Sunday, May 16, 2010

New disclaimer and apology

Notice to reader: This series of essays are one man's words, mine. We all have thoughts. There are many writers and talkers, who, have the public's attention. My particular concerns are not often those of theirs. I do believe some ideas, and views, that have merit have not flourished in public, or are allowed a public airing. In different spheres there is an intersection or overlap, so some views are heard some places, but a certain combination of views are not heard, or read in the same venue.

As of now, there has been no tangible gain for this writer. This writer is not an agent of another entity or person(s), nor is he employed by any interest that he discusses. The contents include information, often academically and/or journalistically verifiable, that are available to the world, and a certain narrative point of view that is earnest, and is believed to be logically constructed. Of course, a reader would not be expected to be familiar, nor in agreement with every passage; that is not a real concern of the writer. You are free to have your own views, you may know of other factual information that the writer is ignorant of, and of facts that run counter the view (bias if you will), or logic presented. The writer does not need to agree with you. The writer may not accept certain presentations of others, he certainly will not accept parroted, or invented fictions, and absurdities, no matter how pressing they may be.

There is some sort of comment form available. Not all comments are posted, especially those directed personally at the writer. Advertisements disguised as comments are not posted. People upset with the writer should not expect an airing of their grievance.

I am one voice in the rustbelt. The rust belt is roughly the northern Atlantic shore to the lands spreading through the middle west before the land becomes prairie. This is where the greatest concentration of population existed, in the United States, from the late 19th to the middle of the 20th centuries, and therefore contributed the most to the country. This is a significant 'heartland' of America, that has come to hard times, and is being eclipsed. It is not the 'heartland' that some speak of which means to exclude the peoples, and the lands, that have created our democracy. That use is duplicitous, and mean-spirited.

This series of essays are theses that the writer wishes to explore. The writer would enjoy discussing ... say ― baseball, birds, old movies and significant literature. He does not often do so here. If one likes baseball, he can watch a game and see the plays; he can read accounts of significant players, plays and games; some of which is available on video. I can not tell you anything about Walter Johnson, or Chico Salmon, that you cannot find better told elsewhere, and few whom are interested in them would look here.

There is the old truism, that if you talk about religion, or politics, you will have trouble, and lose friends. It has also been noted, that nothing else is worth talking about. There is some truth in both views, and there are also degrees of latitude in that. This series of essays, or reports, were not meant to be a religious, or a political, "weblog". It has become the great source of essays, never-the-less. In northeast Ohio, on the southern shore of Lake Erie, currently, a topic of interest is the changing dynamics of the diocese. It was not the genesis of these pages, it has roiled the pages. Some items concerning this are written here and, perhaps, here alone. If something else draws the writer's attention, and he believes he can write, that, which others don't, can't, or won't ― he will. Some do not appreciate the criticism of certain authority figures. You need not cry for them, they have their minions, and access to power, and allies. They truly need opposition when they are in the wrong. Silence does not benefit the wronged. Even those with soft, and tiny voices need to speak in crisis.

Here follows the old 'disclaimer', it still applies:
I write these essays as I type, then they are posted. Initial proofreading is at a glance. After viewing, I correct errors. Some are obvious, and it is also obvious, that, no one else has read them before submission. Sometimes, I choose to skip conventional, american, english, stylistic fashion. Consider that an eccentricity, and not an error. I would like an audience, but I seem to be writing for myself.
postscriptum summer solstice 2013: Part of the above is to suggest 'trolls' will not be accommodated. Trollish behavior includes responses that are vicious, or rude attacks, and also inane arguments meant to disrupt or promote absurdities. So, i say to thee, "Troll — go back beneath yonder bridge from wherest thee emerged, and never shall thee departest from it".

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