Saturday, October 12, 2013

big dogs are fun dogs

 Newfoundlanders: Darwin and Maia
wouldn't 'Darwin' be a beagle's name?
 Akitas: Bentley and Lexus
Weimaraner: Maggie
People who bring their pets public like to talk about their dogs. The pride and affection is obvious. Many of the hounds enjoy the fuss and attention. I must believe we make each other happy.

Some people refer to themselves as parent to the dog, poetically perhaps, but no. Legally a person owns a dog, but many people now want a gentler term. When the animal is a companion, he enjoys social liberties and therefore rights. He has an animate presence, unlike most property. Of course, we often view people as property. People are still sold, but our laws this forbid. I have read, that some animal shelters are using the term 'guardian' in place of 'owner'. As someone familiar in Old Testament imagery and language, i see the word 'steward' befitting. The dog is a gift to man, we are responsible for his good care.

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