Friday, August 23, 2013

and the labyrinth has a mailbox

 Crown Point Ecology Center, Bath Ohio. (Supra) On this side of the box is a faded stencil of the labyrinth.
Inside is a description, and instructions; which are superfluous. The only instruction one needs is "Walk".

In Bath Ohio, the Dominican sisters purchased a farm (settled in 1810) in 1967. In 1989 it became Crown Point Ecology Center and Organic Farm. Now, here's a pun point being re-inforced, a crown sits atop one's head, nearby Akron (Greek, highest point) is county seat of Summit County.

In the field there is a labyrinth mowed by a single push mower (gas operated) through a field of weeds (natural vegetation). The design is the near obligatory Chartres cathedral design. You walk and think that one as any. Some people enjoy that it is about as natural as one could find. Now, i said earlier [click] that i want to make one; well it would not fly in the city. They would ticket, and send someone to mow the whole thing down, and send me a large bill; but certainly it is and option. A more turf turf labyrinth would be like a reverse serpent mound (such as those that ancient Indians built). A long trench could be dug, and then seeded or sodded.

As i pointed out, the number of  spirals in the path of the labyrinth is the same as the number of grooves on on side of a record. One. Passing by, one needs the mailbox as a marker; without it the newcomer can easily miss not only the only entrance/exit, but the entire thing.

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