Monday, October 7, 2013

the last days of the Republican Party?

In a previous essay [click], i suggested a possible future political scenario. Some of it is coming to pass. This government shutdown is even more stupid than Gingrich's of 1995 and 1996. Of course Gingrich is more obnoxious than Boehner, but Boehner is not learning from the relevant past examples. Gingrich had more power and still lost and hurt their party. 

The Republican arguments are far more stupid this time. Apparently some teabaggers did not vote in 2010 on the Affordable Care Act when it passed into law [since they were not in Congress at the time]. So, they are crying that is not fair. They also did not vote on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the other amendments to it. So, by their logic those are debatable and negotiable and amenable to more votes. The gross incompetence, and the hostility these people have toward government and law is astounding. Do they think they can time travel to the past, to change it? or only in their re-writes of history?

Why are they so against this one particular law? Because it will be so beneficial that it will create Democratic voters out of people who did not vote, or did not vote Republican.

The American public is not too bright, and is coaxed into being stupid; but this shutdown will make the Republicans look bad, and slowly it will be apparent that (on the whole) 'Obamacare'/Affordable Care Act is a good thing. The Republican party will be reduced to its racist and John Bircher base. The grand bourgeoisie is just too small. The Republican party will not have much more than the Goldwater South, and some portion of the empty interior states of the high plains and Mormon populations.

Now, as i have stated, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman knew what the Republicans were, and knew how to beat them. After what happened in 1929, it is a surprise they came back to power. They are digging in now, but will lose. Will it be for a time? or will it be for good? Well, a power vacuum is unstable. I fully expect some anti-Democratic party to arise, perhaps after my death, and i would like to live for a quite a while longer. The elections from 1930 to 1944 were successful. That was too short of a period. The period from 1980 to now is far longer and we have only had a few moments of success. Demographics are trending Democratic, if those groups continue faithful, and the new converts that are expected hold, then the future looks bright.
postscriptum:  in case you ever receive an e-mail from an aggressively Republican acquaintance:
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O, and the Speaker's name rhymes with 'loaner' and 'loner'. How much better is Nancy Pelosi. postscriptum ii 11 October:  Boehner has shown himself stubborn before the cameras. How long will he remain Speaker?

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