Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lassie con colores

Well, the television is whining about the lake effect snow that has crossed a swath of land from Euclid to past Middlefield. The growing season has ended. Monday, after a rain, i drove out to Parma's metropark. A woman was walking her beautiful little thirteen year old Lassie, a collie. She (the lady) was using her pocket phone to send a foto to a friend, and typing away.
 perhaps the last fine color in the area
It should be no secret, to those tuning in to this page, that i have some warm sentiments for doggies. Recently, i have been taking special notice of people and their dogs. Does anyone walk a mongrel? I see breed, after photogenic breed, mostly happy and frisky. Look at this animal, she is aged and still healthy. Does she not look happy? For decades there were a string of Lassie television shows. People loved those dogs; and Greensleeves played, that beautiful tune that is at lest as olde as Renaissance age Englande. Lassie was so popular that the demand for animals hurt the breed. The cinematic Lassies all were Laddies.

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