Tuesday, August 27, 2013

parade jerk

“Hey, isn't that one of those cameras that you can take a picture from 200 feet away?”

Sunday marching down Liberty / Martin L. King Jr. Boulevard was a nations parade. Supra, are the Lebanese being interrupted.

Some people enjoy parades. Circus parades have elephants and clowns, some people fear clowns. Some marchers are always loved and welcomed, everyone enjoys horses and the four legged asses, we politely call burros; now two legged asses, not so much.

Some people are shutterbugs. Some are determined to get a good foto, and come early for a spot. They politely take photographs. Then there are people who feel entitled, often with expensive cameras and long lenses. Some may fancy themselves professionals. They thrust and insert themselves into the scene, often obstructing bystanders, the audience, actors, and performers. Do not be that jerk.

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