Thursday, November 21, 2013

on work and money

I have been thinking the last few days, that, i may never work for another again. Of poverty and indignity, i have to contend.

I have often been frugal, by necessity.  And it must be recognised that so much is spent on things unnecessary. Now, this is hard to avoid, because the US has a consumption desire, and an economic ethos to programme people to spend; and with this there is the overwhelming motivation to separate people from their money. US capitalism does not see people, but markets and dollars.

Health and longevity are of consideration. For my self, i need mostly food. Clothing i have mostly enough. My expenses are mostly utilities, property tax (no rent, that is a lot to be pleased about), and gasoline. 
 Please Donate Food Items Here, so Associates in Need Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner
Now i know, hourly wages make a difference. Management lies. Here in a Walmart [click] store in Canton Ohio, the WORKERS have in their breakroom a collection for food for the store's WORKERS. Management, nationally, lies about their pay rate; local management is upset the story became public, and is lying about how altruism has sprung up in their unit, and outsiders should not construe it in a manner management does not define. The CEO of McDonalds, Jeff Stratton, similarly told [click] an employee, who had the temerity to complain of misery wages after working years, was answered by the multi-millionaire that he had worked longer, and she could always apply for food stamps. She and others were arrested [click]. And more recently, their website [McClick] suggests for employees to sell off Christmas presents in order to have more money.

And of course there are many in the US who believe in the abolition of minimum wage. My trade pays several times minimum wage, to the dislike of contractors, and jealous scabs; but i have gotten old, and i am not built as a sprinter, and i have been known to speak my mind and the truth, and am not wanted for labor. But in the past when i was younger, and work was more available i had opportunity to earn more wages. I often turned down over-time, especially as i got older.

I am over a year away to take the earliest possible retirement. I am not willing to take certain types of abuse and indignities, even at my pay scale. Of course, this in part, benefits the contractor. He will get a more pliant individual in my stead. We are not humans, but 'human resources', we are equivalent to tools in the shed, just as interchangeable, disposable, and of material value, or as economics courses, and business schools say "a cost of doing business".

As a living being, having a physical body, i like you must relieve my body of waste. I have never lingered in these spots. If i have to use the euphemism to pass water, or to 'go for a dump', i  need to go. Often we have primitive conditions, that are not sanitary. The other indignity, is for management (and that includes the scum, who is foreman, and in our trade, supposedly a brother) to object for us to take the time. Years ago, we were always provided water (the livestock is to be watered); that is becoming rare now. We are expected, contrary to our contract (contracts mean very little to management), to either go without, or to bring our own; of course, guaranteeing a spot to keep it is not certain (the contract had stipulated a place would be provided for break, and storage), and it would be odd to strap a canteen to our ass. I am tired of arguing about this, i am not willing to hold my piss and shit until i get home. This sort of asinine indignity is more than i wish to bear. Union representation does not want bother, for they do not want to fight for all their members, nor are they interested. They are interested in man hours, but they are not interested in an equitable distribution of man hours; so, if one fellow is a problem, well, the next guy may not be; and if he can not take the hint...

Speaking of piss, i have taken so many piss tests over the years to get to work, or to get a card so to be allowed to receive a work order. Workers are always suspect of being drug fiends. We have legislators (read Repukes) who believe the poor should be constantly tested to prove they are not drug fiends, and if they are, well, they and their families should be denied food.
New Republican teabagger member from Florida [click], Henry Jude "Trey" Radel III is a dope fiend that excuses his addiction on account of his alcoholism. Before being elected, Radel was a radio mouthfoamer on a Florida station, that also carried fellow drug addicts Limbaugh, and Beck. And darling little Trey, used to be an Ohio boy, from Cincinnati Elder. He went to the Jesuit university in Chicago. Apparently, he does not share the world view, or the love of humanity as the Jesuit pope; but can anyone expect a Republican 'entrepreneur' (as he self-identifies) to have such ideas?

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