Saturday, August 10, 2013

go eat a bug

Bug City, Garfield Heights Metropark

In films for children's audiences in Roosevelt's America, a dismissive insult from one child to another was "go eat a bug". At this Nature Center free festival, at the Culinary Bugstitute people were heartily encouraged to do so. They had jell-o shots with bug, swedish meatball with bug, salted and roasted bugs, bug brownies, cricket chocolate chip cookie, bug-baklava, and bug salsa.

I had so many good photographs, that i find it hard to winnow them. The bug eating, entomophagy, being perhaps the primo event of many, was not the best photo. As rousing fun, and good spirited a demonstration as it was, even some that volunteered to eat a bug did not go through it. Most were tasteless, but still some who partook felt unsavory. In the sweet baked goods, only the visibility proved their presence. 

This has been an annual event since 1991. So many things are hyped and puffed beyond their reality. This was a wonderful event. It is designed for parents to bring their children, but it holds an adult's attention. Truly excellent educational lessons and demonstrations are made. This is not blah, it is really fun. Some eighty or so volunteers, nine employees, and guest presenters made this a pleasant and successful event. People also were free to bring dogs, good natured hounds add to a friendly environment.
After parking, there were tractors pulling wagons, and a bus to shuttle people to and fro. Alexa was one of the conductors, she was extra-ordinarily exuberant, and excited about the adventure that is Bug City.
Remember when Dorothy and Toto landed in Oz, they were greeted by the flamboyant Munchkin Mayor; so too here with Mayor Mantis. He is accompanied with local V.I.B. Lucille Bugg.
Test your Bug IQ
After using available study sheets, contestants answered a question provided from categories of a spinning wheel. There were several lessons to be learned. This was not fluff, but good school biology material dressed up. The 'Ant Trail' had one smell from two scents to follow a path, and with the study text answer questions about ants.
In Predator Alley, besides posted pickets of insect eaters (and other predators), there was 'Bumper Bugs'. A faux forensic police scene was set up with identified splats of insect victims, and a bumper with ones to be identified.
 Bug Hunt
Children were given nets to catch bugs in Bug Safari Land. Someone else thought this worthy to record the images. A second area was for pre-school bug hunters.
The Wurlitzer organ, and bubble blowing machine alone was worth the trip. A very merry device. This unit was made in 1922 and has 97 wooden pipes, and 44 keys, and has perforated piano rolls playing programmed music.
 Jim Smolka was one of several exhibitors. Here he is holding a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula.
 an opportunity for silly fotos
 Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly
And if one were to travel further into the park, one could find other insects and creatures.

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