Saturday, October 26, 2013

vent Numero dos

Calgary Cruz (Repuke representing Tejas in the US Senate) was some sort of debating champion, and a professor of law of supreme court litigation. Yet in his grandstanding faux filibuster he reads Green Eggs and Ham, which destroys his entire argument, one hundred percent. Every comedian in the country saw this. The main character hates something he has never tried, and after continuous nagging he tries it, and then likes it. A Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill, demurringly representing herself as a simple Missourian said, “I thought it was interesting that Ted Cruz used Green Eggs and Ham. I went to the University of Missouri, I did not go to Harvard, but I’ll tell you that my daughter texted me this morning and said ‘Mom, does he not know the point of the story?’ Its that you cant knock things until you try it.” Still they hate “Obamacare”. Why is it that every Republican genius believes everything that every Republican idiot believes? To quote another Missourian, Harry Truman, “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.” The foreign born Cruz is running for president in 2016, while in his first term in the senate. The American born Obama was criticised for the same thing, but there are different rules for the two parties.


Now, Texas has the second largest delegation in Congress. The newbie Cruz is a horror, the other senator John Cornyn is a cruel monster. The House side has thirty six members, aided by extensive gerrymandering to produce twenty-four Repukes. By watching the news, one easily sees these seven are despicable:
  •     1st — Rep. Louie Gohmert Jr. [R]
  •     5th — Rep. Jeb Hensarling [R]
  •     6th — Rep. Joe Barton [R]
  •     19th — Rep. Randy Neugebauer [R]
  •     27th — Rep. Blake Farenthold [R]
  •     32nd — Rep. Pete Sessions [R]
  •     36th — Rep. Steve Stockman [R]
Now Georgia has a higher percentage of contemptible jerks. They have fourteen house members, nine are Repukes, with these four being prominent jerks, three are running for senate:
  •     1st — Rep. Jack Kingston [R]
  •     3rd — Rep. Lynn Westmoreland [R]
  •     10th — Rep. Paul Broun Jr. [R]
  •     11th — Rep. Phil Gingrey [R]
These reprobates share in an intense combination of self-entitled insanity, stupidity, dishonesty, and viciousness. This may not be a complete list of legislative scum for these confederate states; but all of these individuals have been glaringly asinine (that really unnecessarily insults the fine animal) at some time.
Most recently, Sessions said to the President of the United States, I cannot even stand to look at you. This is the sort of racist eagle scout Texas produces. Who is this repuke? His father headed the FBI. Sessions received money from connections with the felons Jack Abramoff, and Allen Stanford. His party has made him chairman of the House Rules Committee, and in 2010 chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Joe Barton is a Repuke who represents the petroleum companies, in Congress he kissed British Petroleums Tony Haywards ass (even to Haywards discomfort) and attacked the President. Barton is an extreme protector of economic royalists. He is also a Texas Aggie (along with Gohmert, and Hensarling) a school stereotypical for stupid.

Blake Farenthold recently would not admit that the President was born in America, and had won two presidential elections. Louie Gohmert is widely considered to be the stupidest member of Congress, and is always willing to be an idiot on camera.

Look for the future comments these yahoos make. It would be hard to believe they will be reticent.
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