Saturday, March 5, 2011

Republican speak: taxpayers = corporations

He who gets to define terms has won half the battle. The Republicans have been extremely successful in defining terms. They have learned, or just naturally act, in orwellian terms. Now, if one were to consult academicians or dictionaries, one would not find these usages and definitions. This is part of the rationale of Republican antipathy towards professors, teachers, libraries and the 'liberal' press.

'Taxpayers', hmmm, interesting use of a word in a doublespeak way. Republicans love using this word. You know it is a false usage. They want this as a synonym for citizen. It is not. The laws refer to people, residents. Citizens have certain rights above non-citizen residents.

Taxpayers are sometimes: non-citizens, non-residents and [for Republicans the most important] businesses and corporations. These last are not people. They do not vote, yet they influence [even control] many voters and politicians.

The Repugnant governors, Walker (Wisc) , Kasich (O), et alia, are depicting a battle between 'taxpayers' and union members. Now union members are people, often voting citizens. Union members pay taxes. Union members are taxpayers. Now if we make this an algebraic mathematical equation, since union members are taxpayers, and then if we equate union members with taxpayers, there can be no conflict with union members versus union members, nor with taxpayers versus taxpayers. But this is not whom they promote and champion. They are advocating for non human taxpayers, which are the businesses and corporations, which cannot vote. So if they were honest, which is impossible because they are Republicans, the equation becomes logical, truthful and makes logical sense when 'taxpayers' are corporations, for the equation becomes: corporations versus unionists.

Now of course they can not campaign to the public using the honest terms. So, when hear a Republican say taxpayer, he means corporations. Have you heard one reporter ask them about this distinction? No, Republicans get a pass when lying. They lie, and are not contradicted, and the gullible are gulled.

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