Thursday, October 17, 2013

catching last light on leaves

This was Wednesday evening at Parma's new Metropark. To the west, which is higher elevation and a tree covered ridge, the sun was declining; it was well above the horizon, but only partly above the treetops. We were returning to the flivver and the top of these trees were newly sunlit, the clouds had opened a gap in the west. It may have been the best color we saw this autumn. The drive home was done with the headlights on. The sunshine had left. 

The weather has not been average in many parameters, the last few years. I noticed when i drove about twenty years ago, and thereabouts, that leaf color peaked in northeastern Ohio about Columbus Day, and a heavy rain would have fell much of the foliage. The weather people, on the television, keep remarking last year's drought has reduced the color, and the trees are still stressed; although we had a wet enough year, and the hottest days came early in September. A few years back, some clever fellow made garbage bags with a jack o'lantern pattern to bag leaves. They were about on lawns for pick-up around Hallowe'en, then the one year was both wet and warm and autumn delayed. None of the bags were out, for the leaves had not fallen. Yes, the wheel of weather has spun like the wheel of fortune.

On another note: one comrade photo-essayist on the innerwebs, who puts up lakewood daily snap and mouse medicine, has an eye that catches similar items of interest that my eye catches; and she has shown me much that i have enjoyed, and introduced me to things i was not aware of.  Well, she has some days reserved for particular themes. She has (car license) tag tuesday, wordless wednesday, and skywatch friday. Now, there are other people who do this too, and there is a journal for Skywatch Friday. Perhaps, supra would be such a foto on the page; but i am slow to join and adopt.

So far i have snapped enough fotos recently that have provided for too many posts. For a while, i was using another journal for the overflow, i have three posts scheduled, and then that one may go on permanent hiatus. I would rather not post more than once a day, this is the second for to-day; to-morrow i have two fotos of mastiffs.

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