Wednesday, November 27, 2013

snowy owl

Another unscheduled posting, but a snowy owl in Cleveland is a birder's bulletin; since i have another post already up to-day, which accidentally went out earlier (it stayed up only for a couple of minutes) when i pressed a screen button i had not attended (and i have one to-morrow of another bird related post); i sort of then planned to have the foto miscellanies come out on Wednesday (almost like the dustmen); but i read this girl was in town. Anyone remember Edie Adams? These arctic travellers are to be found on the north shore of lake Erie, and to the east around Buffalo, and to the west above Chicago; but they have wings and can go elsewhere. When she flew and her under wing was visible, she was quite white. Males do not have so much dark barring. Still, it was a little joy to see the bird beauty.

the coloration of snow on gravel makes chameleon plumage unnecessary
postscriptum 7.30 p.m. 29 November: Since, i have posted this more snowy owls have been seen in town. This may be part of an irruption, which is a migration, beyond the usual area, in search of food. Further, i thought this owl was a female; it may be a young adult without its mature plumage.

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