Tuesday, October 1, 2013

dogs of the metropark

This Sunday past, the Cleveland Metroparks had a fall festival at the Brecksville Park. They celebrated late XVIIIth century North American life. People felt comfortable to bring their canine companions, and most were very obliging in conversation concerning their animals. Many folks just enjoy happy, approachable dogs.
Cian, a large puppy Irish Wolfhound and Friend
Ginger is a cancer survivor and has an autumnal collar.
 Diamond and a Continental Soldier
The doggy in the foreground, not watching a magic show, is Gracie.
 Karlie and Killer
Lucy, and a fearful Gino with a G.I. bandana and friends
Dancer is a racing Siberian Husky with some Wolf. He is still young, but has cataracts, and is very people friendly.

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