Monday, April 18, 2011

Republican speak: class warfare = objection to economic inequality

In academics in the study of marxist theory, the concept of class conflict comes up. Sometimes the term become 'class warfare'. Recently, the teabagger and media provocateur and fraud Andrew Breitbart repeatedly used the term. He was in Madison Wisconsin to introduce the half term ex-governor of Alaska. He was booed and razzed, and could not deal with it, while he was spinning fiction about contemporary national politics.

His was a minority view there that day, and now clearly a minority view in the state there. He insisted it was the "silent majority". He was representing the teabaggers. He told the people, they had "no right to lecture" and to "Go to Hell." He repeated the phrases, as he did this one, "class warfare is not american".

Interestingly, on broadcast television (at least) it has not made much an appearance. Palin was drowned out by cowbells and yellin', while she came to praise Governor Walker. The people of Wisconsin were not in the mood to hear out of state allies of the Koch brothers. The teabaggers of the so called Tea Party are being cast through the door under the sink into a plastic garbage bag in a plastic trash can.

She gave the same sort of speech she usually gives, but the greater crowd did not fawn upon her. She maybe a darling of the wackos, but any appeal to the center is gone. The chant of the people became "Go Home". Her supporters were there for Tax Day and enjoyed her coming. Political lives and seasons are getting short. This movement had a great victory for the Republican party, a few months ago. It took America back to the party of bushjrcheney and the usurpation. It had deceived and successfully created an amnesic fugue and stupor in the populace, but being based on banalities and bourgeois bullshit disguised in faux-patriotism it is disintegrating.

Well, back to "class warfare", what Walker, the Kochs and all the Republicans that wish to end America and bring in a revival of dickensian capitalism married to Ayn Rand's rank rubbish, that is class warfare. When people oppose this tyranny of the dollar's masters is when the Chicken Littles of the Republican party lie out "class warfare". In fact, if one were to chart the term's appearance in letters to the editor, and such; one would find it a co-ordinated campaign. It is a shibboleth of the Republicans.

America had class warfare instigated one hundred and fifty years ago. The plantation South, its combination of feudal lords and slave owners wished to secure and retain their power and 'aristocracy'; so they waged a War of Secession. The South has continued to believe in low taxes, and low wages. The current president being a 'man of color' does not enhance his popularity in either southern or teabagger circles.

Two years ago these "spontaneous[sic]" anti tax revolts began. Those Wisconsin cowbells were their death knell.

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