Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallowe'en Old Brooklyn, Cleveland

Pete Marin. (Transformer) Bumble Bee. 2008. Cleveland.
I came a while back to foto these, and the daytime fotos do not show the art well. I took these fotos last night. I looked on a search engine, and the story is in London Daily Mail, and on an English language Chinese news page. The artist is Pete Marin. His family enjoys to entertain the neighborhood. At 8 p.m. there were four dozen people standing in admiration, people of all ages, except the very aged. It was a pleasant atmosphere.
Currently he has five Transformers: Bumble Bee (2008), Optimus Prime (2009), Megatron (2010), Barricade (2012), Microbot (2013). They were first a television cartoon, and more recently movie characters. Only a bigger yard would improve the display. When they are not on the front lawn, they reside in pieces in the attic.
Pete Marin. (Transformer) Optimus Prime. 2009. Cleveland.
Sarah Martinez thirty days before happily relating the story.  
On another street, a witch flew into a maple.
Luther Heggs has an extensive monster land, of rock and roll, movie, television and others outside his home. [click] This was a lot of stuff, but the resultant crowd was oblivious to the other people about them. Both displays were in the same larger neighborhood of Old Brooklyn, but Marin lived in a less pricy section, and the poorer crowd was better attuned to the other people about them.

Margaret Hamilton played the Wicked Witch of the West in 2009.

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