Thursday, June 29, 2017

i had thought gwbjr was the worst...

Y'no, the history books were already written that georgebushjr was the worst, and dumbest president since at least before the war of 1861. Trump has forced new editions to be written.

The constant mendacity is a given, but he excels at degradation of the 1st Amendment. The bush/cheney régime attacked the press, and at times effectively controlled the press. Our present dictator wannabe has called the press "the enemy of the people". White House press conferences have not allowed video, photography, and tried banning audio, while official spokesmen have denigrated the press for doing their job.

What Trump proposes instead is his bursts of tweeting, which promotes his ego and attacks all who do not give him homage. President Obama will look like a giant in years to come, for he stood between these monstrosities. In addition, Trump has a great compulsion to cancel Obama. He would like to erase all evidence of Obama's existence. Stephen Colbert, last night, presented this fake tweet to show one of the differences between the twain.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Installation of the leader — Ustoličenje

Well, i've mentioned the Slovene historical moment (social contract of governance) before [click]. To-day, it was re-enacted in Geneva (Ashtabula O.) at Slovenska Pristava. The last time it happened in reality was in 1414. Eventually Jefferson read about it, and his Declaration found its theme. It began after Rome of the West fell, and the Slovenes formed their state in the eastern Alps. Over the centuries the ceremony changed. In the high middle ages (the ceremony re-enacted to-day), he who would be knez (Duke of Carinthia), had to meet the peasantry at a Roman marble capital and was GIVEN rulership by the People.

In the time of the migration of peoples following the collapse of the Roman Empire, the knez was a fellow Slovene (the installation was at least from the 6th century), but over the centuries various German states took the territory of Karantanija (the Slovene state). The Germans did this as only ritual. Eventually, the Habsburgs refused. In the original ceremony, the leader of the people promised to govern well, and he faced death if he did not. Of course, the conquering Germans were not reciting that oath; but yet for centuries the ceremony took place, and the germ of the idea remained intact. People give the office of leader to an individual who promises to lead justly, and he leads only if he acts in accordance with, and benefit for the people. This is the social contract. There is no unitiary executive of Dick Cheney, or the divine right of kings. When the Slovenes entered history, they entered as radical democrats.
This is not a garbage can. It is a papier-mâché marble column capital, the debris of Rome. It was used as the seat of power. The original stone is in a museum in Klagenfurt Austria.
 Here the re-enactors are the people/the peasantry awaiting the future knez (duke).
 Here in peasant dress comes the man to be installed in office, and he comes with his retinue.
 In this foto, the prospective knez is to be gently slapped by a peasant.
 Here a man holds the mediæval flag of the Slovenes and Karantanija (Carinthia), the black panther.
The knez holds up a sword which he is to rule (and in the earliest ceremonies, the sword which could take his head).

Saturday, June 24, 2017

slightly after the solstice

The summer solstice was on Wednesday. We made it to the Solstice Steps in Lakewood on Saturday. Wednesday, the teevee scared me off. They were showing a large crowd. I've been to Lakewood Park when there was no parking spaces. The teevee kept on repeating "food trucks", as if that was the important thing; well for the owners' commerce yes, but not for me. It was a beautiful and comfortable early evening to be there Saturday. By twenty-five minutes before sunset many people had already come to watch the sun fall behind Lake Erie.

The park was full. The children's playground was newly rebuilt, and people were there. And people were in the pool. And Shakespeare was on stage taming a shrew. Fortunately, the playing fields were empty. People were circling to find available parking spaces. The drive in, and the place itself had clouds opening and closing with apertures of open sky promising an attractive sunset.

I like fotos unposed, and people (and dogs) looking their own ways. This was on the steps.
There is the metal line of the summer solstice sunset. Now, the declination will be retreating for months. After the sunset, the gathered crowd (well some of them) were polite enough to applaud.
 O, and greyhounds...greyhounds are great...these are my greyhounds.

After sunset, with a camera flash, purple martins outside their apartments.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ashtabula County

The largest statue of Mary, Our  Lady of Guadalupe (the Mexican Madonna) is in Windsor Township Ashtabula County. The statue was completed in August 1995 on the Heinz Family farm, Servants of Mary Center for Peace. It has 400,000 one inch tiles. The sun has faded the color. [click website] (clickyoutube) The nimbus around Mary is looped and welded stainless steel. Jesus lived 33 years, and Mary here is 33 feet tall. She stands on an angel, this 'pedestal' is 17 feet high.

The statue sits behind a 15 decade rosary. The beads are globes with light bulbs. Until recently, the beads/globes were connected with links. Children had swung the chains and have broken some of the globes. There is a large pond with an island inside the rosary. This is enjoyed by a gaggle of geese. There are some other outside statues as well, as a nativity scene in the small chapel near the large Mary. There are two chapels, and a gift shop on campus. More garden work is being done in front of the gift shop.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Duck tape in the June sun

 there was a tent with duck tape 'paintings'
On the day before Father's Day there is a duck tape parade in Avon Ohio. We have went the last four years, and each one was hot and sunny. The festival is three days. There is a fashion contest, and it is some 2½ hours after the parade. It is too long in the heat, and especially if one has hounds.
We see the Duck Tape contingent after the fire department and flag bearers advance. This year's theme was 'Circus'. People thought popcorn was appropriate:  there was a sculpture, a traveling one (float), and a human; and a business was giving microwave bags of corn to the audience.


Cleveland's daily reported the fellow with this top hat of flamingos came from Dearborn Michigan.
The biggest circus in the land folded following protests against elephant labor.
And we have a seal of approval.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

parade the circle 2017

Alice in Wonderland had several characters participating.
Saturday we went to Wade Oval to see the parade coming from Cleveland Art Museum. It was thick with people, and we came 90 minutes early. People put soft portable chairs armrest, to armrest above the curb. The hounds were with us, and the sun was hot. We needed the shade. I saw a good spot, and it was already filled, so we went close to the Art Museum under very good shade.
 my hounds
As so many times, i was upset with the kinetic behaviour of other people taking pictures. Even those in the first line of chairs, stood up and moved about, thereby, 'photo bombing'. Mostly it was people with cheap cameras, and telephones wandering back and forth ruining shots for me. One guy had an art museum badge, and he wandered on the street constantly mingling with his equipment (with microphone) amidst the marchers. I delayed posting this because of my dissatisfaction.

Other people brought their pups too.  I saw someone with a boa constrictor, somehow i think that was a mistake.
I was disappointed in not getting good shots. I wanted a clear shot of this guy above dressed as a mummy. He has sunglasses. This troupe was Egyptian themed. It was a slowly moving parade, i wonder how uncomfortable the people in costumes were. The Grim Reaper is carrying a water bottle.

Lady Justice stopped many times to pose, but i could not get a good angle, and a clear shot. She was one of a handful of people i wanted good fotos of. The girl on the stilts above was another one.

There were several small bands of musicians, but marching past very little could be heard. The origin of this annual parade has roots in the Caribbean. This explains the colorful shirts and short pants.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Miscellany #5

 brown headed cowbird at fountain in front of Resurrection parish Solon Ohio
 Bach does not have a snot nose, catkins became sticky
 cosplay as an Anime character at Cleveland Asian Festival
 June 3rd sunset Edgewater Cleveland
April 22nd  before Cleveland Science March
an immigrant (alien) cartoon hero from Cleveland

Monday, June 5, 2017

2017 Miscellany #4

 around the Shakespeare statue in the Cultural Gardens only one brick had a letter
 Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts at private party Saturday Science Center
 Saturday evening, the new beach house at Edgewater Park
 fountain in sunlight, Italian Cultural Garden
flock of geese approaching East Ninth Street