Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#1 in a series of miscellany for 2013

In these pages and on quijote, i have posted, especially this year, many fotos from annual celebrations around Cleveland. For many, it was from first attendance. A lot of these i always meant to go before to, and had not. And the far majority were great fun, and without examining them all, i can not come up with one that stank (take that back, there was one; it was a library event which was weak, or i misjudged the audience). I can say the Cleveland Metroparks came up with some really entertaining events. A couple of events i was too tired to continue on to; one a day is pretty good. I missed some church/ethnic festivals, i would have liked to go to (Romanian, Armenian, Byzantine at Burton), and a couple of other fests. Now a resource for me, to find date and time of many of these events has been the updating festival schedule page [click] on Ohio Festivals [click]. The proprietor has put in five years of travel to seek fun and food, and is proud to be rolling up 300 reviews on his odometer, or is that stat counter?

A few Saturdays it rained. It was too wet for me to go to the dragon boat fest, i got very wet at a doggy parade. The Slovenes had a new parade that i didn't go too. I missed some Akron stuff. Winter events, i currently have less desire to go to. Chinese New Year is fun, and it is mostly inside. The Patrick parade weather is dicey. Now that i have seen to some of these things once, the urgency is less. The Rocco's pole climb, i would like to make again; the historical re-enactors were great. Now, i don't generally post real commercial events, they have big bucks. I have considered the Browns muni-lot, but so far no. Just now there is a tv commercial from the casino, no, don't do that. I also posted some nature fotos, art (not that which looks like heaped scrap), and architectural shots. Beyond that, a lot of political, and religious commentary. For the political stuff, i borrowed images created by others: cartoons, posters, u.s.w. 

For the two of you who visit this site regularly, you may remember on the last day of last year, i posted six sets of photographs that i took that year and did not place in a previous post with copy. For the first three months of this year, i posted on this site several fotos without accompanying story, as i did for the first half of the year on the slavonic quijote site. I took a lot of fine pictures, last year and this. Of this surplus, i have random shots still. I will post them sporadically until the end of the year. 

[paragraph redacted]

When i was in university, (i think i was in engineering at the time, maybe not), the professor acting as counselor mentioned internships. I asked him how much does it pay. He said nothing. That closed the road on that. Internships are a form of wage theft. Wage theft has become ever more prevalent in the US. There is a distribution of wealth in the US, it moves from the poor to the rich. This started in the 1970s, after forty years of the reverse, and it was formalised under Reagan and has grown exponentially since. So much in this country is seen directly from the perspective of wealth [click the following: a, b, c]; and of the 'common man', well the term is becoming extinct.

Well, back to the extra pictures, these were fotos from Lakewood Ohio:
 Some porch ornaments look neat to many passerbys.
 There are a lot of saloons in Lakewood. This one is not selling drinks under this name now.
This was in a large grocer's lot. Perhaps, at that point i considered the zombie infatuation America has, and found it humorous.
 Here is a remaining stone.

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  1. the screaming rooster may no longer be around, but one can purchase the sign at the party shop on the corner of madison and morrison!!

    hey i recognize that native american! i walk by him at least twice a day! ha ha!!