Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Scruples

No Scruples

A scruple was a very small weight amongst the Romans, equivalent to 1 part of 24 of an ounce. From this it passed to the apothecary's scale as the same, about 20 grains. A scrupulus was a very small, sharp stone. It was a difficulty, a bother and it passed allegorically into philosophical discourse as an ethical, or moral hindrance.

Some people, some groups, have no such scruples. We have one political party with no moral difficulties—the Republicans. They are at one in hypocrisy. Of course, there are other groups and individuals that fit the symbol: the NRA, the Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney, Grover Norquist, Bernie Madoff, Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove, Fox News, Wall Street financiers, British Petroleum, and others.

I present this supra as a graffito, a symbol for such people and organisations.

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