Monday, October 14, 2013

failed flag of unsucessful revolt

Was this over national health insurance?
Was this over government spending?
Was this over shifting blame away from Republicans?
Was this a moment of self aggrandising promotion for demagogue wannabes?
Yeah, yeah, but there is a n.............

This teabagger movement began the day after Barack Obama won the presidential election in 2008. The poisonous snake flag was far more than accurate for the Republicans than the elephant as a symbol. If the Confederate battle flag is going to supplement or replace the rattlesnake banner, what will the Repukes do when the next Democratic president succeeds Obama?

No one was arrested Sunday outside the White House as protestors stacked up metal barricades in an act of provocation. The police allow certain groups liberties, and others not. Tuesday two hundred people, including eight Democratic congressmen, were arrested outside the Capitol in a genuine peaceful protest protesting congressional inactivity on an immigration bill.

LynnMarie Rink sings and plays button box accordion polka style, she came from Cleveland Ohio, but lives in Nashville Tennessee. She has the song, That's What I Like About the North. It was written by a Delaware boy, Eddie Mugavero, who plays it like a jazzy saloon singer.
...We won the War but we don't brag
And we salute just one flag, that's what I like about the North...
The song changes for locale, in Chicago more Chicago references, and et cetera. And perhaps, with feedback some of the lyrics drop, or perhaps she doesn't sing the song in Dixie, "And all my neighbors have different genes...". But then again, maybe she is singing about clothes.

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