Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beethoven on the street

Der Name Beethoven ist heilig in der Kunst
The name Beethoven is sacred in art

If you do not realise what day it is click here. Schroeder is not the only aficionado of our brother Ludwig. On the west side of Cleveland, not distant from a statue of Wagner*, on a side residential street someone put a pediment to the small portico over their front door. You can see the first two measures of the Vth Symphony...tit tit tit daah [a little lower and longer on the fourth note] tit tit tit daaaah.

I remembered photographing there before, and this was lost in the computer crash. Last Saturday, i drove trying to find that house. I did remember the street, but looked on the wrong side of the avenue and couldn't find it. I spoke to a postman, and he immediately knew. Rarely, do i find people who can successfully answer questions. Found and fotoed subject.

I am slightly disappointed of the absence of a Christmas garland of lights. The tribute to Beethoven is splendid. The house has been modernly remodeled, with probably energy efficiency insulation, and ease of maintenance in mind: vinyl, yuk. The message is the highlight, but a little framing trim is asked for.

I wonder how many people know of this existence. When we were kids, and walked the neighborhood, or drove bikes we knew each house. If there were wonders on a block we knew, now we don't. In the city neighborhoods, some shabby, there is some variety and freedom of expression; not so much in bland suburbia.

People snickered at pink, plastic flamingos. I like flamingos. The colored glass spheres on birdbath pedestals was bizarre to me. The little jockeys, gnomes, and wooden bent over butts are in a race for tacky.
* Prior to 1914 Wagner was very popular in America, and local Germans were quite proud. That statue was erected in 1911.
I am not a Wagnerian. Looney Tunes cartoon 'Kill the Wabbit' is very enjoyable. Once on my route, coasting downhill on the only stretch where there was not a stop, came on the radio 'Ride of the Valkyries'; that was fun.

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