Friday, November 8, 2013

kwazy eights

Betcha the driver is Chinese. The digit '8' suggests prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. '8' is auspicious (吉利). Either someone else has all 8s, or the six balances (doubt it) in some symmetry, it also (with '0') looks like 8. The Beijing Olympics began 8.08.08 p.m. on 08/08/08.

In Parma Ohio, an old telephone exchange was TUxedo (there also is a road Tuxedo). For those living then, it was customary for phone numbers to have one, they were published as such, and pronounced as such. Some people did have numbers that began TUxedo8-888x. Someone probably did have 888-8888.
postpicturum 10 November 2013:

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