Friday, October 25, 2013

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o bother. as in other things, i believe i did it well. no success. i am considering making this a private journal, and just post pictures for my own viewing like a foto album that sits in a box in the attic.

then i thought, you know i have to put up with a lot of idiocy.  a poor man does not have much in america. there is a constant attack on one's dignity. exercise your natural right to speak, and you will be punished by those whom exercise power.

this instrument here, allows me an avenue to speak. incredibly few will find this, yet this is a record. i shall "vent", or is that continue to vent.  i will piss off the fascists, good they should be pissed off, and powerless to do anything about it; for we see the evil that fascists do when the opportunity exists. and by 'fascist', in america we mean 'republican' or 'repuke'. no person of intellectual discernment, and humanity can be one. it is possible to be ignorant and have some humanity and support repukes, but professional repukes are fascists pure and simple.
TEA Party
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