are these swans.
This year's theme was a salute to the American Indians. Indians were carved in ice, sand, and a tree trunk. The flowers were arrangd in Indian culture motifs. There was an Indian drumming circle and dancers.
 The ceremonial drum is not to be left alone.
 The stars of Lake Anna again were the Chippewa Lake water ski team.

Friday, September 27, 2013

sun over Lakewood

Well, i have gotten in the habit of going out for an hour or two to enjoy the outside, and i often go with camera. Sometimes i get many good fotos, sometimes only one. Sometimes the camera, or its battery, does not co-operate. I got off about thirty shots, when it shut off with the message "charge the battery". It was not completely depleted of charge. It opened up a few more times, and i got a total of forty-one. This was thirty-three, sundown from Edgewater Beach Cleveland, looking towards Lakewood. Now, this is being posted on Friday. I had camels on Wednesday, the day next i have a bear. I am not moving the bear. Now, i have learned from [click] Lakewood Daily Snap that to-day is "skywatch Friday". This is a serendipitous co-incidence.

I really went out to catch a second glimpse of Thibodeaux, the wayward pelican, i foto-ed before. Yesterday (Tuesday), he was seen on the breakwall by Wendy Park Cleveland. I could not find him to-day. He has been on Lake Erie all summer. I have never travelled far, never more than one could in a long day's drive. I might make the Atlantical coast, but i am not driving there just for a bird to see; although, if i tallied all the milage to and fro in attempting to see Thibodeaux, it might approach that number.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

bear weighs his judgment

 "Aye, ah ken wha ya sa'in laddie."
 "This ah hae heard mony times."
"Yer glaikit n daft as ye arr days auld."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

to-day is what?

I finally appreciate the joke. There is a great commercial (you must know that so many are reasons never to watch television) where a happy camel wanders a joyless business cubicle plantation asking people the question of the day. The advertising campaign had another really great one about a witch in a broom factory. A point to consider, these parts are pure comedy entertainment; they really say nothing about the advertising client.
"We thought so"

“Uh oh, guess what day it is. Guess what day it is. Huh? Anybody? Julie, hey, guess what day it is. Aw c’mon I know you can hear me. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, what day is it Mike? Wuuhahaha. Leslie, guess what today is.” 
We at the ‘voice from the rustbelt’ ought not, can not, should not, and probably will not promote products. Remember:
Advertising is a racket, like the movies and the brokerage business. You cannot be honest without admitting that its constructive contribution to humanity is exactly minus zero.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Cleveland Art Museum fountain, in the last hour before sunset on the day after the autumnal equinox.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Cesar Chavez by Selena
These chalk festivals bring out a pleasant crowd. This is the third consecutive i have attended at the Cleveland Art Museum. You can check my archives, i should not bother putting in links that are not used.

Yesterday, there was constant rain in the morning, and that naturally deterred people from coming and coloring. The last couple years a construction fence had blocked off some of this area. This year a spacier feeling was apparent. In the tent, a group was playing pre-rock popular music. People did some swing dancing, young people dancing to some of the music their grandparents, and great-grandparents would have.

  Melozzo da Forlì. Triumphant Christ. 1481-3. Rome.
The artists were in good mood, this brings out happy people. A woman was drawing a copy of  supra (originally a fresco), needlessly apologised for her chalking ability, she was used to painting watercolors. In an hour she had this much done.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

times change, but not really

To quote Tony Bennett, the singer, 
"I grew up during the Depression and I have stayed a Democrat my whole life. My dad died when I was very young and my mother had to raise three children. She was a seamstress. She worked for a penny a dress. I could not believe the way the Hoover administration left everybody so stranded. I have never gotten over that. I know times change, but not really. I am against super greed."
 [borrowed image]
Gingrey, Broun and Kingston are three bottom of the barrel crazy, mean, and greedy Republicans. Really, look up the things they have said. They are all in the House of Representatives from Georgia, and they all wish to be in the Senate. Has there been a decent white man from Georgia since Max Cleland? O yeah, he (Cleland) was a decorated, and crippled soldier of the federal army; and he only saluted the one flag. The other primary challengers (at the moment) are a Perdue, Wall Street financier and cousin of the recent governor of the same surname, and Karen Handel, formerly of Susan Komen, and Marilyn Quayle's employ. She has been Ga. Sec. of State (an office a Republican should NEVER go near, in most states they are in charge of voting, elections, the ballot), and ran unsuccessfully for governor.
Not the only examples but typical enough.

abandoned walk

Brooklyn Heights Ohio

Friday, September 20, 2013

shadow play

In Akron Ohio a huge tree fell causing a break in the canopy, allowing light to enter, and forming shadows to be cast.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peace pole complete

 four faces of pole (English, Japanese, Russian, Polish)
Well, the peace pole is finished. It is a little over ten feet long, and is sitting on a short ladder used as a saw horse and platform.

Most of these have script reading perpendicular to the script you are now reading. For a vertical pole, that is not surprising. It then reads like a book spine. This one reads vertically, with words separated by dots.

The standard English script is "may peace prevail on earth". This one reads "let there be peace on earth". It has the first four measures of the song of the same name, and two measures from "Ode to Joy".
How often have you seen a Christmas tree without a top ornament? The top ornament is the Earth seen from space. And, there is a dog paw print. You know, even when you look upon a little piddly thing you have done when it is finished, there is a sense of satisfaction. Now to see if it is wanted. 
postscriptum 20 September: I added two red crowned (Japanese) cranes, a dove, and a peace sign.
postscriptum 23 September: I added a nishikigoi (brocaded carp), kohaku coloring, and peace lilies.  I have to stop before i paint shamrocks and unicorns.


Ohio and Erie Reservation-Metropark

 Cuyahoga Heights Ohio
 great blue heron
 northern flicker woodpecker
 midland painted turtle
 find the bee
female monarch butterfly on asters

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

save the form, we will be using it again

[borrowed image]
Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard, Washington District of Columbia, 16 September 2013

    ☑ bought a shotgun (Remington 870)* less than 48 hours before in Virginia
    ☑ bought as an out of state resident
    ☑ probably acquired a Glock handgun while on rampage
    ☑ had concealed carry permit
    ☑ had security clearance
    ☑ had previous arrests for shooting
    ☑ site secured access, armed security on site
    ☑ NRA remains traditional post mortem silence and invisibility
    ☑ NRA still basking in the recall of two Colorado state legislators.
    ☑ reports on new uptick on sales of certain guns and ammunition not tabulated yet
    ☑ status quo seems safe

* widely and incorrectly reported the use of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which was found on site

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


swimming in Lake Anna, Barberton Ohio