Friday, October 4, 2013

blessing the animals

To-day, is the Feast of Saint Francis the Poor Man of Assisi.  Our dear little Francesco is celebrated and acknowledged for many things; of the pantheon of saints in heaven, he is very well loved on Earth. He is so well loved, because he so much loved. He loved all of creation, and all of the creatures of creation.

To-day is the traditional day for the blessing of animals, because of his lasting influence. One of the two parishes that had their proclaimed extinctions rescinded after an heavy and immediate campaign to implore Cleveland's Bishop Lennon was St. Ignatius of Antioch.  Many churches have animals blessed, but they move the date about. St. Ignatius has celebrated on the Fourth of October, the name day of St. Francis, last year at one in the afternoon, to-day at nine in the morning.

In the past, police had brought their horse. This year, they were absent. As all men are called to be Christians, it always appears that dogs have the tendency towards Catholic Christianity. There on the front steps of the church, on Lorain Avenue of Cleveland Ohio they met. A reading form Genesis was read, and then the stewards of the animals walked in a line of presentation. Each name was asked for, and pronounced, and the animal was blessed in the sign of the Trinity, and splashed with drops of holy water. An hymn was sung, and it was over. 

Every one was in Christian harmony. One Chihuahua was held, and was shivering, and was comforted. Only one dog was a bit barky, and that in a yelpy nervous way when some one approached. The participants enjoyed the little service. Why this is not more common of a group activity?, is of a small query of mine.

The little Lions of St. Ignatius come from the school.
 The Blessing Queue
The earliest attendees were Nancy, and her service dog, Victor. They know the parish well, every Sunday they make the 9 a.m. Liturgy.
 "Have we met before?"
 This lady is carrying her little Mandy, who will be sweet sixteen to-morrow.
Only one birdie, a blue parakeet in a blue cage, was brought in. Her man is holding 'Lola'. Lola is looking into a mirror.
Now, it is true, that, there is a solid and distinct bias and preference this voice has for hounds, and the overwhelming majority of folks presenting their home mascots, presented hounds (this is not 'show' usage, but ancient usage); but a couple of felines were there.  One was named, 'Oddball', and this young, happy woman had a cat called 'Fat'.
postscriptum 12 October 2013: As pleasant as this event was, who there could have known that the priest officiating would be arrested for criminal perversion a week later?  He was a priest specifically told by Richard Lennon to stay home, for he regularly absented himself in the night.

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