Wednesday, October 23, 2013

comparision of political priorities

Whoever does these posters for Democratic Underground captures reporting and analysis of the political current events perfectly. But as Johnny Carson used to say,"some days it is just rip and read". If you fall into one of the two political camps, or not, AND IF you are honest, then you must acknowledge they are truthful. I have borrowed already from this source. [i think, all the political graphics i have posted have been borrowed; most of the snapshots and other fotos were snapped by my hand]
And why oh why, is the most evil man in American history, still shooting his mouth (and guns) off? He still shows utter contempt for democracy, and humanity. He has cheated death many times through medical intervention. He is surely scared of death, his not anyone else's. I am still waiting to hear the sizzle.
 dick cheney
Discerning Cat

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