Thursday, November 14, 2013

fencing by smiths

Brinsley Tyrrell & Steve Jordan. Orchard School Cleveland.
This was built for the old school, which was torn down and the wrought fence of many figures was fenced off. A new school was then built, and the temporary steel fence was pulled out.
They also made a series of police and fireman on Rocky River Drive. This scene has pipes and drum corps. Note far left, one fireman is in a wheelchair, and his pusher has been given a shawl. I have seen this public contribution to sculpture before [clicky].

While i was taking photographs, in this neighborhood rife with cops and fireman, i encountered a couple of extremely rude drivers; i cannot prove a correspondence, and regretted not displaying my annoyance. Pedestrians, even in crosswalks crossing with the light, are not always tolerated.
These smith artists were also working at recently formally opened Dike 14 Lake Erie overlook.

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