Friday, December 7, 2012

a note of explanation

I am a frustrated writer. This and the journals to the right are are fruits of steam distillation running off. I ended the first one, and then a conflation of inanities occurred that spurred me to this one. Two were like supplemental appendices, another was to be a forum for non-political, non-religious stuff, or a successor journal.
There are many people that make livings from voicing their words, and very few are worth listening to. The people (or corporations) who pay them do not select certain voices. I am such an one. As you see, i enjoy my voice. I saw Buckley, and Will as pompous, arrogant, wrong headed asses. They have given way to completely dishonest mouthfoamers, and madmen. They are, or were, successful; i am not. I have had a day job, and have grown disturbed and disgusted with that. I have survived, because i never lived above by means; consequently i have never been truly squeezed.

For sometime Blogger (which hosts this page, and is currently owned by Google) has instituted a statistic counter, and some visits to webpages are tallied. Some, because in part, some are not detected. In this software technology, there is a war of escalation. Move and counter move are done, so if there is a desire to count made, then there is an attempt for technology not to record counts; beyond that there are third parties that monitor counts over all websites. I have seen counts for this site and they are pitiful. Others have seen them too. I monitor comments. Blogger does too, and some spam messages are deleted without publishing. Now, there are attempts to do end runs about that. Some putz, thinking how clever he is, complements the post or journal but vaguely, and advertises his concern. I have put a few of them into a search engine, and find the same comment on other journals. Delete. O, and others have used these counting sites and have also seen how low my numbers are, and have used that as ammunition. Delete. They know they have been deleted, and they do not like it. Well, i have the keys to this Studebaker. Remember the story about Billy Goats Gruff and trolls? I believe in troll prevention. Trolls in internet parlance are lurking, anonymous, mean-spirited, commentators. Some have entered this bridge, and when identified have been thrown off. They do not like it, fine, this is not open mic night; and even those venues have a pulling hook. I have neither the desire to hear the brays of a jackass, nor the desire to debate one.

The last regular post on this journal was in November. Since then, there have been a few temporary posts. The one on Finn might be temporary, it is fully borrowed from New York Times, and it certainly does not need to be here as the only appearance on the net. The St. Nicholas is cross posted on slavonic quijote, and it may not belong there. I do not know if this post will be here long. I have a post to appear on the 9th. The other journal has a few minor posts to appear leading to the 16th.

I am sure current events will ask to be commented upon. Some thing i will see, and snap the aperture. This is a free and available vehicle.

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