Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en prayer

People came to pray outside St. Casimir on E.82nd, Cleveland, O. It was in the upper 40s°F., with a breeze. Several of the prayer vigilers thought themselves chilled by the air. A mother borrowed her child's costume gloves to stay warm. It was the day of Hallowe'en.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salesmen as Republican candidates

Now two women have come public stating, Tom Ganley is a predatory pervert. Ganley says this is engineered by his opponent, Congressman Betty Sutton, and the Democratic party. Ok, the Republican fanatics will buy that. I won't, and the internal evidence will not. The first woman has hired a very Republican lawyer, and her letter to Ganley, "...I came to you as a customer and you treated me like a hooker...You are no different than the Democrats", suggests she is a fanatic Republican too. She never mentions a Democrat trying to rape her, but she suggest they all are.

She met Ganley at a Teabagger rally. He wanted to be senator [then] and said he was against abortion. She was willing to campaign for him on that. Narrowly focused people are attracted to Republicans, very, very often. This is their advantage: find the one issue that someone only cares about, make promises you won't or can't deliver and you have them hooked, and you can do whatever you really want to do unadvertised.

Ganley is a car salesman millionaire. Among some of us, car salesman is equivalent to lying thief. He is not the only such one in Congress or aspiring to Congress. Locally, Renacci is another one.

A couple of the richest men in Congress are also car salesmen: Vern Buchanan (Fla.), who 'won' the seat after a contested vote count; Darrell Issa (Calif., *Cleve., O.), who used to steal cars [though unconvicted] and became rich selling car alarms, and if the Republicans take the House will be promoted to a high visibility position. Bill Shuster (Pa.) and John Campbell (Calif.) are two more used car salesmen, and they are all Republicans.

Now, to be a successful car salesman you must be able to convince a potential customer to buy. The more you sell, the more conviction you have in your ability. If he is cheated, so what, the sale is done. A few steps of hubris, and you become grandiosely self-important.

Now, local press is saturated with car advertisements. Bigger car lot salesman become locally well known. Some drip a few drops of their largesse to the public, while advertising. Ganley, for example, was often on local television news touting "Crimestoppers". Others sponsor youth sports teams for good exposure.

Years later, after their deaths, some car salesman are locally remembered for their commercials by people whom they never sold a car to. Sweet Dinah Shore used to sing, "See the USA in a Chevrolet". An old, thin, bald man sometimes wearing a goofy wig used to say on Cleveland, "See the USA in a C. Miller Chevrolet". The dealership is long gone, and there is a partial local generation that remembers his phrase, and were too young to remember Dinah.

A friend wrote to me: "Why can't Ganley just stick with his cars and his money.What is his agenda anyway?"

I responded: Money. Money corrupts. Those who have made more money than they can ever use want more. We do not have royalty here, but they still want prestige and power, therefore politics. Republicans especially love to run millionaires. And what would their agendas be? Justice for the poor? Hell NO!!!

Look at California: the arrogance of e-bay's Meg Whitman. She is spending well over a hundred million dollars in losing to Jerry Brown. She is against 'illegal aliens' and had one for nine years as an household servant, and she is infuriated the public found out—pure hypocrisy, a Republican party pillar.

In West Virginia (a Florida resident), and in Wisconsin there are worthless jackass Republican millionaires that are running for senate. Some people when they become rich, believe they should rule. Now, the other West Virginia senator is a Rockefeller, but he was born to ridiculous wealth and was satisfied with it. He could actually engage other interests and motives.

I brought this up in arguing about the Kennedys and the bushes. The Kennedys knew they had enough money, and recognised the often compromised ways they got it. 'Old Joe' was a Wall Street financier and bootlegger, but had some awareness of it in cosmic perspective. The bushes were also Wall Street financiers but with unchecked avarice, and unquenchable viciousness.

Back to Ganley and Renacci, these are THE REPUBLICANS. Their sort, and those that wish to be as them, will be their candidates all over. If they can tag up with teabaggers, they will, but their agenda is what it always has been:
For they that will become rich, fall into temptation, and into the snare of the devil, and into many unprofitable and hurtful desires, which drown men into destruction and perdition. For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.—Paul's First Epistle to Timothy vi. 9-10.
postscriptum: Ides of March 2011. Ganley indicted on sex, kidnapping charges

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enduring or fluid catholicism

Father Andrew Greeley has studied Chicago's Catholics for years. Chicago is the biggest city in the rustbelt. What is true there is true in Lorain and Sheboygan. We who are Catholic are Catholic, even many of those that left (many would come back).

We, who, have been hurt and betrayed by the Church [or really members of the Church] have been formed by the Church. Catholicism embeds itself in the mind. It leaves a permanent impression. But we are not at peace.

A small Anglican/Episcopal congregation, Mount Calvary, in Baltimore has voted to join Rome. They voted 24-2-2. The property is negotiable. The congregation holds the deed. Under their rules the property is held in trust for the denomination. There is another congregation in Omaha, that is in litigation with its bishop.

This is not the first Anglo-Catholic church to see itself more comfortable as Catholic than Anglican, some have crossed the Tiber, but no mass movement, but it does happen. Most of this is because of the theological drift in Anglicanism. Anglicanism often prides itself in its broadness. There is much liberty and license. It seems, the only requirement is to say "No" to Rome. These people said "Yes".

Now, in the US, people looking at a High Anglican, and a Roman Catholic church often see little difference. For many people the transition is not difficult. The flow more often goes the other way. An old joke says when a Catholic gets rich, he joins a country club, becomes a Republican, and joins the Episcopal church.

Other Catholics make a switch because of hurt suffered in the church, and/or disagreement about divorce and other such matters. Greeley's study will show, what many people know: many would come back if treated better. Sure, some leave because of irreconcilable differences of belief, but really it is doubtful that that is the greater part. Now, others drift through laxity of observance, and are yet still Catholic.

In the diocese of Cleveland/Lennongrad, the number of Anglicans rushing in is very paltry. The rushing out is a flood. An hundred years ago, virtually all Puerto Ricans were Catholic. In this diocese the majority are Pentecostalists. Other Latinos have also left. This is partly pastoral neglect and incompetence, partly protestant evangelisation, and americanisation. They and others have married out. There is nothing in the character of the diocese itself, that draws people in. Clearly, the present leadership is pushing even more people away.

Cleveland has had both clerical sex scandals and cover ups, and financial scandals. This is disheartening, and condemning, but even these serious wounds can be mostly healed. A new leadership would improve the situation, but would it be willing to correct abuses and reverse injustices?

How do the Anglicans deal with the properties? Lennon, Cleveland's bishop, is like pharo of old; he is the only citizen. Everything is his. The State of Ohio, may not act, but under civil law, the bishop is the chief steward of a public charitable trust--not the owner. As Greeley maintains, catholicism is a communal religion. It is a religion of us and God. The chief protestant heresies have religion as many mes and God.

A friend of mine, again and again compares Lennon to the anti-Catholic Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell, the invader of Ireland, and dictator of Britain, massacred the entire town of Drogheda. Burned them in their church. He wanted a genocide of the vermin irish, because of their obstinacy in clinging to the old faith. Only the logistics of the matter prevented him. An editorial cartoon in the Plain Dealer, also alluded to Cromwell.

Of course, Lennon is not Cromwell [there is no re-incarnation, read Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews*]. The usual comparison is with his homophone Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the marxist atheist, and his successors whom wished an extinction of christianity. Lennon has made parish after parish go extinct in two dioceses. It must be remembered he ruined Boston first.

In parts of the Church, there is a high clericalism. There are proponents of this view in the pews, pharasaical ultra Catholics who weigh other Catholics' catholicism. Many of these have not been gored by Lennon, or have a disposition accepting of autocracy. Lennon is awash in high clericalism. It benefits and exalts him. This clericalism does us no good.

May God have Mercy on us, and send us a saint instead of an executive.
ix. 27.-- καὶ καθ' ὅσον ἀπόκειται τοῖς ἀνθρώποις ἅπαξ ἀποθανεῖν, μετὰ δὲ τοῦτο κρίσις,
Et quemadmodum statutum est hominibus semel mori, post hoc autem judicium:
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The good fight, and the faith

Sometimes, the Mass readings are familiar and, or easily quotable. The first reading rejoices over the mercy and justice of God. The song leader, to-day at the responsorial psalm, had a very powerful, soulful and clarion voice and tone. Her voice should be enjoyed by many. "The Lord hears the cry of the poor."

The Gospel was the Publican (tax collector) and the Pharisee. The church, then and now, has many pharisees. It is comforting to know what Jesus thinks of their hypocrisy. Jesus smiles on the meek whom are despised.
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. -- II Timothy iiii.7. (DRC)
The second reading has a line of valedictory farewell from Paul. His life and mission were nearing an end. He could look back in confidence and satisfaction. Now, can we all say the same? Certainly, many of us would like to. Now, some of us are not finished.

In Cleveland it has not been easy. We have suffered a great deal. On paper, we have had loss after loss. Those of us who are honourable know we have kept our faith.

The Church is full of hypocrites, and pharisees. Some are bishops.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Los 33 Mineros

They complained in the East,
They are paying too high.
They say that your ore ain't worth digging.
That it's much cheaper down
In the South American towns
Where the miners work almost for nothing.
— Bob Dylan - from 'North Country Blues', 1963.
To-day there was a Mass or Service of Thanksgiving by the San José mine in Copiapó, Chile. Thirty three men had been entombed for 69 days. They will all be in the Guinness Book for that. They were exquisitely rescued by the Fénix (Phoenix) 2 capsule. In Chile the mission was called Operación San Lorenzo. I had always understood St. Barbara was for the miners, but looking at a longer list, so he is.
Esteban Rojas
Chile is a still a pre-dominately Catholic country, and many of the former Catholics still understand the culture. And in many Catholic cultures '33' represents the number of years Jesus spent on earth. It is Christ's years. The mythology of the phoenix is that of Resurrection. The phoenix is sometimes on the gates of cemeteries. Jesus is sometimes represented by a phoenix.

There was great drama there. Great Joy! in the end, after great dread. On 5 August 2010, the mine collapsed trapping men 700 metres (2300 feet) down. The outside world would not have been surprised if they all lay dead. Some thought that they would be retrieving their bones years after.

In Copiapó, on 17 October 1973 Pinochet's soldiers murdered 16 men. The murdered had been thrown in a mine. Copiapó is in Acatama Desert, the driest in the world. It is not a beautiful terrain with opportunities. Desolation and despair had coupled many times. Copiapó is the main town in an impoverished province.

A miner's life is dangerous everywhere. The US had a great tragedy this year, where 29 of 31 miners died. After the Chilean rescue, Ecuador had a collapse and miners died. In China, there was another disaster with more than twenty deaths. Last year, in China, well over 2,000 miners died. Profits come before safety in industry.

Seventeen days and no contact until a small bore hole made contact on 22 August. Then they eventually employed three separate drilling operations. First it was announced that the men would be there till Christmas. Team 'B' reached the men, and in 23 hours the Chilean navy's (with NASA help) ferried a capsule as an elevator in the drilled shaft.

History has shown us, many times, and in many lands, that labor made many stands in the mine fields and pits. Many died working, and standing up. Gains were also made. Mining is hard, dirty, dangerous and often deadly. Solomon's mines were deadly, and so are American (North and South) mines.

Sebastián Piñera is a billionaire through television, aeroplanes and credit cards. On 11 March, he was inaugurated as President, and an huge earthquake hit the country. He had been a professor of economics, and is the first 'right-wing' leader since Pinochet's dictatorship.

Piñera, during the rescues, beamed with joy. His face could barely contain his smile. After Luis Urzúa, the leader of the miners, and the last to come up, topped out, Piñera and the rest sang the national anthem. The celebration was obvious, and strong, and deeply felt. Piñera has promised safety in the mines, "Never again in our country will we permit people to work in conditions so unsafe and inhuman as they worked in the San José mine, and in many other places in our country". Has he been touched by the Spirit?

Chile rejoiced during the rescue. On a spanish language US network, a continuous tally was adjusted on how many were rescued, and how many remained underground, until the score was 33 - 0. A rescuer held up a sign, 'Mision Cuplida' (Mission accomplished), and unlike a banner on a naval leviathan outside San Diego in recent US history, it was!
Franklin Lobos
Mario Sepúlveda was the second to come out of the rescue capsule. He led the crowd in a football cheer, "Chi-Chi-Chi-le-le-le". Others had family waiting on deck to embrace them. People prayed. Freed miners went on their knees in supplication. Franklin Lobos played football (soccer) from 1980 to 1995, became a driver, and then a miner. His daughter was waiting for him with a ball. Carlos Mamani, came from Bolivia, where there was no work. He worked in the mine for five days, then the extended two month shift. Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, was there to bring him home. No, Señor Mamani was now a Chileno as are his comrades.
Luis Urzúa, center; Sebastián Piñera, right
There were soap operas a plenty. Not all have come to light. Miner Johnny Barrios' wife found out he had a girlfriend for years. A thousand journalists came to record the stories, most have left. The world had a few moments of happy, successful drama unfold on television. Chile is now happy, and the miners' lives will continue.
"This mine has had a long history of accidents and that's why this mine will not reopen while it doesn't assure and guarantee the integrity, safety and life of who work in it are clearly protected. And the same will occur with many other mines in our country".Sebastián Piñera

Message of the Peace Prize

“All men desire peace, but very few desire those things that make for peace.”— Thomas à Kempis *1380, †1471.
Alfred Nobel * 1833, †1896, was an inventive chemist with hundreds of patents, and an industrialist of great wealth. He invented dynamite, a smokeless gunpowder and other explosives. At the end of his life he owned Bofors, the iron and steel company founded in 1656. By 1894 it was becoming an arms factory, specialising in cannon.

Whether conscience or altruism, Nobel left a fortune for prizes to reward the benefactors of society. In his will, he wrote:
The whole of my remaining realizable estate... shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts... one part to the person...within the field of physics...chemical discovery or improvement... physiology or medicine...and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. The prizes...for champions of peace by a committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Storting. It is my express wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration whatever shall be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be a Scandinavian or not.
Now, some awardees were those already world renowned for the greatness of their soul: 1952 Albert Schweitzer, 1979 Mother Teresa; others to political figures that led to peace treaties or peaceful transitions: 1919 Woodrow Wilson, 1990 Mikhail Sergejevič Gorbachev; some to organisations: 1917, 1944 & 1963 Red Cross, 1999 Médecins Sans Frontières. Recently, some recipients, though accomplished, sometimes highly so, have been living indictments against oppression. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. advanced civil rights in an often combatively unwilling US society. In 1983, Lech Walesa, founder of the Solidarity trade union and peace movement, was a challenge to communist tyranny; likewise, in 1975, Andrei Dmitrijevič Sakharov. In 1984, the South African government was not to pleased that Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu was recognised. In 1989, the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) of Chinese occupied Tibet received the award. The Chinese government has been, and still is, in a campaign of slander and vituperation against him.

It can be conjectured that gwbjr has had three prizes awarded against him: 2002 Jimmy Carter in arguing Aquinas' just war theory against the upcoming 2nd US-Iraqui War ordered by gwbjr; 2007, Albert Gore shared the prize for helping to illustrate world climatological problems, something the then US government and the Republican party did not admit to, also, the world recognised, that, he would have been president if the votes were counted, and this suggested the illegitimacy of the incumbent; and finally, 2009,Barack Obama, who succeeded gwbjr in a clean vote count, and was a hope for a better US on the world stage.

Little Norway exercises a voice of conscience on the world. The most recent awardee is Liu Xiaobo. China crushed, in 1989, the attempt to advance liberty. Communism fell in much of eastern europe that year. It began in Poland, through the agency of Walesa's Solidarity, encouraged by John Paul II, and allowed by Gorbachev. China warned Norway not to award Liu. China is on course to be the next unrivalled world power, to replace the United States. The chinese government takes no criticism, and admits no fault. In China the communists and the capitalists are one, and democracy is a theory. Liu Xiaobo was in prison (the fourth time) when he 'won'. He was there for "inciting subversion of state power". Other prison detentions were for "counter-revolutionary propaganda and incitement", and "disturbing public order". All these are orwellian language for speaking one's mind out loud in public. The government arrested his wife after the Nobel announcement. Before the arrest, she saw her husband and told him of his Nobel. He said to her,“This is for the Tiananmen martyrs.”

Liu is a democrat in a dictatorial society. He writes, speaks and teaches. He is, therefore, a threat. The outside world may applaud him. The powers he lives under punish him.
For hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy. I hope therefore to be able to transcend my personal vicissitudes in understanding the development of the state and changes in society, to counter the hostility of the regime with the best of intentions, and defuse hate with love. Liu Xiaobo, 2009 before being imprisoned.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

St. Wendelin: Candlelight Marian Service

Wendelin's parish was episcopally suppressed and endured a Mass of Eviction on 23 May. Lennon is Cleveland's bishop, and a parish member, James Armstrong (aka Chippie), was his diocesan officer of parish dismemberment, until very recently. The last days of the open parish were divisive. A committed group of members wished to have the parish stay open and continue, others fell to lennonist opinion.

Still there are members who continue on with parish life. A grotto shrine of Mary sits to the right of the church on Columbus Road. Its statue has been removed by the auspices of the chancery by their contractor, Henniger's Religious Goods.
Late Thursday afternoon, the 7th of October, several members of the suppressed St. Patrick's of Cleveland, and a few others attended a Mass at the latin rite cathedral, and then went to their home parish to light luminaries in honor of Mary and to ask her intercession to re-open their hostage parishes. Some of the extension letters of appeal, from the Vatican, had been on Marian holidays.

To-day at noon, at the suppressed parish of St. James there was an America Needs Fatima rally. This evening there was a Candlelight Marian Prayer Service at St. Wendelin's. It was for the cause of uniting members of the closed parishes in solidarity. They prayed and sang in front of the grotto. Someone brought a smaller traveling statue as an object of focus in substitution. They began by singing, Christ, Be Our Light.
The faith of some remains constant.
A few can spend their time together in the names of Jesus and Mary to pray for their parishes.
Prayers in candlelight, the faith still glows warm

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hungarians at Colman's, Tayek tells stupid lies

Fathers Robert Begin and Sandor Siklodi
Bob Tayek lies for Richard Lennon. That is his job. He does it boldly and badly. It is noticed in Cleveland and elsewhere. A reporter from Los Angeles, Ralph Vartabedian, interviewed him about the huge number of closing eastern european parishes in the latin rite diocese of Cleveland. Tayek justified their closings, in part, by alluding to supposed absence of worshippers, “you can throw a baseball and not hit anybody.” After this was printed nationally, but not locally, some protesters at the suppression of St. Lawrence came with base ball mitts. One parishioner saw Tayek through an open front door, and yelled, "Hey Bob, wanna play catch?" No response.

Michael O'Malley of the local paper wrote, "Tayek said there have been no Slovak language Masses at St. Wendelin's for 25 years, so the need to serve that ethnic group is no longer there." This is a false statement, though appearing to be partly true. When the parish was formed all the Masses were in latin, but the parish was created to serve slovaks; so therefore, a slovak (or any ethnic parish) parish does not need to have Masses in their ancient vernacular, in order to qualify as an ethnic parish. Statements were made that Lennon was willing to have a slovak ministry to the slovaks of the to be suppressed St. Wendelin's and Our Lady of Mercy, but these folks wanted a parish and not a 'ministry'.
Father Sandor Siklodi distributing the Eucharist at St. Colman's, 3 October 2010.
Now, it can be supposed that these points are debatable and not false. One, open, and outrageous lie Tayek told was, that, the diocese never begins selling a church before it is closed. Tayek was quoted: "No property is placed for sale until a church is officially closed." Both a paper, and a television station, reported days before the suppression of St. Stanislaus, Lorain, the news that the buildings and grounds were openly being advertised on the internet through a real estate company for a stated asking price. Clearly, Tayek was lying, and the press never called him on it. St. Casimir's, whose suppression is under appeal, also was advertised, and that is canonically not allowed.

In yesterday's paper, a ridiculously stupid lie that Tayek told was reported:
"It's hard to understand why they won't go to St. Elizabeth's," said diocese spokesman Robert Tayek. "They have never given us a straight answer as to why they won't go there."
In this sentence there is so much garbage that cements the aptness of Tayek's nicknames—"Bull**** Bob" and "Baghdad Bob". St. Emeric's parishioners have given many reasons for the justness of their continuation, and for the unsuitability of giving up their parish to join St. Elizabeth's. Conversely, Lennon has given no reason to suppress St. Emeric's. Yet, the lennonists continue to lie. The diocese had seven hungarian parishes when Lennon arrived. One is opened now. In Cuyahoga County there were three hungarian parishes. Lennon told them two will be closed. That was an ultimatum. The parishes did not want to collaborate in their demise. They all wanted to be open. That was their first answer to Lennon, Armstrong (officer of parish dismemberment) and Tayek.

What did Emeric's have? They had money in the bank. They had a well maintained campus. They had their own priest, that came not from Cleveland's diocese, but from Alba Iulia, Romania (Gyulafehérvár, Transylvania). Emeric's priest, Fr. Sandor Siklodi was made persona non grata in Cleveland by Lennon. Siklodi is now going to Chicago which is willing to have an additional bi-lingual priest. St. Emeric's had parish organisations and extra-parish cultural organisations.

Why did the Emerics not want to go to Elizabeth's? They disliked the neighborhood. They did not find it easy, or appealing to go there. They want to drive to the near west side and not cross town, if it is acceptable that suburban parishioners need not have to drive into town for Mass, then why is it not acceptable for west siders not to drive a half hour longer to the east side? They believe that the elderly priest there will soon retire. They believe, that, after his retirement the parish will be changed from an hungarian parish to a territorial one. They also hear an I-490 extension may further delete the neighborhood, or will take the land that St. Elizabeth sits on. Tayek in a few words tells several lies.

Father Robert Begin, humourosly and graciously began Sunday's Mass at St. Colman's with a welcoming of St. Emeric's parishioners to St. Colman's, their "parish-in-exile". About 150, well over 140 of them hungarian, were there to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. It must be said, they are very grateful and appreciative of Father Begin and the parish of Saint Colman's. They had, at one time, hoped to negotiate some accommodation with another near west side parish, which was more politically akin to their views. That fell, and they now enjoy the warmth of their welcoming Catholic brethren at St. Colman's.

Afterwards they had coffee, and a long meeting to discuss how to continue as a parish community. They discussed Rome's attitude and the progress of their appeal. They also still grieved their eviction from St. Emeric's grounds. It is an harsh open wound. This is what they can not comprehend. How can the religion that they bind themselves so tightly to, in the form of the local administration, treat them so discourteously, and with such a grave, uncharitable animus?

They have secured an afternoon Mass for the first Sunday (of the month) at Colman's, they are considering one for the third Sunday, and one for the second at Elizabeth's, and if they are denied the space in a diocesan church, they are mulling using an Hungarian Lutheran Church, in which, the hand of Lennon can not extend, and which has welcomed Catholics to have meetings there.

Some of Emeric's community were very protective of their priest, and were at one point, uncomfortable in publicly announcing the further participation of Fr. Siklodi in a Mass in the diocese. Fr. Begin had no qualms or fears in this being public. Yesterday's newspaper made this public. Fr. Siklodi is no longer unemployed, and it is doubtful that he can be blacklisted further, now. Lennon is not going to Chicago.

Young crucifer leads ending procession at a bi-lingual Mass at Saint Colman's.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ohio should not vote for Republicans

Today is first Tuesday in October. The first Tuesday in November will be the general election. Here in Ohio we have the governorship, a senatorial post and several other Congress positions contested. The Republican nominee for Senator, Rob Portman, was a trade representative for gwbjr. Now his commercials all talk about the ‘Portman Plan for Jobs’, as if it was substantial and well known. [insert piffle and snort sounds] If he becomes senator that will end anyone talking of the ‘Portman Plan for Jobs’. No one is going to pay attention to this document in Washington, he might as well have the Portman Plan for painting scenery for Lionel train sets. According to the polls Lee Fisher is dead in the water, too bad.

John Kasich was also congressman who loved going on camera and babbling the capitalist line. He was Boehner, before Boehner was. These candidates complain about the loss of 400,000 jobs in Ohio. They advocate the standard Republican trade positions (favorable trade with China, NAFTA, and the like) that created job loss. Kasich went to work for a Wall Street investment firm. He just switched departments. As a director for Invacare he eliminated Ohio jobs. They were all for the freedom of capital movement, and labor was just a cost of doing business, the cheaper the better. Now Ohio suffers because of it, and they blame Democrats. It is sort of like cats blaming dogs for screeching and meowing.

Ted Strickland defeated Ken Blackwell. Blackwell as Secretary of State was involved in the rigging of the vote in 2004. Blackwell, would be the teabag candidate if he ran to-day. He would be the rare black man to be a teabagger. Before Strickland, Ohio had eight years of the mumbling bumbler, Bob Taft. Taft's family has been one of the richest in the country for generations. His grandfather was 'Mr. Republican', the anti-Roosevelt of the '40s. His great-grandfather was President. Before Taft, Voinovich was governor for two terms (minus a few days).
Voinovich's greatest accomplishment was being elected to a series of offices (Mayor of Cleveland, governor and senator), and the citizenry got what? The State House had been controlled by the Republicans for much of this time, and businessmen wrote laws effecting their businesses. Ohio has had more than enough of Republicanism. The question is how many years would it take to recover?

Two businessmen, one primarily a car salesman, the other partly a car salesman, but he has hands in many things, Ganley* and
Renacci want to replace Betty Sutton and John Boccieri in Congress. Much information has shown them to be standard dishonest blow hard businessmen. They respond that the present Congressmen have to rely on mud, what they do not say is that they created the mud. They are guilty of the charges, and are upset that it has become public. Businessmen are never held accountable for hard business practices. It is dismissed as 'just business', any moral, ethical or legal infraction is dismissed.

Other shadow Republican groups too use the line that these Republicans will bring jobs if in office. When government creates jobs, Republicans complain of advancing socialism, they take socialism as dreadful. How are Republican created jobs not socialistic if they are created by Republican politicians?

They claim they will remove taxes on businesses and the rich, remove regulations, stop lawsuits for wrong doing. This is all license for the rich, and powerful, to ignore all laws and responsibilities. If they have to drive over a chuckhole, they will complain that the roads are not maintained. They want things for free. They are entitled, but never responsible.

Cutting taxes creates jobs? gwbjr and the Republican Congress cut taxes on the rich, and this, and other acts brought us the Great Recession. Twelve years of Republicanism after World War I brought us the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal to save America and correct abuses. The Republicans have removed a great deal of those protections, hence we are where we are now economically. Now they want power again. Roosevelt was elected four times, and everything was not corrected.

It reminds me of the man who killed his parents, and told the judge he is an orphan and to give him a chance. Voting Republican is harmful to America, and the universe.
Postscriptum: 8 October 2010. I forgot, vote Richard Cordray. Michael 'deWeasel' DeWine used to be a senator. Now, he wants to be Ohio's Attorney General. Not exactly a promotion. He says in a commercial, that he has integrity [sic]. He will prosecute Republicans as well as Democrats. Bull****! He was one of the senatorial prosecutors of President Clinton's trial. He said nothing on the Republican House scandals, or anything against the Cheney-gwbushjr corruption. Apparently lying about war, and so many, many things is outweighed by lying about a sexual peccadillo. Is he running to keep his name on the ballot for his children's future elected employment? Ohio is famous for voting for familiar names. In part, Sherrod Brown defeated him, because 'Brown' has been a common state wide winner for generations of both parties. A daughter of deWeasel says, that, he will not allow business to be sued by wronged customers and citizens, of course it was phrased differently, but that is what is meant. He promises selective justice.

Further on that note: there is another commercial for a state justice, who will be 'balanced', and 'help business compete'. Again, no problem for self-contradiction. Admitting that one will favor business in court cases is admitting willful bias. But Republicans like Mussolini,
“The first stage of fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power”, and other fascists, believe government and business ought to conspire together to form a corporate state.

In one Kasich commercial, there is hired a faux steelworker to speak against Governor Strickland. This is the sort of employment oportunity Republicans have given: the hiring of third or fourth rate actors to be snarking commercial spokesmen.

*23 October 2010. This made the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I do not regularly see a copy, well it has an 'ick factor'. It has not made the television, to my knowledge. There seems to be a case that Ganley is a pervert.

postscriptum: Ides of March 2011. To-day, Kasich
, presented his budget. He has proven unpopular thus far. He and a shitload of Republicans are lucky that elections are not to-day.
“Voters in Ohio are feeling significant buyers remorse about the November election results already,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Of course the reality is if Democrats had turned out Kasich never would have been elected. They voters who stayed home have mostly themselves to blame.”
Also: Ganley indicted on sex, kidnapping charges