Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Republican speak: job creator = profit taker

Franklin Roosevelt was a job creator. He had the federal government hire people to work. The term 'job creator' used now, wants to suggest something like that, but certainly does not. Those who use the term do not want what Roosevelt did, perversely they argue the government should not hire people to do work. 'Job creator' is a bullshit term that camouflages 'profit taker'.

'Job creator' bills are sometimes 'free trade' bills, which kill jobs in this country, and are job destroyers. They also are anti-environmental, pro-pollution, and anti-worker rights. 'Job creator' bills are sometimes anti-regulation bills, which destroys environment, and creates illness, kills wildlife, kills workers, kills consumers.

But this is the Republican use of language. So very often, it is the exact opposite in meaning as in presentation. Where is the journalist that points this out? Very often, they use the same lying language the Republicans do. The Republicans are remarkably successful in winning the terms of debate.

The individuals who are called 'job creators' are not interested in creating jobs, even when they do. They want profit, and if profit means lay-offs, or moving jobs overseas, it serves them well; if people are hired here, well that's fine too, especially if they take less pay than they would have years ago. These 'job creators' are just capitalists looking for an easy buck, and if government can give to them, they are pleased.

Right now, there is a heavy propaganda campaign by the petroleum industry. They are filling television with very densely wordy actors, who are physically diverse in bodily appearance and are wearing modest clothing. They wish them portray the average person on the street. The only thing on their mind is that the oil companies MUST NOT BE TAXED. The oil companies are 'job creators'. We all know what a fine citizen British Petroleum is. What causes the price of gasoline to rise? Anything, including a belching, farting camel in the Sahara.

A few days ago [August 11], the presumptive Republican candidate, Romney, said at the Iowa State Fair, “Corporations are people, my friend.” Romney when he ran Bain [how à propos, bane: death, poison, harm,
killer, woe, destruction; the cause of any of the previous] Capital, he made millions in corporate takeovers that created unemployment. Remember, amongst the shitload of Republicans, he is almost the only sane one, and not an employee of Fox.

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