Saturday, August 3, 2013

church festivals

members of three age groups of St. Sava parish dancers before performance
Summer is the time of concentrated church (and other) festivals. They come about for several and diverse reasons. People like to celebrate, money is needed, public presentation of church and faith, showcase of cultural display, and so on... The composition varies. Ethnic parishes especially celebrate culture. You can always get bad pizza elsewhere.                                                      
Parma Ohio, besides Roman Catholics and German Lutherans has several eastern churches. On the eastern town limits, starting on Broadview and Ridgewood going south and up a hill, three consecutive churches have festivals on three consecutive weekends. How do you feel about stuffed cabbage rolls?
Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox

 (supra) classic traditional folkloric mascot logo
 (infra) professional dancer in puppet costume dancing to Очи чёрные, Ochi chjernje
 (infra) freshly prepared onion domes
 Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox
ethnic souvenirs: tables of lacquered, wooden dolls, toys, eggs, icons; also pysanky (painted eggs)
a panel on the iconostasis, Moses receives the Commandments while the Hebrews party before the golden calf
Friday night it rained, the outside booths were still open
Pokrova Ukrainian Greco-Catholic

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