Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zombie Run

 participation token
 happy convicts on the run
 zombies on the beach
 not a zombie
 smile and dodge
Cleveland Metroparks had their initial Zombie Run, a three mile course at Edgewater Park. Over the last several years zombies (and vampires) have had a resurgence of cultural popularity in the US. I see this as indicative of cultural anthropology. This would have zero resonance in Japan,  for they cremate everyone. What is the psychology of zombie?

I think the created menace of zombies has receded. There is almost as much laughing humour as there is fear and gruesomeness. In several cities, for some years, there have been zombie walks. In those people want to be part of the zombie group.

This event, though promoted, was not detailed. Are zombies contestants or obstacles?  They were the latter. Seventeen. Most of the zombies were on the upper course, and i was not there. The zombies were to tag runners with stickers. The lead runner, took this too much as a serious athletic event, and had no patience with zombie. Others diligently avoided being touched, and another "Okay, alright".

One group of friends shackled themselves together, and took their place to be the last; but that was not the thing, they went for a good time, and had one. And it was cold (47°F and windy 20-35mph gustiness, and approaching rain), that was that, but it was too dark. The weather made it darker. This late in the year, it would have been better to have had the start of the run an hour earlier; 5.30 was too late a start.

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