Saturday, December 8, 2012

We need Senator Colbert

Recently, perhaps, the most obstructionist senator has announced his soon resignation. Jim DeMint of South Carolina is leaving for a million dollar job to head the foremost Republican propaganda machine masquerading as an academic institution. He was one of the few senators not considered a millionaire yet. He had been involved in the field of market research before being a politician. Everybody is happy. DeMint gets more money. The Democracy is free of a pain in the ass. The Republican establishment has been displeased with him, in that he supports teabaggers as senatorial candidates that become losing candidates in November.

South Carolina is mostly in the Republican fold. The current governor is a Republican, and she is to pick his two year replacement. So in 2014 the federal election will have two senatorial contests in South Carolina. DeMint has been in the habit of supporting insurgent teabaggers to run in Republican primaries. The other South Carolina senator is happy as a day in May, he has been accused of not being extravagant enough in his Republicanism, now it seems he will not have to worry about a primary campaign.

One person who is reportedly coveting the spot, is the former governor Mark Sanford. He was momentarily embarrassed when it came to light that he went to Argentina for a date and tryst. He finished his second term, none-the-less. Sanford was an early teabagger favorite with presidential aspirations. All these people are upset that the rich pay taxes.

Steve Colbert would be a balm in the Palmetto state, and a blessing in the Senate. Haley will not choose him, but why not the people of South Carolina?

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